Anime Drawings: A Quick Guide for Budding Artists

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Anime drawings have become a popular art form, capturing the imagination of fans and aspiring artists alike. With its unique style and captivating characters, it’s no surprise you might want to try your hand at drawing anime art.

In this article, we’ll provide you with valuable information and tips to help you begin your journey into the world of anime drawing.


As you embark on this exciting creative endeavor, it’s important to remember that practice makes perfect. Don’t be too hard on yourself if your first attempts don’t turn out exactly as you’d hoped.

Instead, focus on mastering the basics and understanding the distinct features that set anime drawings apart from other styles.

Once you have a solid foundation, you’ll find it easier to explore different techniques and develop your signature style.

From learning how to draw anime faces and expressions to mastering the art of depicting intricate clothing and dynamic poses, this article will guide navigating the anime drawing landscape.

So grab your sketchbook, pencils, and let your artistic passion loose as you dive into the fascinating world of anime art.

Fundamentals of Anime Drawings

Anime drawings have a unique visual style and charm. As an aspiring artist, you’ll need to understand some basic principles to create your anime characters. This section will cover two essential subtopics: Understanding Proportions and Mastering Angles.

Understanding Proportions

Getting proportions right is crucial to creating believable anime characters. Always start by sketching a simple framework to help you define each character’s features in relation to their overall shape and size. Regardless of their age, anime characters often share similar standard proportions, especially for their heads and eyes.

Anime Drawings Anime Anime Face
  • Heads: In most anime drawings, the head is approximately one-sixth to one-seventh of the total body length. This means that if you draw a character’s full body, their head should fit about six to seven times along the height of their body.
  • Eyes: Anime eyes are often larger than realistic eyes, but their size should still make sense with the character’s face. To determine the correct eye size, imagine a line dividing the head in half horizontally, with the eyes resting just below this line. If you’re drawing a young character, their eyes might be even larger than a typical anime character, giving them a more innocent and curious look.
Anime Drawings Anime Eyes closeup
Anime Drawings Anime Eyes
Various Anime Eye Styles
Anime Drawings Anime Eyes Closeup
Anime Eyes Closeup
Anime Drawings Anime Eyes Closeup
Anime Eyes Closeup

When it comes to capturing your character’s age, pay close attention to the proportions of their body. Older characters will have more defined and elongated limbs, while younger characters will have more childlike proportions, with shorter limbs and a more rounded body shape.

Anime Drawings Anime Figures (3)
Drawing Anime Figures

Mastering Angles

Once you’ve nailed proportions, it’s time to tackle angles. Knowing how to draw a character’s head from various angles is crucial in creating dynamic and engaging anime art.

Start by practicing simple angles, such as front, side, and three-quarters views, before moving on to more challenging perspectives.

Anime Drawings Anime Anime Face (2)
  • Front View: Draw a vertical line to represent the middle of the face. This line will serve as a guide for placing facial features, like the eyes, nose, and mouth. Make sure your character’s eyes are symmetrical on either side of the line.

  • Side & Three-Quarter Views: Begin with a circle for the head and a curved line to indicate the center of the face. When drawing a side view, keep in mind that the facial features should align along this curved line. In a three-quarter view, facial features will follow a similar path, but they’ll also appear slightly foreshortened, depending on the angle.
Anime Drawings Head Position
Anime Drawings Head Positions
Anime Drawings Head Positions
Anime Drawings Head Positions

Practice is the key to mastering the fundamentals of anime drawing. By understanding proportions and mastering angles, you’ll be well on your way to creating unique and expressive anime art.

Keep experimenting and refining your skills, and watch your creations come to life!

Drawing Anime Characters

How to Draw Anime for Beginners

Anime Drawings Anime Figures

Drawing anime characters can be an exciting and rewarding hobby for people of all skill levels. The first step in learning how to draw anime is to familiarize yourself with basic shapes, such as circles, squares, and rectangles, as these will serve as the foundation for your characters’ proportions. Start by practicing drawing these shapes until you feel confident in your ability to manipulate size, angles, and various perspectives.

Anime Drawings Anime Anime Faces (3)

To draw an anime face, begin with an oval shape that will represent the head. Divide this oval into four sections to help you position the facial features correctly. Keep the oval narrower at the bottom, as this will be the chin area.

Capturing Facial Features

Anime eyes are a crucial aspect of the character’s expression and personality. When drawing anime girl eyes, start by sketching a curved upper eyelid followed by a short line extending down from the outer corner of the eye. Leave the inner corner of the eye open for a softer look. Then, add a circle in the middle of the eye as the iris.

