25 Fun Christmas Drawing Ideas for the Whole Family

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Hey festive friends! 🎄✍️ It’s that jolly time of year again, and if you’re anything like me, you’re probably itching to get your creative juices flowing with some holiday-themed doodles. Fear not! I’ve been sipping cocoa, listening to carols, and brainstorming just for you. Proud to present: My personal list of 35+ Christmas drawing ideas. Ready to deck the halls and your sketchbook? Let’s dive in! 🎨🎅🏼🌟


Festive Characters to Draw

During the holiday season, drawing festive characters is a fun activity that can bring your family together. Such activities can be an integral part of Christmas traditions and encourage everyone to embrace its spirit.

To start off, you may consider depicting classic figures such as Santa Claus or reindeer – both ideal for making cards and other decorations more personalized with unique garments or attributes like Rudolph’s vibrant red nose! Check out these advent calender filler ideas for more Christmas inspiration!

Santa Claus

Christmas Drawing Ideas

Making drawings of Santa Claus can be a great experience for everyone. To begin your own work, you need to start with the basic structure by sketching out his head and cheeks in circular lines.

Then add eyes, nose and mouth to form his beloved “O” shaped expression! After that create the hat from two curved lines as well as draw long beard too.

Put on final touches like red clothes and pointed cap adorned with white hair before you complete your drawing – which will make it unique all its own!

Anyone (both beginners or children alike) may use this method to bring their best vision of jolly old St Nick into reality during Christmas season. Offering lots of fun while doing so!

Christmas Elves

Christmas Drawing Ideas

To create a whimsical Christmas elf in your drawings, there are several steps to follow. Start by sketching out the body of your character and then add brightly-colored clothing pieces for some cheerfulness.

After that comes two pointy ears attached atop the head followed by a festive hat on top of it all! Varying facial expressions or poses will personalize each unique take on these traditional holiday figures so let yourself be creative as you draw away!

With practice, anyone can make an array of cheerful and mischievous elves perfect for any holiday occasion.


Christmas Drawing Ideas

To make your Christmas drawing extra special, why not draw a reindeer?

By following these steps you can create an adorable figure that will bring holiday cheer. Start by sketching the body with its traditional shape in mind and then add antlers which usually branch out at the top of head.

Lastly, adding Rudolph’s signature red nose is sure to brighten things up! To customize even Consider giving them festive garments like scarves or Santa hats – it’s all possible when you use your imagination for this fun project!

Seasonal Symbols and Decorations

Christmas Drawing Ideas

To bring a bit of festive cheer to your Christmas drawings, incorporate holiday symbols such as trees, snowflakes and wreaths To adorning it with lights. Utilizing all these elements can help create an enjoyable atmosphere that captures the spirit of this special season.

Following on from this are instructions for how you can portray these seasonal decorations within your illustrations so you may generate incredible artwork relevant to Christmastime.

Christmas Trees

Christmas Drawing Ideas

Drawing a Christmas tree can be an enjoyable and fulfilling activity for the holiday season. To create your own unique design, start by sketching several triangular shapes that represent branches.

Then add fun decorations like baubles, lights and tinsel to bring life into your creation. Whether you want something simple or elaborate with many trimmings is up to you.

Feel free to get creative while adding personal touches too! By doing so, this will make sure each Christmas Tree drawing reflects both yourself as well as the festive spirit of the holidays at hand!


Christmas Drawing Ideas

Drawing snowflakes can be a fun and creative way to add festive cheer to your Christmas drawings. Even for novice artists, crafting unique designs is relatively easy with just simple techniques combined with geometric shapes.

Playing around with different patterns and sizes will result in all sorts of beautiful creations that have their own character – like the individual snowflakes found naturally in nature!

Christmas Wreaths

Christmas Drawing Ideas

Christmas wreaths are a great way to add holiday cheer and style to your drawings. You can start by drawing a circle as the base of the wreath, then adding decorations such as holly leaves, berries, bows or festive ornaments that express your own creative flair.

Have fun with it- you may opt for something minimalistic in design or choose lots of elements for an eye-catching look! Either way let your spirit shine through when creating this Christmas symbol -it’s sure to bring joy!

Winter Wonderland Scenes

Christmas Drawing Ideas_ Winter Winderland

Drawings can be used to capture the stunning beauty of a winter wonderland, giving you access to an amazing world of festive cheer and snow-covered views.

Plus don’t forget about those fun ice-skating rinks filled with glistening chills! Whether it is just making something special for yourself or sharing them with others – these drawings are sure provide plenty joy while crafting beautiful masterpieces this season!

Snow-Covered Village

Winter Scene

During the holiday season, creating a charming snowy village scene can bring nostalgia and warmth. To make this special drawing you should start by sketching some houses that are adorned with windows, doors and chimneys. Adding festive lights to each home will Evoke your wintery atmosphere. For extra detail don’t forget snow-covered rooftops on every house!

