White Colour Pencil Wonders: Unlock Your Artistic Potential

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Color pencils are a go-to tool for artists, hobbyists, and students who love to express their creativity with colorful creations. And when it comes to adding some extra magic to your work, there’s no better weapon than a white color pencil.

This bad boy is a master at highlighting, shading, blending, and creating all sorts of unique effects that make your art pop like never before. White color pencils are the perfect complement to your existing color palette, helping you add depth and complexity to your masterpiece.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the best white pencils available and why white color pencils are so essential for artists!

white colour pencil

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Best White Colour Pencils

Discover our top picks for the best white colour pencils in the list below.

Qianshan 5Pcs Black & White Color Pencils

Qianshan 5Pcs Black and White Color Pencils - Permanent Color Drawing Pencil Oil-based Wooden Colored Pencils for Artist and Beginner Art Projects, 2 Colors of 3 White, 2 Black

These Qianshan black and white color pencils are good for artists and beginners due to their bold colors, blending, and shading capabilities.


  • Vibrant black and white colors
  • Excellent blending and shading capabilities
  • High-quality, non-toxic materials


  • May need frequent sharpening
  • White may not cover other colors effectively
  • Lead may shatter if accidentally dropped

Upon using the Qianshan 5Pcs black and white color pencils, I found that they laid down colors evenly, whether used lightly or heavily. The 3mm thick core allowed for a pleasant coloring experience and is perfect for adding transition effects and details to art projects. These pencils work great for blending and highlighting, truly unlocking artistic potential.

However, there are a few drawbacks. The white pencil may not cover other colors as effectively, turning into a smudge tool instead. Also, the lead inside may shatter if the pencils are dropped, so handle with care. Check out the best pencil cases for artists. Lastly, these pencils may need sharpening frequently, which could be a minor inconvenience.

Nonetheless, these Qianshan black and white color pencils are a fantastic addition to any artist’s toolkit. With their vibrant color and smooth texture, they’re sure to make your artwork pop. They make an excellent gift for those who love being creative and they are safe as well, being non-toxic and 100% acid-free.

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PANDAFLY Professional Colour Charcoal Pencils

PANDAFLY Professional Colour Charcoal Pencils

If you’re looking for a versatile set of white charcoal pencils that offer quality and value, the PANDAFLY Professional Colour Charcoal Pencils are just what you need.


  • Smooth, thick cores perfect for shading and blending
  • Non-toxic, super pigmented, and easy to sharpen
  • Great for various forms of art and illustration


  • Not suitable for children under three years old
  • May be difficult to sharpen for some users
  • Limited color range compared to other sets

These PANDAFLY Professional Colour Charcoal Pencils have a luscious feel on paper, and their soft, thick cores allow for easy shading and blending. I loved experimenting with the four different colors in this set, which let me achieve diverse effects in my drawings, from deep shadows to subtle highlights.

One thing I particularly appreciated was the non-toxic and eco-friendly construction of these pencils. The high-quality charcoal particles are mixed with fine clays and encased in wood, making them safe for artists of all ages. However, it’s worth noting that these pencils are not recommended for children under three years old.

A minor drawback I noticed was the difficulty in sharpening some of the pencils. Nevertheless, with a bit of patience and the right sharpener, I achieved the desired point. Overall, I found the PANDAFLY Professional Colour Charcoal Pencils to be a worthy addition to my art supplies, and I can confidently recommend them to fellow artists and hobbyists alike.

Faber-Castell Polychromos 101 White Pencil

Faber-Castell Polychromos artists' pencil in white colour

If you’re after an incredible, high-quality white pencil to add depth to your artwork, look no further than the Faber-Castell Polychromos 101 White Pencil.


  • Exceptional colour vibrancy and pigmentation
  • Water-resistant and smudge-proof
  • Highly break-resistant


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Requires careful application for desired effect
  • Some artists may prefer a waxier texture

I recently tried the Faber-Castell Polychromos 101 White Pencil while working on an illustration, and I was thoroughly impressed with the colour intensity and precision it delivered. Its soft, vibrant leads allow for smooth, even application and the pencil’s high-quality pigments are both water-resistant and smudge-proof.

