Chic Sketches: 120+ Preppy Drawing Ideas for Trendy Art Inspiration

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Step into a world of style and creativity with our extensive list of 120+ Preppy Drawing Ideas! This collection is a treasure trove of fun, chic, and fashionable inspirations, perfect for artists who love to infuse a touch of trendiness into their work.

From classic preppy motifs to modern chic designs, these drawing ideas are curated to spark your imagination and add a stylish flair to your sketches. Whether you’re looking to experiment with new themes or seeking inspiration for your next artistic project, these ideas are sure to bring out your inner fashionista artist. Let’s get drawing and turn these preppy inspirations into stunning art pieces!


Preppy Aesthetic Basics

When you’re aiming to create preppy drawings, start by understanding the basics of the aesthetic. Preppy style is all about classic and timeless looks. This means you’ll be working with clean lines, bold patterns, and bright colors to achieve the desired appearance.

preppy drawing ideas patterns
preppy drawing ideas patterns

To begin, consider the colors that are typically associated with the preppy aesthetic. Some common colors you may want to incorporate into your artwork include navy, red, green, pink, and pastel hues. These colors are often found in preppy outfits and accessories, so incorporating them into your drawings will help convey the right vibe.

preppy drawing ideas

Patterns play a big role in the preppy aesthetic as well. For example, stripes and plaids are staple designs in preppy fashion. When you’re working on a drawing, consider adding elements such as diagonal stripes or intricate grid patterns to add that extra preppy touch. You might also find inspiration in nautical themes or even tennis attires – think crisp whites and shades of green.

preppy drawing ideas patterns
preppy drawing ideas patterns

As a creative artist, you might be interested in exploring preppy drawing ideas for your next project. Here are some popular preppy drawing concepts that you can try out in your sketchbook to create stunning illustrations:

Classic preppy patterns

preppy drawing ideas patterns
preppy drawing ideas patterns

Incorporate classic preppy patterns like plaids, stripes, and polka dots in your drawings. Experiment with bold colors and use them as backgrounds or part of your subject’s attire.

preppy drawing ideas plaid
preppy drawing ideas stripes

Nautical themes

preppy drawing ideas anchor
preppy drawing ideas nautical

Preppy style is often associated with the sea, so try adding a nautical twist to your drawings by including elements like anchors, sailboats, or seashells. Let the ocean inspire your choice of colors, with shades of blue, white, and gold.

Preppy fashion

preppy drawing ideas preppy fashion
preppy drawing ideas preppy fashion

Sketch modern and chic preppy outfits, playing with layers, textures, and accessories. Think about collared shirts, cable knit sweaters, blazers, or pearl necklaces. Draw the subjects wearing these fashionable items or create standalone illustrations of the clothing. Think Barbie & Ken! Check out some of the most popular Barbie hairstyles for inspiration. Or, you can also explore a range of other clothing types, like sports clothing, camping outfits, or swimwear!

Rainbow colors

preppy drawing ideas patterns
preppy drawing ideas patterns

Bring a fun and vibrant touch to your preppy drawings by using a rainbow color palette. Mix and match bright colors or simply create your own unique preppy color combinations.

preppy drawing ideas preppy fashion

Preppy animals

preppy drawing ideas preppy animals
preppy drawing ideas preppy animals
preppy drawing ideas preppy animals
preppy drawing ideas preppy animals

It’s not just about clothes – the preppy aesthetic can also be applied to characters. Draw cute animals wearing preppy attire, like a dog in a bowtie or a cat wearing a chic hat.

Character and Object Sketches

preppy drawing ideas preppy characters
preppy drawing ideas preppy characters

Embarking on your preppy drawing journey can be an exciting process. In this section, we will explore character and object sketches that embody the preppy aesthetic. This should inspire you as an artist and help you fill your sketchbook with interesting and fashionable subjects.

Preppy Characters

As you begin sketching preppy characters, keep in mind that the key traits of a preppy persona include a polished appearance, high-end clothing, and an air of sophistication.

preppy drawing ideas preppy characters
preppy drawing ideas preppy characters

To achieve this look, follow these friendly tips:

  • Hair: Neat and well-groomed hairstyles such as ponytails or slicked-back styles are a staple of preppy characters.
  • Clothing: Incorporate iconic preppy clothing items like button-up shirts, blazers, and sweater vests.
  • Accessories: Don’t forget to add character-defining accessories such as pearl earrings, neckties, and stylish glasses.
preppy drawing ideas preppy characters

Drawing young artists and established artists alike in preppy attire can be a rewarding way to practice your character sketches and show off your appreciation for the preppy style.

