What Drawing Erasers Do Artists Use? 5 Professional Erasers to Try in 2023

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5 types of drawing erasers & how to choose the best one

If you’re an artist, chances are that you use a pencil on the regular. And if so, then there’s no doubt that you’ve had to deal with erasing your mistakes at some point or another 🙂

But what is the best way to erase those pesky marks? Well, this article might be able to help. Here I will compare drawing erasers so that you know which one is your best bet.

Table of Contents

  1. 5 Types of erasers every artist should know about
    1. Kneaded Erasers
    2. Gum Erasers
      1. What is a gum eraser made of?
      2. What do you use a gum eraser for?
    3. A rubber eraser
      1. What is a rubber eraser made of?
      2. What do you use a rubber eraser for?
    4. Eraser Pencils or “Erasils”
      1. What should you look for in an Eraser Pencil?
      2. What do you use an Eraser Pencil for?
    5. Vinyl or plastic erasers
      1. What do you use an Eraser Pencil for?
      2. How do you use a Vinyl Eraser?
    6. What should I consider when buying the best eraser?
    7. What should I look for in a drawing eraser?
    8. My Top Picks of Drawing Erasers
    9. FAQs About Erasers
    10. Conclusion

There are many different drawing materials available — charcoal sticks, graphite pencils, pastels, ink pens, etc. While some erasers will erase all types of drawing media, others work best with specific materials. So if you want to erase something specific, it might be worthwhile to purchase an eraser that is designed for your drawing material.

Black Drawing erasers

5 Types of erasers every artist should know about

There are 5 main types of erasers used by artists and hobbyists worldwide. Each has a different composition and purpose, and each can be used in different ways.

Let’s explore drawing erasers in more depth…

Kneaded Erasers

An artist’s kneaded eraser is a versatile tool that can be used for shading and erasing in all art formats. Because of its malleable material, it is easy to mold and smoothes out the most difficult areas.

However, it is important to remember that a typical kneaded eraser does not hold up to heat and should not be rubbed too quickly. There are many different types of kneaded erasers available, including soft, medium, and hard.

The kneaded eraser is a flexible and soft tool that works well for highlighting and erasing. It can also be formed into a point for fine detail work. The eraser doesn’t leave any smears or crumbs, which makes it great for charcoal sketching and pencil drawing.

Its composition allows you to add different shades and highlights on the drawing surface. It can also be used to create shadows.

As it is softer than a regular kneaded eraser, an artist’s kneaded eraser is ideal for use in the arts. Did you know that if you’re an artist, you can use this as an alternative to clay because of its composition?

Artists kneaded erasers come in a variety of colors and are versatile. You can use one that matches the art medium or even customize its design to fit your needs.

The Prismacolor kneaded eraser is perfect for pastels, colored pencils, and more. In addition, this kneaded eraser can be molded for small areas as well.

Unlike a pencil, a kneaded eraser can be used to sharpen and refine your artwork. It is ideal for charcoal and pastel chalk, and will not leave dark marks or stains. It is not only useful for drawing but is also safe for the environment.

Another popular choice is the kneaded eraser. These are useful for erasing areas where the contrast is too difficult to be seen, as they’re made from soft, durable materials.

While an artist’s kneaded eraser is often inexpensive, it is also necessary to be able to use it for shading. Besides, it can be used for touching up a sketch. If you’re a fine artist, having a few kneaded erasers on hand is a good idea!

In addition to being a great art tool, kneaded erasers are extremely handy for a variety of tasks. For example, artists can use the kneaded eraser to lighten a part of an artwork or make the edges of their sketch more visible. The kneaded eraser can be used for a variety of tasks. It can also be used for erasing edges.

An artist’s kneaded eraser is a useful tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for erasing a pencil line, creating intricate details, and completing other tasks. A kneaded eraser can be used with different art media and is a great choice for a variety of artistic techniques.

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Gum Erasers

Art gum erasers are the most popular type of erasing graphite from traditional drawing surfaces.

They are generally brown in color and are very soft. They are also non-abrasive, which means that they won’t damage the paper. Because they are so soft, they tend to crumble as they erase. However, they are still an excellent option for quick cleanup. While you should use caution, you don’t want to get a product that is too rough or too sharp because it might scratch the paper.

What is a gum eraser made of?

Art gum erasers are made of latex, rubber, and rosin. These ingredients create a sort of powdery drawing surface that will erase soft graphite without damaging the drawing surface.