However, the price might seem steep for some, but the quality and performance you get in return make it well worth the investment. Just keep in mind that you will need to apply the pencil with care to achieve the desired effect on your artwork, as it may not be as forgiving as more wax-based options.

That said, I genuinely appreciate how resilient the Polychromos pencils are due to their Secural Bonding (SV) process. This feature ensures that the pencil lead remains intact even during extensive periods of use. In my experience, it’s a game-changer for artists demanding durable and reliable materials to bring their ideas to life.

Goldfaber 101 White Colour Pencil

Goldfaber 101 White Colour Pencil

The Goldfaber 101 White Colour Pencil is a top choice for artists who value pigmentation, lightfastness, and break resistance in their white pencil.


  • Highly pigmented 3.3 mm lead
  • Excellent lightfastness
  • High break resistance


  • Expensive compared to others
  • Not compatible with some other mediums
  • Packaging concerns

I recently got my hands on the Goldfaber 101 White Colour Pencil, and it has genuinely impressed me with its performance. The highly pigmented 3.3 mm lead allows for vibrant white marks on various surfaces, including dark wood, making it perfect for both drawing and layout work.

The lightfastness of the pencil is commendable, ensuring that my artwork retains its appearance over time. Its high break resistance is a great feature, as I have experienced lead breakage with other brands in the past. Additionally, the pencil is water-resistant and smudge-proof, making it a versatile and reliable tool for sketching, coloring, and design.

However, the Goldfaber 101 White Colour Pencil comes with a few downsides. It is more expensive than some other white pencils on the market, and it may not work well with certain other mediums. Also, some customers have experienced packaging issues, but overall, the pros significantly outweigh the cons, making the Goldfaber 101 White Colour Pencil a fantastic addition to any artist’s toolkit.

Prismacolor 3365 Premier White Colored Pencils

Prismacolor 3365 Premier Soft Core Colored Pencil, White (Pack of 12)

These Prismacolor white colored pencils are perfect for artists seeking a high-quality, versatile tool for blending, shading, and adding finishing touches.


  • Exceptional blending capabilities
  • Waterproof composition allows for multimedia use
  • Pack of 12 ensures you won’t run out quickly


  • May require frequent sharpening
  • Higher price point compared to other brands
  • Potential for core breakage if not handled carefully

I recently used these Prismacolor white colored pencils and was impressed by their performance. The artist-quality pigment allowed me to effortlessly blend colors and achieve a smooth, even finish on my artwork.

The waterproof composition is a significant advantage, as it enables me to experiment with different artistic styles and mediums, such as markers, ink, and watercolors. This versatility truly elevates my art projects and sets these pencils apart from others on the market.

While I appreciate the pack of 12 pencils, I noticed that they may require more frequent sharpening than other brands. Additionally, the higher price point might be a factor for some potential buyers. However, the quality and performance of these Prismacolor white colored pencils are well worth the investment, and I highly recommend them to artists of all levels.

Heshengping 12Pcs Black & White Color Pencils

Heshengping 12Pcs Black White Color Pencils

In my personal experience, the Heshengping black and white color pencils provide smooth blending and shading for various drawing and coloring styles, despite some sharpening issues.


  • Oily color for smooth blending
  • Unique black and white transition
  • Great for dynamic and bold drawings


  • Some sharpening difficulties
  • No override function in colors
  • Could have a wider variety of shades

I recently tried the Heshengping 12Pcs Black & White Color Pencils, and the oil-based colored pencils allowed me to create beautiful and dynamic drawings with ease. Their smooth texture and strong core ensured high-quality results, with the white pencil being perfect for superior blending and the black one for adding depth and detail, such as hair or backgrounds.

In addition, the set works well for a variety of drawing and coloring styles, offering artistic freedom and versatility. The sturdy wooden material made it comfortable to hold, even during extended periods of drawing. However, I noticed that sharpening the pencils could be a bit problematic, as the tips would sometimes break before getting the desired sharpness.

Despite these minor inconveniences, these Heshengping black and white color pencils make a lovely gift for artists of any age, as well as an impressive addition to one’s toolbox. Overall, they get the job done while allowing for some creativity and flexibility, and I look forward to creating more art with them.