Anime Drawings Anime Eyes Closeup (4)
Anime Eyes Closeup

To draw the other facial features, such as the nose and mouth, use simple lines or shapes to convey different expressions. Practice drawing various styles of eyebrows as well, since they can greatly impact a character’s emotion and appearance.

Anime Drawing Ideas Boy (2)

Don’t forget about the ears! When drawing ears, pay attention to their size and placement in relation to the rest of the face.

Stylizing Hair and Hairstyles

Anime Drawings Hair Styles (2)
Anime Hair Styles

Hair is another essential aspect of anime characters that adds personality and uniqueness. Experiment with different types of hairstyles, ranging from short and spiky to long and flowing.

You can also try drawing chibi-style hair for a more whimsical approach.

Anime Hair Styles

When drawing hair, keep in mind that it should flow naturally over the head and around the facial features. You can use bold lines to accentuate the hair’s texture and overlapping strands to create depth.

Anime Drawings Hair Styles (3)
Anime Drawings Hair Styles
Anime Drawings Anime Anime Faces

Remember, practice is key in improving your anime drawing skills. Explore various resources, such as tutorials and online classes, to learn new techniques and keep your art fresh. Enjoy the creative process and have fun bringing your anime characters to life!

Coloring and Adding Details

Anime drawing often requires a combination of creativity and technical skills. In this section, we’ll focus on coloring and adding details, specifically using colored pencils and creating dynamic poses.

Using Colored Pencils

Anime Girl with Layered Color Pencil
Anime Girl with Layered Color Pencil

Colored pencils are a versatile tool for anime artists, allowing you to achieve a wide range of effects, from soft and subtle to bold and lively. To start, pick a high-quality set of colored pencils with a range of colors that suit your desired style.

Anime Drawing Ideas Boy (2)

Layering colors: Begin with a light base color and gradually build up layers to add depth and dimension to your drawing. Layering colors also helps create texture and smooth color transitions, enhancing the overall appearance of your artwork.

Blending techniques: To blend colors seamlessly, try using a blending pencil or a white colored pencil. This will help you create smooth transitions and eliminate any harsh lines.

blending kit

Adding highlights and shadows: Use lighter and darker shades to create highlights and shadows. This will give your drawing a three-dimensional appearance, making your characters look more lifelike.

Anime Girl with Layered Color Pencil (3)

Creating Dynamic Poses

Dynamic poses can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your anime drawings. When your characters are in motion or expressing strong emotions, their poses should reflect that energy and intensity. Here are a few tips to help create dynamic poses:

Anime Drawings Dynamic Poses (3)
Anime Drawings Dynamic Poses
Anime Drawings Dynamic Poses (2)
Anime Drawings Dynamic Poses

Get inspired: Look for references and inspirations in your favorite anime shows, movies, or comics. These can give you ideas for interesting and dynamic poses that you can incorporate into your own drawings.

Break down the pose into simple shapes: Start with basic shapes such as circles, rectangles, and lines to represent various body parts. This can help you visualize and plan the pose, making it easier to refine and add details later.

Exaggerate proportions: Anime often features exaggerated proportions, which can help make your characters look more dynamic and expressive. Don’t be afraid to exaggerate certain body parts or play with perspective to create a dynamic pose.

21-Action-Poses-for-Dynamic-Figure-Drawing 4

Use lines of action: Utilize curved or diagonal lines to represent the flow of motion in your character’s pose. These lines of action can make your drawing appear more dynamic and energetic.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Keep experimenting with colors and poses, and soon you’ll be creating stunning anime artwork that captivates your audience.

Exploring Different Anime Styles

Anime hairstyles are an essential element of character design, and they contribute significantly to a character’s personality and overall appearance. In this section, we’ll go over some popular anime hairstyles that you may want to consider when drawing your characters.

Anime Drawings Short Spiky Hair
Drawing Short & Spiky Hair
  • Short and spiky: Often seen in shonen anime, the short and spiky hairstyle signifies a strong, energetic, and confident personality. Characters like Naruto and Ichigo Kurosaki are known for this style.
  • Long and flowing: Many female characters in anime have long and flowing hairstyles as it portrays elegance, grace, and beauty. Sailor Moon and Asuna from Sword Art Online are great examples of this style.
  • Ponytails and braids: Ponytails and braids can be used to demonstrate a character’s sportiness or down-to-earth nature. Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan and Bulma from Dragon Ball are iconic characters in this category.
Anime Drawings Long & Flowing Hair
Drawing Long & Flowing Hair

When selecting an anime hairstyle for your character, consider their personality, role in the story, and the style of the anime itself. Experiment with various styles until you find the perfect fit for your character.

