Elf Hat Template | 3 Free Printables for your Art Journal

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I’ve got a fun post for all you artists and art students out there! Today, I’m sharing some simple elf hat templates that are perfect for creating festive art journal pages, and a host of other art projects!

These printables are easy to use and are a great way to add some extra holiday cheer to your artwork. So grab your pencils, paints, or pens and get started!

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3 Free Elf Hat Templates

elf hat template 1
Elf Hat Template 1
elf hat template 2
Elf Hat Template 2
elf hat template 3
Elf Hat Template 3

Download and print out your favorite elf hat template below!

What can you do with your elf hat template?

Festive Decor!

Decorate your balcony, lounge, kitchen, bedroom, or any other room in your house or office with some festive art.

Print the elf hat onto cardstock or watercolor paper, and use watercolor, watercolor brush pens, or spray paint to color your artwork.

Art Journaling

Make a festive-themed page in your art journal.

You can use the printable elf hat template to create backgrounds, patterns, or focal areas in your art journal.


Color your elf hat with markers or watercolor to create a fun birthday invitation, or Christmas party invite!

Coloring in

If you like to color in, you can use the printable elf hat templates as a fun way to add color and creativity to your doodling.

Stick them on walls or gift wrap for added decoration!

Create Stickers

Create your own Christmas eld hat stickers by printing the templates on sticker paper and cutting out the shapes.

You can then use these stickers for anything you like!

Use them as a wonderful way to label gift bags or boxes, make place cards for your dinner table, or stick them on cards.

3-FREE-Elf-Hat-Templates 4


I hope you enjoy these elf hat templates! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out 🙂

Happy holidays and happy creating! 

3-FREE-Elf-Hat-Templates 2

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