Get Creative with These 14 Free Ice Cream Cone Template Printables

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Looking for a fun way to get creative? These free ice cream cone template printables are perfect for arts and crafts, school projects, and more! I have created a variety of ice cream cone designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you need an ice cream cone outline for party decor or just want to have some fun, these printables will help you get the job done!


14 Ice Cream Cone Templates

Ice Cream Cone Template
Ice Cream Cone Template 1
Ice Cream Cone Template 2
Ice Cream Cone Template 2
Ice Cream Cone Template 3
Ice Cream Cone Template 3
Ice Cream Cone Template 4
Ice Cream Cone Template 4
Ice Cream Cone Template 5
Ice Cream Cone Template 5
Ice Cream Cone Template 6
Ice Cream Cone Template 6
Ice Cream Cone Template 7
Ice Cream Cone Template 7
Ice Cream Cone Template 8
Ice Cream Cone Template 8
Ice Cream Cone Template 9
Ice Cream Cone Template 9
Ice Cream Cone Template 10
Ice Cream Cone Template 10
Ice Cream Cone Template 11
Ice Cream Cone Template 11
Ice Cream Cone Template 12
Ice Cream Cone Template 12
Ice Cream Cone Template 13
Ice Cream Cone Template 13
Ice Cream Cone Template 14
Ice Cream Cone Template 14

Here are 14 different ice cream templates, including just the cone as well as cones with ice cream scoops. Use these ice cream printables for ice cream craft, ice cream coloring pages, ice cream party decorations, or ice cream activities.

Simply download the free printable templates below and print on plain or colored paper.

Download your Printable Ice Cream Template Here.

What can you do with your printable ice cream templates?

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With a printable ice cream cone template, the possibilities for getting creative with crafting are endless.

What’s great about these ice cream templates is that they come in many different sizes and designs, allowing the use of a wide variety of materials for you to create your ice cream cone crafts.

Whether you’re looking to make cards or scrapbooking pages, if you have an imagination and some craft materials, you can make any craft project featuring an ice cream cone!

Create a unique gift for someone or simply decorate your home with something beautiful; either way, the options are limitless when using a printable ice cream cone template.


Easy Ice Cream Cone Craft Ideas

Here are some great ways to use your ice cream craft template:

Art Journalling

Creating spreads in an art journal with ice cream cone templates is a fun way to add a unique, whimsical touch.

Start by letting yourself be inspired by the beautiful variety of ice cream flavors. There are endless combinations – you can let your imagination run wild.

Then start selecting colors that reflect the flavor you’re feeling like creating.

Finally, use whatever supplies you have on hand to create texture and depth to your cones or to the ice cream scoop, with watercolors, markers, or even crayons.

Use a free ice cream template to add fun and creative activity to your art journalling process.

Party Decorations

A simple and fun way to get ready for a party is to use an ice cream template printable for decorations.

All you need is some colorful construction paper and scissors.

Cut out the ice cream cone shape from the construction paper and place the cones around your home.

They can hang from ceilings or be placed in windows to greet your guests as they arrive.

Add pom-poms of various sizes in each color of the rainbow, paper strips to create stripes, metallic stickers, sequins, or whatever else sparks your creativity.

You’ll have a fun atmosphere that’s personalized and perfect for your party!


Ice Cream Cone Coloring Pages

Crafting a sweet masterpiece is easy, as can be with an ice cream cone coloring page template.

All you need is your favorite felt-tip pens, some plain cardstock paper, and a willingness to get creative.

All available templates feature different designs, from traditional waffle cones to wafer shells with swirls that can be personalized with any flavor or desire.

Simply print off the ice cream cone and get started decorating it in any way you like, using bright colors and fun patterns for a truly unique color experience.

Unleash your creative side for an afternoon of fun with friends or family by creating colorful, delicious works of art using these coloring page templates as your canvas!

Coloring is always a great activity for kids because it helps them practice their fine motor skills and encourages their creativity.

Ice Cream Cone stencils

The ice cream cone template is a great way to start when it comes to creating custom stencils for delicious ice cream cones.

All you have to do is print the template onto thick paper, cardstock, or mylar transparency.

Once you have your printed design, use a craft knife to carefully and precisely cut away the excess paper. When you’re finished, voila!

You now have an unforgettable stencil to use as a template for making tangible art masterpieces out of cute little cones everywhere.

This process can be done quickly and easily with no limit as to what kind of designs or detailing you can create!

Ice Cream Template Materials Needed

From colorful scraps of tissue paper to cotton balls, crafting a masterpiece with art and craft materials is always so much fun!

Create a fantastic ice cream cone picture using construction paper, fluffy pom-poms, or fabric cut-outs from old clothing.

There’s just something special about getting into your creative zone, gathering the supplies needed for these projects, and losing yourself in the process.

Plus, it makes for the perfect family night activity that can have you connecting with your loved ones while expressing yourself through art!

Here are some art materials you may need…




Ruler or measuring tape

Cricut Cutting Machine

Craft knife

Mylar sheet (or standard transparency sheet)

Cutting mat

Double-sided tape


Brush Pens



Create something memorable with ice cream cone template printables.

These 14 templates provide you with endless possibilities to let your inner artist shine and explore the world of art and craft.

Whether you’re decorating for a party, creating ice cream cone coloring pages, or making ice cream stencils, you can be sure to have an enjoyable time making something fun 😉

Happy art-making!

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