These erasers can be divided into two types: oil-based and water-soluble. The oil-based ones tend to be more highly sought after because they last longer and never lose their flexibility as the water-soluble ones do. However, if you use an oil-based art gum eraser on a drawing with white chalk, it will leave yellow stains behind. This is why most crafters opt for the water-soluble option instead.

The pigment in your drawing surface gets picked up by these erasers as you rub them across your drawing area. It’s best

What do you use a gum eraser for?

There are several types of gum erasers. Most of these products are non-abrasive and are great for erasing most pencil, charcoal, and pastel markings. This means you can use them on any surface, including artwork. The texture of the traditional gum eraser is soft and pliable. It’s the best option for quick clean-up.

These products can be used on any surface. It can remove any type of marks and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including mat boards.

These erasers are a staple of art supplies. These products are great for erasing minute details from paper and can be a part of your everyday life. They can also be used to make drawings if you’re using colored pencils. It’s essential to have a quality eraser. The right product will allow you to create beautiful artwork. They can enhance the look of your home. The gum eraser can be very useful for artists who want to show their work on a variety of surfaces.

Some gum erasers are made of kneaded rubber and they can be used to remove both charcoal and graphite. The texture of the rubber makes these products gentle on paper. The soft rubber makes them easy to clean. It is not as sharp as a traditional eraser. And they can be used for both art and drawing. The texture of the eraser is important for the quality of the eraser. When you buy art gum, it will make the image you created.

Art gum erasers are best for erasing graphite on paper. They are made of rubber and have crumbs that help absorb the graphite and the kneaded erasers are softer than regular erasers. There are also some brands of pink pearls. The color of pink pearl makes it easy to match the other colors of the Prismacolors. If you’re using pastels, it can be difficult to see the color.

You can also choose a gum eraser for erasing graphite. Its texture and consistency make it ideal for removing graphite. It can be used to erase stains. The texture of the eraser is smooth and pliable. The material is soft, but can easily break.

A rubber eraser

A rubber eraser is a great option for a variety of situations. It is a durable and versatile tool. While the pencil eraser can be used to erase any type of graphite, a rubber eraser can also be used to clean up stains.

If you are an artist, a rubber eraser is an ideal tool for your work. If you need to correct a drawing, a rubber eraser can be a great solution.

The first rubber eraser was created by a British engineer named Edward Nairne. Its abrasive properties were soon realized by other people, especially students.

He also developed the process of vulcanization, which uses heat to make the material more durable and abrasive.

Today, rubber erasers come in many different colors and can be either natural or synthetic. There are many different kinds of these tools, which are useful in removing graphite, charcoal, and other materials from paper.

In 1879, an American inventor named Hymen Lipman first received a patent for a mechanical device that attaches erasers to pencils. This invention was later declared void. In 1887, Charles Goodyear discovered a process that made rubber perishable. This process led to the widespread use of rubber and other writing supplies. But while some people like the spongy feel of a rubber eraser, some still find it uncomfortable to use.

What is a rubber eraser made of?

A rubber eraser is made by extruding a mixture of natural and synthetic rubber. The natural rubber is dissolved in a solvent before it is ready for use.

Synthetic rubber is easier to mix with than natural rubber, which means it can be mixed with other ingredients. The process of making a rubber eraser does not require a solvent.

It is produced by mixing the raw materials. The resulting material is a product with various abrasive properties and a smooth surface!

There are several types of rubber erasers available. These are shaped like pencils and are used to erase pencil marks. They are designed to work by removing small pieces of combined graphite and rubber. The rubber is sticky and can be used as an erasing agent. They are used to eliminate pencil markings. It is made to be highly durable. There are also some kinds of plastic versions. This type is made to be easily molded.

rubber drawing erasers

What do you use a rubber eraser for?

While natural rubber is the most common type of eraser, a natural rubber eraser is a great option for your office. A rubber eraser can be used to remove pencil marks, as long as it has a smooth surface. The best option is a pencil with a soft eraser because the pencil will be easier to clean. When you are looking for a pencil, you can purchase a pencil that has an eraser attached.

A rubber eraser can be a great choice for artists who want to create a unique drawing. A rubber eraser has the perfect texture for a variety of surfaces and is suitable for a wide range of drawing media. If you are an artist, a vinyl eraser can also be a good choice.