Creative Art Materials Luminance 6901 White Pencil

The Caran d'Ache Luminance 6901 colour pencil

For those seeking a high-quality white pencil with impressive lightfastness and smoothness, the Creative Art Materials Luminance 6901 is a top choice.


  • Superior lightfastness and smoothness
  • Made with eco-friendly California cedar wood
  • Blendable, burnishable, and layerable on various surfaces


  • A little on the pricey side
  • Requires a well-sharpened pencil sharpener
  • May not be as widely available as other brands

I recently used the Creative Art Materials Luminance 6901 White Pencil, and it truly exceeded my expectations. The smoothness of the lead allows for easy blending and layering, making it perfect for both beginners and professionals alike.

One of my favorite features of this pencil is its eco-friendliness, as the casing is made from sustainably managed California cedar forests. Additionally, the finely-ground pigments make for intense, pure colors that resist fading from UV light, ensuring your artwork remains vibrant for years to come.

While the price may seem a bit steep for a single pencil, the quality you receive with the Luminance 6901 justifies the investment. Its performance outshines other white pencils I’ve tried, making it a worthwhile addition to any artist’s toolkit.

Creative Mark Cezanne Premier White Colored Pencil

Creative Mark Cezanne Premier White Colored Pencil

These Cezanne Premier White Colored Pencils are superb for artists of all levels seeking high-quality, soft wax-based pencils at an affordable price.


  • Impressive pigmentation and vibrancy
  • Smooth texture enables easy blending
  • Excellent value for the quality


  • Not as durable as top-tier brands
  • Ink color and pencil casing may not perfectly match
  • Potential shipping issues causing damage

After using the Creative Mark Cezanne Premier White Colored Pencil, I was pleasantly surprised by its high pigment and vibrant color. This soft wax-based pencil glides smoothly on various types of paper, making it perfect for creating different designs, portraits, and landscapes.

The blending and shading capabilities of this pencil are exceptional, allowing artists to create beautiful effects and stunning color combinations. Although they may not have the same durability as more expensive brands like Prismacolor or Faber Castell, the Cezanne pencils offer excellent performance for their price.

In my experience, the ink color may not always match the color on the pencil casing, so keep this in mind when selecting your shades. Additionally, some customers have reported shipping issues causing damage to the pencils. However, the majority of users, including myself, have been satisfied with the value and quality of these pencils, making them a worthy investment for any artist.

white colour pencil

Buying Guide

When looking for the perfect white colour pencil, there are a few factors to consider to ensure you get the best product for your needs. In this buying guide, we’ll discuss some key features to look out for when choosing a white pencil.

1. Type of Pencil: Wax-based or Oil-based

White colour pencils are mainly available in two types: wax-based and oil-based. Wax-based pencils are softer and creamier, making them easier to blend and layer. Oil-based pencils, on the other hand, are harder and more durable, which can lead to sharper lines and finer details. Consider your desired end-result and technique when deciding between the two types.

2. Opacity

The opacity of a white pencil is essential when creating highlights and adding dimension to your artwork. You’ll want to select a pencil with a strong opacity to ensure the white stands out against your other colours. Look for specifications on the packaging or product description to determine the opacity of the pencil.

3. Price and Quality

As with any art supply, the quality of a white colour pencil can vary greatly. While higher quality pencils often come with a higher price tag, they can offer smoother application, better opacity, and lasting results. Consider investing in a reputable brand to achieve the best results.

4. Compatibility with Other Art Supplies

Some artists prefer to use a combination of coloured pencils, markers, or watercolours in their work. If this is the case for you, choose a white pencil that is compatible with your other art supplies. Check product descriptions and reviews to find out whether the pencil works well with other mediums.

5. Reviews and Recommendations

Finally, don’t forget to read reviews and seek recommendations from fellow artists. This can help you learn more about the performance and durability of various white colour pencils on the market, ensuring you make an informed decision.

white colour pencil


In conclusion, the white color pencil is a powerful tool that every artist should have in their arsenal. Whether you’re a professional artist, a hobbyist, or a student, a white color pencil can help take your artwork to the next level. With its versatility and ability to create unique effects, this pencil has become a favorite of many artists. From highlighting and shading to adding texture and depth, white color pencils are a must-have for anyone looking to add some extra magic to their work. So, go ahead and give it a try!

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