Beautiful Hand-Drawn Procreate Fashion Template (Body Stamps for Illustration 2023)

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Last Updated on August 13, 2023 by Dee

Are you an artist that loves to draw? Do you have a passion for fashion but don’t know how to illustrate your ideas on paper? Look no further! Introducing our new Hand-drawn Procreate Fashion Template (Body Stamps) – perfect for adding unique flair, detail, and amazing visuals to all of your fashion designs.

These professionally drawn stamps are both stylish and easy to use, allowing every budding artist the chance to express their creative visions in a fraction of the time. Let us show you how this game-changing template can take your art projects from good to great.

Why are Procreate body stamps or (Procreate Fashion Template) awesome?

One of the most important things in fashion design is getting the proportions right.

This is why a Procreate fashion template is so useful – they help you quickly and easily sketch out a garment, without having to worry about getting the measurements perfect. You may want to check out these wrap skirt patterns to add to your outfit!

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And now, thanks to Procreate, you can get all the benefits of a traditional fashion template, but with the added bonus of being able to draw directly onto your iPad!

With this new Hand-drawn Fashion Template Brushes set for Procreate, you can create beautiful sketches of garments with ease. Simply stamp the various body shapes onto your canvas, then start drawing over top!

Additionally, you get a set of skin tone palettes for 5 different skin colors to help you create even more realistic fashion illustrations.

With the Hand-drawn Procreate Fashion Template Brushes set, you’ll never have to worry about getting your garment proportions wrong again 😉 But if read this if you want to make jeans waist smaller.

No matter if you are a professional fashion designer or just starting out, this brush set is the perfect way to start creating beautiful clothing sketches on your iPad.

If you’re into fashion illustration, this Procreate stamp set is for you!

If you’re into fashion illustration and have a love for all things stylish, then this Procreate stamp set is something you simply must try!

From runway looks to classic clothing styles from the past, you’ll be able to create unique designs that show off your individual style.

After reading a Jenni Kayne review, I couldn’t wait to try out these Procreate fashion stamps to elevate my digital sketches.

With these hand-drawn body stamps, you can quickly and easily create full-body fashion sketches.

Hand-drawn body stamps are an innovative and creative way to take your fashion sketches to the next level. These stamps allow you to create realistic full-body designs quickly and easily without spending hours trying to perfect every detail. Check out these old money fashion brands for more inspiration.

Not only that, but you can stamp them out on an A4 Procreate Canvas and print them on standard printer paper so that they can be used with mediums such as pen and ink, pencil, and paint – not only with digital art software such as Procreate or Photoshop.

With hand-drawn body stamps, it’s never been easier to personalize your ideas and bring them to life on paper.

How to Use Procreate Stamps

Procreate Stamps are a great way to create a variety of art in just minutes!

The app allows you to customize and change up your artwork with different stamps, patterns, shapes, and more.

To get started, all you need is the Procreate app on your iOS device and some cool images from the stamp designer library.

When you’re ready, simply select the stamps you want to use and layer them over your current drawing or photo.

After that, edit away to bring personality to your work. You can adjust opacity levels and experiment with blending effects to really bring a unique spin to any piece of art.

Plus, if you need assistance along the way there are plenty of tutorial videos on my Youtube channel or articles on this site!

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Tips for using body stamps in your own fashion sketches

Having a hard time visualizing your fashion sketches? Body stamps are the ultimate solution to help turn those creative ideas into action!

By using body stamps in your sketches, you can achieve exact proportions and added details that bring your designs to life.

I’m especially fond of using them to outline garments – they make it easier to move beyond simple stick figures and create more visually interesting fashion illustrations.

Make sure you use shapes as guides when doing this as well; having a curved or set edge not only adds whimsy but also keeps your sketch components looking accurate and thoughtful.

No need to limit yourself creatively; just remember that adding the right details via stamps can give the perfect finishing touch to any fashion-inspired piece!


If you have been looking for a Procreate Fashion Template, these fashion body stamps are an amazing tool for creative fashion illustration. It’s a great way to express your unique style without having to put so much effort into constructing a figure each time. Plus, it adds an extra level of depth and detail that you might have not thought of beforehand!

Not only is this stamp set professional quality, but it’s affordable as well – making it accessible to everyone regardless of artistic experience or budget. So why wait? Get inspired and start creating art that expresses your vision in no time with our new Procreate Fashion Template Stamps.

Check out my store for more Procreate Stamps and Tools.

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