You also get an artgum eraser which is perfect for making corrections in sketches. It’s non-abrasive and helps you get the details right with precision and accuracy.

Eraser Pencils or “Erasils”

An eraser pencil is basically a drawing tool that has an eraser on one end. It looks like a drawing pencil but the lead is replaced by gum (eraser) or vinyl (plastic) material.

These are also called “erasil” because of their resemblance to the material used to make crayons. These drawing tools are usually larger than standard drawing pencils and have slightly thicker leads.

Eraser pencils are the best option when it comes to cleaning up sketches, art journaling, or pencil annotations!

They come in various sizes and shapes. They are soft, clean, and won’t ghost. They don’t smear, crumble, or ghost either. They can also be used on paper. They are the easiest way to erase marks from a drawing. However, you should know that they are not as effective in lifting charcoal or pencil-like kneaded erasers are!

A good eraser pencil will be hard to clean because the tip tends to stick to the paper. They’re also not very effective with colored pencils or charcoal.

What should you look for in an Eraser Pencil?

When you’re looking for an eraser pencil, look for one with a small nib. The smaller nib is more appropriate for erasing details. The larger erasers are ideal for highlighting the lines that need to be removed. For example, a fine nib is ideal for erasing fine details and adding highlights. It’s easy to see why you need a wide variety of different types of pencils.

There are different types of eraser pencils. For fine-point erasing, you can opt for a fine-point eraser. These erasers are also ideally suited for coloring and charcoal. They’re able to be sharpened like a regular pencil. For large areas, use a kneaded rubber or silicone. Alternatively, you can choose a dustless version.

What do you use an Eraser Pencil for?

The eraser pencil has many uses. You can use it to erase written or drawn things. Aside from being useful for cleaning up, eraser pencils are also useful for adding highlights to your drawing. You can use eraser pencils for more than just coloring and these instruments are essential in creating negative drawings, and they are very common in manga and comic books.

An Erasil is a pencil that erases everything. They can be sharpened just like pencils for super-precise erasing. The eraser is made of vinyl and will easily damage paper if not handled by you with care.

These are becoming increasingly difficult to buy but with a few searches on the internet, you are sure to find something in which to order.

Vinyl or plastic erasers

A vinyl eraser is a soft plastic eraser that does not scratch the surface of a work of art. It is made of polyvinyl chloride and is usually a white block. Some types are colored and may contain phthalate plasticizers. Its main advantage is that it doesn’t damage the canvas or paper.

A vinyl pencil eraser is ideal for cleaning soiled artwork. It cleans without leaving a rough surface.

What do you use an Eraser Pencil for?

Another common use for a vinyl pencil eraser is to remove small details such as highlights. Because the vinyl material is not made to scratch the surface of paper, you have to wipe it before you erase it. You must always wipe the surface of the eraser before you use it to avoid smearing the graphite. You can sharpen a vinyl eraser to a point in a pencil sharpener. They come in two different sizes.

How do you use a Vinyl Eraser?

When you choose a vinyl eraser, you should be sure to use it gently. If you use a rough, abrasive vinyl eraser on paper, it will rip the paper, so be sure to use it carefully. If you want to save money, it’s a good idea to buy two or three. A good vinyl eraser will last for years.

A good vinyl eraser is ideal for erasing graphite, India ink, and pencil marks. Its sharp edges will help you remove any traces of pencil marks with less smearing than a conventional eraser.

A rubber eraser is a great choice if you want a soft and durable eraser. This type of eraser is less abrasive and won’t damage the paper. However, a vinyl or rubber eraser can be abrasive. Nonetheless, it will leave a residue on the paper. This can interfere with the paint or drawing process. In general, a vinyl eraser is the best option for large areas.

A vinyl eraser is typically white. It comes in different shapes and can be purchased in many colors. Draftsmen and sketch artists often use these erasers because they are easy to tear and can erase ink. They are also known as plastic erasers. Most of them are available in little boxes. They are a great addition to any office. They can be used to mark outlines or to remove the color of the paper.

What should I consider when buying the best eraser?

There are various things to consider when choosing the best drawing eraser. These drawing tools can be made of rubber, vinyl, or plastic. Each type has its own intended use and benefits that make it unique from other erasers. Vinyl or plastic are preferred for large spaces because they are less abrasive than rubber erasing implements. Rubber is generally used for erasing pencil lead on paper.

rubber drawing erasers

What should I look for in a drawing eraser?