Remember, it’s essential to focus on details when drawing preppy characters, as it will help convey their polished and sophisticated appearance.

preppy drawing ideas preppy characters

Fashion Items

The preppy aesthetic can be further explored by sketching fashion items that are commonly associated with this style. Here are some ideas to get you started:

preppy drawing ideas preppy characters
  • Clothing: Textured sweaters, argyle patterns, plaid skirts, and crisp button-up shirts are all eye-catching options to include in your sketchbook.
  • Footwear: Classic loafers, elegant heels, and timeless leather boots can give your drawings a polished touch.
  • Accessories: Designer bags, silk scarves, and statement jewelry pieces can add sophistication to your preppy object sketches.
preppy drawing ideas preppy characters

By incorporating these fashion items into your art, you’ll create a diverse collection of preppy drawings, showcasing your skills as a young artist or an established artist. Your sketchbook will be a testament to your versatility and talent in exploring various styles and subjects.

preppy drawing ideas preppy accessories
preppy drawing ideas preppy accessories

So grab your art supplies and start sketching! Happy drawing!

preppy drawing ideas preppy accessories

Inspirational Drawing Prompts

Feeling a bit stuck for ideas? Don’t worry, we’re here to spark your creativity! These inspirational drawing prompts will not only help you develop your skills, but they also might help you go viral. After all, who doesn’t love discovering unique and eye-catching art on social media? So grab your sketchbook, and let’s explore some fun concepts worth exploring!

Explore your interests

preppy drawing ideas

Start by drawing what you love. It could be your favorite book, movie, hobby or even an idyllic vacation spot. The trick is to pick a subject close to your heart, as it’ll bring you joy and help you tap into some inspo.

Dramatic scenes

preppy drawing ideas

Try illustrating a dramatic scene from a famous novel or movie. Depict the intense emotions and powerful imagery in your own unique style, and you’ll soon find your art going viral with fellow fans.

Character mashups

preppy drawing ideas

Let your imagination run wild by combining multiple story characters. For example, what if Sherlock Holmes met your favorite superhero or fairytale character? This kind of creative crossover can unleash a new wave of inspiration and even help you garner a following on social media.

Seasonal celebrations

Embrace the spirit of the seasons or public holidays by depicting festive scenes, like a cozy winter landscape or a vibrant summer beach party. Your art will be timely, and people will likely engage with it because it resonates with their own experiences.

Friendly reminder: the world of art is ever-evolving! You’ve probably noticed some drawing challenges going viral on platforms like TikTok, where artists like you share their work using hashtags like #fyp, #foryoupage, #unlockmylikes, and #getthisviral, to name a few. So, let’s dive into some trends and viral challenges that’ll give you tons of Preppy drawing ideas.


The Inktober challenge has become incredibly popular among artists like you on TikTok. This annual event encourages you to create art using ink throughout October. You can use their daily prompt list or create your own preppy-themed prompts and tag with #inktober to share your work and inspire others.

Doodle Challenges

preppy drawing ideas doodles

Doodle challenges are perfect for those who enjoy simple, quick, and preppy sketches. Every day, create a new mini doodle filling your canvas by the end of the month. You can find doodle prompts on TikTok by searching for popular hashtags like #doodleaday or #doodlechallenge. Your fellow artists are likely to join in, and together you can all boost your creativity skills.

Redraw Challenge

Another trend gaining traction is the redraw challenge. Are you up for this challenge? You’ll need to select an old piece of artwork and redraw it using your current skills. This not only allows you to show off your preppy drawing abilities but also gives you a clear indication of how much you’ve improved over time. To get your result viral, tag it with #redrawchallenge and share it on TikTok or the platform of your choice.

In addition to these challenges, you should explore drawing contests and ideas inspired by your favorite movies, TV shows, and music. You’ll find that there’s no shortage of preppy drawing ideas out there. Happy drawing and have fun exploring these trends and viral challenges. Your next masterpiece could be a hashtag away!

Doodle Art and Coloring Ideas

Friendly and inviting, doodle art is a great way for you to express your creativity. Relaxing and satisfying, it’s a fun way to unwind after a long day.

preppy drawing ideas doodles

To get started on your doodle journey, you can turn to popular subjects like kawaii faces and cats. Kawaii, a Japanese term that means cute, can inspire you to create adorable faces with various expressions in your doodles. On the other hand, cats never fail to bring a smile to your face. You can draw them in different poses, being playful, or simply lounging around.

preppy drawing ideas doodles

Coloring your doodles not only brings life to your illustrations but also provides a therapeutic effect. You can opt for easy doodle art as a starting point, which features simple shapes and objects with minimal details. It allows you to focus on the relaxing process of coloring without feeling overwhelmed.

To enhance your preppy artwork, consider exploring various coloring materials. Experiment with:

  • Colored pencils
  • Fine-tip markers
  • Gel pens
  • Watercolor paints

Each coloring medium brings its unique texture and feel to your doodles, allowing you to customize your artwork according to your preferences.

preppy drawing ideas doodles

When creating your doodle art, remember that there are no rules or limitations. Feel free to play around with different styles, patterns, and themes. Your doodles can range from abstract shapes to objects inspired by nature or daily life. Let your imagination run wild, and most importantly, enjoy the satisfying process of doodling and coloring!

