Flower Power! 21+ Daisy Templates You Can Print (and Crafty Ideas)

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Get ready to add a touch of sunshine to your crafts, decorations, and even your everyday life! We’ve gathered a delightful collection of over 21 unique daisy templates, all available as free printable PDFs. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY pro or just starting your crafting journey, these cheerful blooms are sure to inspire. Grab the free printable templates at the end of this post!

21+ Free Printable Daisy Templates

From simple outlines for coloring to intricate designs for paper crafts, there’s something for everyone. Plus, we’ve got a few bonus ideas on how to use your daisy creations to spread joy. Let’s dive in and discover the endless possibilities that await!

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Watercolor Daisy Painting Quick Tips

Watercolor painting is one of my favorite mediums, but it can be tricky. From trying to control the way the colors flow and blend to making sure your edges are crisp, it’s easy to feel a bit like an amateur!

  1. Go with the Flow: Let those petals be free-spirited!
  2. Build Up: Start light, add layers for depth.
  3. Blend Away: Colors love to mingle in watercolor.
  4. Texture Time: Dry brush, salt – get creative!
  5. Leafy Love: Don’t forget those supporting greens.

Daisy Days: Watercolor Made Easy with Printable Templates

Using a daisy template for watercolor painting offers a wonderful way to explore this medium, especially for beginners. The template provides a helpful guide, ensuring your daisies have a recognizable shape and form. This allows you to focus on experimenting with watercolor techniques, color mixing, and brushstrokes without the added pressure of perfect freehand drawing. Templates also make it easy to create multiple daisies with consistent results, which can be ideal for patterns, cards, or decorative projects. Ultimately, stencils empower both novice and experienced painters to unleash their creativity while enjoying the beauty of watercolor daisies.

Art supplies needed:

Watercolor Stenciling with a Daisy Template:


  1. Prep Your Template: Print your daisy template and carefully cut it out.
  2. Stencil Time: Place the template on your watercolor paper. If desired, lightly trace the outline with pencil for easier painting.
  3. Watercolor Magic: Use your paints to fill in the daisy shape. Experiment with colors, gradients, and layering for unique effects.
  4. Lift and Reveal: Carefully remove the stencil once the paint is dry to the touch.
  5. Embellish (Optional): Add details like a center button, glitter accents, or even a pen-drawn stem.

Let your creativity bloom!

Creative Ways to Use these Daisy Templates

  1. Whimsical Wall Art: Combine different sizes and colors of painted daisies to create a stunning watercolor gallery wall.
  2. Personalized Stationery: Stencil daisies onto notecards, envelopes, or even create custom wrapping paper.
  3. Textile Transformation: Use fabric paints to transfer daisy designs onto tote bags, t-shirts, or even pillowcases.
  4. Upcycled Decor: Stencil daisies onto old jars, wooden boxes, or even furniture for a fresh, floral makeover.
  5. Party Perfection: Create daisy-themed invitations, cupcake toppers, or banners for a spring celebration.
  6. Nature Journaling: Incorporate watercolor daisies into your nature journal pages alongside observations and sketches.
  7. Dreamy Bookmarks: Stencil daisies onto cardstock and add a ribbon or tassel for charming bookmarks.
  8. Creative Gift Wrap: Wrap presents in plain paper and embellish with stenciled daisies and a handwritten note.
  9. DIY Greeting Cards: Craft unique cards by layering and embellishing stenciled daisies.
  10. Calming Coloring Pages: Print templates on thicker paper for relaxing coloring therapy.
Daisy templates

Grab the Free Daisy Templates HERE (below)!

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