When buying drawing implements, you have to be sure that they will work well with your drawing surfaces at home or in the studio area. Also, if you want to create negative drawings using an implement, don’t forget to include it in your shopping list! Even though there are many different types of drawing implements, the following are the main attributes to consider:

• Durable and flexible. The drawing implement should be durable and flexible in order to combine well with different drawing surfaces and mediums. This will ensure that you won’t have a hard time erasing even when using sharp drawing tools such as an eraser pencil or crayon among others.

  • Size: Make sure that the drawing eraser is of adequate size for easy handling. You don’t want to spend more drawing time than necessary just because you need to look for ways on how to improve your drawing game. Also, it should be small enough so drawing will not become tiresome and cause muscle strain.
  • Shape: The drawing implement you choose should be in the shape that best suits your drawing preferences. Erasing with a rubber that is easy to hold and comfortable to use while drawing is the best bet!
  • Quality: Before buying drawing implements, make sure they are of high quality. Look for drawing erasers that can be used with different drawing surfaces especially if you are an artist who needs drawing tools on the go. Also, look for drawing implements made of materials that do not easily wear out or tear all this is within your price range!

My Top Picks of Drawing Erasers

Here are a few of my top picks of drawing erasers in each category:

Drawing erasers 2

FAQs About Erasers

What is the best eraser for artists?

There are several drawing implements that you can use as erasers such as graphite pencils, chalk, and charcoal. These drawing implements usually come in either hard or soft forms depending on the brand and type of drawing implement.

One of the best drawing implements to use whenever drawing is involved is a rubber drawing eraser because it will not easily tear or wear out, unlike conventional erasers.

If you want to correct your drawing mistakes and erase ink stains, then go for a white vinyl drawing eraser instead because it won’t leave any residue behind unlike rubber drawing erasers which might cause smudges.

Do art gum erasers dry out?

Art gum drawing erasers were used in the past and can still be found today. They are made of soft material and they don’t leave any residue because they are compressed or molded to be shaped like a cube or cylinder. However, art gum drawing erasers do dry out over time.

How do you clean a vinyl eraser?

The best way to remove pencil lead marks with an art drawing eraser is by massaging over the drawing surface by rubbing it in circular motion repeatedly until the drawing is clean.

How do you take care of gum eraser?

The best method for taking care of drawing erasers is by making sure it is clean when drawing. Also, drawing erasers should be used in moderation so they won’t dry up or disintegrate easily.

What are black erasers used for?

Black drawing erasers are used for drawing on black colored drawing or fine art paper. Do not mistake it as a drawing implement because this eraser is actually designed specifically to remove drawing mistakes and excess ink stains from within drawings.

When should I throw away my kneaded eraser?

You can throw your kneaded eraser away when it begins to leave residue and smudges on drawing surfaces.

What is the most popular eraser?

The most popular drawing eraser is the rubber drawing eraser because it does not leave smudges behind.

Also, drawing erasers made of rubber do not dry up or become hard and this makes them easy to clean and use.

What are the pink erasers called?

The drawing implements called pink drawing erasers are used to remove drawing mistakes and smudges on drawing surfaces like drawing boards, posters, blackboards, etc.

What is a Tombow eraser?

Tombow drawing erasers are used as drawing implements and as drawing erasers. They have a soft texture that can easily pick up drawing mistakes and smudges from drawing surfaces within a short period of time without causing scratches or wearing out.

rubber drawing erasers


I hope this article helped you figure out the best eraser for your needs. One of my favorite things about drawing is that it’s an art form that doesn’t require expensive materials to get started – all you need is a pencil and some paper!

So if you’re looking for something new to dive into, why not try sketching? You’ll be amazed by what can come from just using these two supplies. And with so many different types of pens, pencils, and brushes available, there’s no limit to what you can create!

Drawing is one of my favorite ways to express myself creatively. But sometimes mistakes happen (we’ve all been there) which means we have to erase our work before moving on again.

A drawing eraser can be a lifesaver when you need to erase something. The right drawing eraser is easy to use and won’t damage the drawing surface after use!

Drawing erasers 1

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  2. A vinyl piece is your best option if you’re looking for a durable tool that can erase even the toughest areas that were written with pressure. You should be careful not to apply too much pressure due to its tremendous power to prevent tearing of your art sheets. Additionally, be sure to select a latex and PVC-free one if you want effortless performance without smudging.


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