About me


Hi there, I am Dee.

I have always loved making art and exploring the creative side of life.

My own art-making involves drawing, painting, and experimenting with a range of different mediums. I also really enjoy working in mixed media.

My little girl, who is 4, also loves experimenting with all my art materials. This is lots of fun….but…er…can be slightly chaotic at times.

The one very important thing I want you to take away from Artsydee is that art is for EVERYONE, whether you have a “natural ability” or not.

I hope Artsydee can provide you with a set of ‘tools’ and inspiration so that you can grow confidence in your creative ability and find the freedom and healing that making art offers you.

Through channeling your creative spirit into art-making you will find there are just so many benefits. Art-making becomes an action of healing and a form of meditation.

Yes, this is all wonderful, but how do we begin?

No matter who you are, starting to actually MAKE something can be daunting. From trying to decide on subject matter to use to wondering whether you can get the proportions right it can feel very scary to actually get started.

The key to this is just to start! Start somewhere, anywhere. One caveat – you have to let go of your “perfectionist”.

It’s by exploring the world of mistakes, making and allowing things to happen without trying to control them, that we find freedom and joy in our art-making.

We attempt to live these super-controlled, structured lives (and generally our work environments completely reinforce this!), that our bodies and minds become exhausted. We need to find a space in which we can let go and play.

I hope you can find a safe and joyful space here to explore your own artmaking.



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