There is an opportunity for more elements such as Christmas trees or snowmen which makes it even dreamier. When crafting something so magical remember to have fun while letting go of creative boundaries The result? A beautiful landscape filled with joyful holiday vibes!

Winter Forest

Winter Forest Christmas Night Drawing

During the holiday season, creating a peaceful drawing of an idyllic winter forest can be enjoyable. Sketch different shapes and sizes of snow-covered trees as your backdrop and then bring in wildlife such as deer, hares, foxes or birds to liven up the scene.

Remember that less is more when depicting this type of landscape so keep it simple yet timelessly beautiful for years to come! The key here is capturing the tranquillity associated with such a setting during this special time of year.

Ice Skating Rink

Christmas Drawing Ideas_ IceSkating

For a fun winter activity, you can create an ice-skating rink scene that will bring holiday cheer to your drawings. Start by sketching out a large oval shape for the rink and add skaters gliding across with various poses and expressions.

Finally, spice up the environment with decorations such as trees, buildings, and sparkling lights surrounding it. With some creativity in mind, you can craft a lively illustration of an icy skating ground that may inspire fond memories of wintry festivities!

Delightful Christmas Animals

Christmas Dog

It’s the time of year when even our beloved pets get to be part of all that Christmas has to offer. A reminder that there are angels amongst us. Here is an amazing collection of festive animal drawings, ready-made for making your holiday morning magical – from cozy penguins, wintery polar bears and yuletide owls.

If you’re on the hunt for ideas concerning cute christmas drawing or just have a general longing for some excellent drawing concepts then this place gives plenty inspiration!

These captivating creatures will not only add cuteness but also serve as a beautiful symbol representing joy during this season festivities.

35 christmas drawing ideas

Festive Penguins

Christmas Drawing Ideas_ Christmas Penguin

When it comes to drawing, penguins make perfect winter images. To bring the festive feel alive in a sketch of one such bird, begin with its basic form and then add features like eyes, beak and wings.

Enhance your artwork By adding clothing items as if dressing up for cold weather. Scarves or hats are fun options that create a unique personality within the picture. Enjoy experimenting with different poses and expressions so you can craft an original depiction sure to please any viewer!

Holiday Polar Bears

Christmas Drawing Ideas_ Christmas Polar Bear

Creating a cute polar bear for your Christmas drawings can be achieved with some practice. Start by sketching the basic shape of the animal, and then add details such as eyes, ears, paws etcetera.

To give it that extra holiday charm you could accessorize with either a warm scarf or an item like candy cane to make it look festive! With enough patience and effort you will have created your very own unique drawing which is sure to bring joy to those who lay their eyes upon it.

Christmas Owls

Christmas Owl

Drawing a Christmas owl is the perfect way to show holiday spirit. Begin by outlining its basic shape and then adding eyes, beak, wings, feathers for details.

Create additional festivity with decorations such as a Santa hat or scarf draped around it – don’t forget an adorable smile or wink! This will add some charm while representing wisdom and grace throughout this festive season.

Sweet Christmas Treats

Christmas Drawing Ideas_ Christmas Cookies

During the holidays, easy Christmas drawings can capture the tasty indulgences that accompany these festive occasions. Suggestions include incorporating gingerbread cookies, candy canes and hot cocoa mugs into artistic depictions of this season’s merriment. This provides a unique drawing idea for capturing memorable moments during the holiday period with deliciously delightful results!

Christmas Drawing Ideas_ Cookies

These creations also serve as an appropriate reminder of how joyful and comforting Christmastime truly is – not to mention they’re sure to leave viewers craving all manner of delicious treats!

Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas Drawing Ideas_ Ginger Bread Man

Drawing a gingerbread cookie is just as enjoyable as baking and decorating one. You can start by sketching the shape of the cookie, such as a man or house.

Then give it some personality with eyes, mouths, buttons and other decorations to make it unique for each holiday. This tutorial suits all ages, allowing everyone to join in on creating their own special masterpiece!

Candy Canes

Christmas Drawing Ideas_ Candy Cane

Adding a bit of sweetness to your artwork, candy canes are an iconic Christmas delight. When drawing one, sketch out the curved shape and add diagonal stripes for the traditional peppermint pattern.

Feel free to try new designs or colors. Creating multiple different kinds of candy canes will make any holiday design more festive!

Hot Cocoa Mugs

Christmas Drawing Ideas_ Hot Cocoa (2)

For a comfy winter evening, nothing is more pleasant than enjoying a hot cup of cocoa.

To draw the mug you need to start with two shapes, sketching an oval for its base and then drawing an arched line at the top.

After that create a handle by making another curved line from the side of the drinkware going upwards where it connects with the rest in one single place. Finally make your steaming beverage even better by adding some marshmallows, cream or chocolate chip decorations!

Christmas Drawing Ideas_ Hot Cocoa

DIY Christmas Cards and Gift Tags

Create your own Christmas drawings to decorate and add a personal touch with the use of drawing skills.

With these ideas, you can create festive holiday cards, custom gift tags as well as keepsake ornaments that will show off your artistic talent! You can also grab my free Christmas Tree SVG here for more Christmas crafts.