Using Procreate for Preppy Drawings

Procreate is an incredible tool for digital artists, and it can certainly help you create beautiful preppy drawings. To get started, follow these friendly tips and techniques that’ll guide you on your creative journey with Procreate.

preppy drawing ideas on Procreate

First, become familiar with Procreate’s multiple layers feature. This is perfect for creating crisp linework in your preppy drawings. Begin with a foundation layer as an underdrawing or stencil, and keep its opacity low. Select a brush like Studio Pen or Fat Pencil, allowing the underdrawing to guide your strokes on the separate, new layer above it.

When drawing preppy designs, don’t be afraid to play with colors and patterns. Some popular choices include bright pastels, nautical motifs, and classic patterns like stripes or polka dots. You can explore Procreate’s extensive library of colors and brushes, and even create custom palettes to match your desired style.

procreate abstract designs

Remember that practice makes perfect! To improve your drawing skills, work with simple shapes and subjects, like food illustrations, that can be broken down into basic geometric forms. This technique will help you become more comfortable with Procreate’s tools and prepare you to tackle more complex preppy drawings in the future.

Easy Things to Draw Food Carrot
Carrot Drawing

Also, consider using helpful resources and reference materials. Look up inspiration from other artists or explore additional brushes and resources available online. This way, you can broaden your creative horizons and find new ways to make your preppy drawings stand out.

Lastly, be sure to experiment with different techniques and styles within Procreate. Use the app’s wide range of brushes, blend modes, and layer styles to create unique textures and effects that will bring your preppy drawings to life. Most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy your creative process!

Growing an Art-Based Business

As a creative entrepreneur, you might be passionate about preppy drawing ideas and artworks. Turning your passion into a profitable small business can be an exciting journey, and it’s essential to take strategic steps to ensure your success. Here are some key points to help grow your art-based business.

Start with a solid plan: Develop a clear business plan outlining your goals, target market, and competition. Knowing the market will help you fine-tune your preppy drawing ideas, making it more appealing to your potential customers.

Create an online presence: In today’s digital world, it’s vital to have an online presence. Create a user-friendly, engaging website showcasing your art and an online store to sell your artwork. Don’t forget to utilize social media platforms, like Instagram or Pinterest, where you can showcase your preppy drawings, engage with your audience, and use hashtags like #followme to gain more exposure.

Play to your strengths: Focus on your unique skills and style in preppy drawings that sets you apart from other artists. This will give your small business a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) that will attract a niche market and loyal customers.

Network and collaborate: Building relationships with fellow artists, galleries, and art dealers can help spread the word about your work and open up new opportunities. Don’t hesitate to attend local art events, workshops, and industry conferences to make valuable contacts.

Invest in marketing and promotions: To grow your art-based business, investing in marketing efforts is essential. You can use online and offline methods, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), email newsletters, and print ads in local art magazines. Promotions like discounts and referral rewards could also encourage customers to buy and recommend your preppy drawings to others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preppy objects often have a classic and stylish appearance. Consider drawing items like bow ties, Oxford shoes, seersucker fabric patterns, sailboats, or monogrammed initials. You may also want to include iconic accessories like pearl necklaces,-striped ties, and tortoiseshell glasses.

How can I create a preppy-themed illustration?

To create a preppy-themed illustration, focus on incorporating elements from preppy fashion into your drawings. This can include incorporating bright colors, bold patterns, and clean lines. You may want to draw inspiration from popular preppy brands and designers like Ralph Lauren or J.Crew to create your artwork.

What should I consider when drawing preppy fashion?

When drawing preppy fashion, pay close attention to the style’s classic and timeless looks. Look for clothing items with structured silhouettes, sophisticated patterns, and polished finishes. Also, consider the importance of layering in preppy style by incorporating outfits with multiple pieces such as blazers or sweaters paired with button-down shirts.

How to incorporate preppy elements in Procreate sketches?

In Procreate, try using brushes that mimic the textures found in preppy clothing, like herringbone or tweed patterns. Experiment with vibrant color palettes and bold patterns to give your art a preppy touch. Opt for classic and elegant styles, like serif or script for fonts. Don’t forget to layer different preppy elements like patterns and colors to achieve a dynamic and cohesive illustration.

What are some simple preppy designs for beginners?

For beginners, start with easy-to-draw preppy patterns like stripes, plaids, or dots. You can also try sketching basic clothing items with a preppy twist, such as collared shirts, blazers, or A-line skirts. For an added touch of authenticity, try including monogrammed elements or preppy-inspired accessories like headbands and sunglasses.

Can you suggest unique preppy patterns to draw?

Experiment with new and unique patterns to make your preppy artwork stand out. Consider hybrid patterns combining preppy styles with unexpected elements, like polka dots and stripes or layering plaid and houndstooth. Also, take inspiration from nature by incorporating elements like floral patterns, nautical themes, or equestrian motifs into your preppy illustrations.

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