Easy drawings are all it takes to make this season special in more ways than one – so make sure not to miss out on this opportunity.

Hand-Drawn Cards

Creating hand-made Christmas cards in a creative manner is an ideal way to showcase your holiday cheer with family and friends.

To make yours, begin by doodling a joyful illustration like for instance a snowman or reindeer on the card followed up by personalizing it with either drawings of festive borders or some motivating words which will definitely create one-of-a-kind artwork that can be treasured forever.

You can get inspiration from numerous sources such as easy Christmas drawing ideas online or through seasonal books to capture those unique drawings effortlessly. With creativity and hard work, you’ll have made beautiful cards perfect for any occasion!

Custom Gift Tags

To make your gifts unique, a custom gift tag is the perfect way to incorporate a personal touch during the holidays.

Start with designing something festive like Santa Claus, an elf or even just snowflakes and Customize it by writing down someone’s name or adding some brief message.

Try out different sizes and colors for each of your tags so they will stand out under the Christmas tree!

Keepsake Ornaments

artist wood burning Christmas decorations

Creating a personalized keepsake ornament is an amazing way to commemorate the holiday season and make unforgettable memories. To craft your own Christmas ornaments, start by selecting what material you want from paper, cloth, wood or clay.

Sketch out any festive design that comes to mind – add names of family members, this year’s date or a special saying for extra sentimentality! Finish it off with attaching some ribbon so they can be hung up on the tree. Not only will these hand-crafted pieces bring a personal touch to your decorations but also serve as sweet reminders of all those magical times spent together during holidays!

Family Drawing Activities

Christmas Gifts

During the holiday season, drawing can be an entertaining activity for everyone in the family. This section provides ideas to enjoy a variety of art experiences together as one unit and build special moments. These activities include constructing a group mural, playing with drawings, or exchanging pieces of artwork among each other.

Whether you’re skilled at arts or just beginning your journey into it. These fun opportunities are sure to bring smiles during any family gathering!

Collaborative Mural

Holly & Ivy

This is the perfect activity for all members of your family to enjoy! Come up with a design concept and select an area, such as a wall or large piece of paper. Gather together needed items like paint, brushes, and markers then work collectively to produce a fabulous mural that reflects the joys of this festive season. Let everyone contribute their creativity so you can develop something truly unique!

Drawing Games

Christmas doodles

Drawing games can provide a lot of enjoyment during the holiday season. These activities help to foster creativity and practice drawing skills, with popular titles including Christmas Pictionary, Holiday Charades or Draw Something. Players take turns either sketching out or acting out a particular phrase related to this time of year. Those who guess correctly first receive points. In the end, whoever has accumulated the most is announced as winner! It’s definitely an entertaining way for everyone involved in coming up with festive artworks over Christmas period while having fun too

Art Exchange

Organizing a Christmas art exchange among family members can be an enjoyable and meaningful activity. This exercise not only fosters creativity, but also encourages togetherness amongst relatives. To make this happen there are three steps:

  1. Decide who is involved and the number of pieces each person will craft

  2. Assign which member receives every artwork

  3. Set up a time for exchanging either in-person or online all the holiday creations that have been produced by each participant once they’re ready!

Final Thoughts…

And there you have it, my festive art aficionados! With these 40+ Christmas drawing ideas, your sketchbook will be brimming with holiday cheer in no time. Whether you’re drawing by the cozy fireplace or gifting a handmade piece to someone special, I hope this list brings a sprinkle of magic to your festive season. Remember, the joy of art lies in the journey, not just the destination.

So grab your tools, and let’s spread some holiday happiness, one doodle at a time. Merry sketching and happy holidays!

Christmas Robin

Frequently Asked Questions

What are good Christmas things to draw?

Have some fun and get creative with these easy Christmas drawing ideas! Try your hand at crafting beautiful baubles, creating colorful snowmen or even taking a stab at a festive Polar Bear. With over 30 simple designs to explore there’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy this holiday season. Draw Santas, make merry wreaths and fashion attractive snowflakes – it’ll be an entertaining time had by all through the power of artistic expression!

What can I draw very easy?

Drawing cute animals, bears, flowers, birds, letters and puppies can be a lot of fun! Balloons are also an easy subject to include in your sketches. Get creative with these different ideas for making artwork that you will love. Enjoy yourself as you create something

How do you draw Christmas garland easy?

Creating a festive Christmas garland is simple! Just take some lights and draw jagged lines down from the top – you’ll have your decoration all set in no time.

How do you draw a Christmas landscape for kids?

Create a landscape of holiday cheer by starting with the shape of an upside-down V as your backdrop for snow and trees. Place a cabin in the midground, then complete your masterpiece by adding people, animals or gifts to the foreground. With this festive scene on paper you will have crafted all elements necessary for that perfect Christmas atmosphere!

This holiday season, get creative and bring to life some of the classic festive characters like Santa Claus, Elves associated with Christmas celebrations, and Reindeer by drawing them!

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