Anime Drawings Ponytails & Braids
Drawing Ponytails & Braids

Chibi Characters

chibi poses

Chibi characters are a popular sub-style of anime art that is characterized by their small and super-deformed (SD) appearance. The term “chibi” means small or short in Japanese, and these characters are intentionally designed to look cute and adorable. When drawing chibi characters, there are a few key features to keep in mind:

  1. Oversized head: Chibis have a distinctive oversized head-to-body ratio. This is typically 1:1 or 1:2, meaning the head is either the same size or twice the size of the body.
  2. Simplified features: Chibis have simpler facial features and facial expressions, often limited to large eyes and small noses and mouths.
  3. Short limbs: Chibi characters have short and stubby arms and legs, which enhances their cute and comical appearance.
  4. Exaggerated emotions: Chibis are known for their exaggerated facial expressions and emotional reactions, which adds a sense of humor to the art style.
Cute Anime Drawings

To draw your own chibi characters, start by practicing the core features listed above. Emphasize the cute and endearing aspects of their design and remember to have fun in the process!

Finding Inspiration and Resources

Anime Drawing Collections

One great way to find inspiration for your anime drawings is by browsing anime drawing collections. These collections feature a variety of styles, characters, and poses that can spark your creativity and help you develop your unique characters.

Websites like Anime Poses offer simple sketches designed to save you time and provide ideas for your own work. Additionally, you can check out websites like Character Design References which is a community-driven platform dedicated to showcasing the finest artworks in animation, video games, and illustration.

Anime Drawings

Discovering Inspiring Images

Another effective method to inspire your anime drawings is by discovering inspiring images. A wealth of ideas can be found in sources such as anime illustration ideas on 99designs or cool anime character drawing ideas from Beautiful Dawn Designs.

Browsing these collections not only exposes you to various creative anime styles but also allows you to develop your skills by observing how different artists approach their work.

Remember, exploring these collections and images is just the beginning. As you encounter new and inspiring materials, don’t hesitate to experiment with different styles, poses, and techniques. Your unique artistic voice will emerge as you continue to draw from a wide range of sources and hone your skills.

Anime Drawings Long Flowing Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

How to begin sketching anime?

Starting to sketch anime may seem intimidating at first, but with practice, you will improve. Begin by familiarizing yourself with basic shapes and proportions.

Draw simple facial features like eyes, nose, and mouth on a circle to practice. You can also try sketching a circle using an upside-down cup or freehand to form your character’s face.

Anime Drawings

Simple steps for drawing anime girls?

Anime Drawings

When drawing an anime girl, start with the basic structure of the face. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Draw a circle for the head
  2. Add guidelines for the facial features like eyes, nose, and mouth
  3. Sketch the shape of the face and jawline
  4. Draw the body by creating simple shapes for the torso, arms, and legs
  5. Add details like hair, clothing, and accessories

Find a step-by-step guide for beginners to follow as you progress.

Creating stunning anime girls?

Anime Drawings

To create stunning anime girls, focus on the character’s expression and posture. Incorporate dynamic movement and fluid lines to convey emotion.

Pay attention to the character’s clothes, accessories, and hair, which can add an extra layer of visual appeal. With practice and attention to detail, you can create captivating anime girl drawings.

Essential techniques for anime eyes?

Anime Drawings

Anime eyes are an essential feature and can express various emotions. Practice drawing different eye shapes to create unique characters. Here are some tips for drawing anime eyes:

  1. Sketch the upper and lower eyelids with curved lines
  2. Add the iris with a large oval, leaving a small white space for highlights
  3. Draw the pupil, usually a smaller circle within the iris
  4. Add eyebrows and eyelashes for more detail
  5. Experiment with different shapes, sizes, and angles to create a variety of eyes

Best anime drawing materials?

You don’t need expensive materials to start. Some essential supplies include pencils, erasers, drawing paper, and fine liners. As you advance, you can explore different types of pens, markers, and even digital tools like tablets for creating your anime art.

Basic anime expressions guide?

Chibi Face Stamps
Chibi Face Stamps for Procreate

Capturing different expressions is key to creating engaging anime characters. Practice drawing simple expressions like happiness, sadness, anger, and surprise. Focus on the eyes, eyebrows, and mouth to convey emotion.


For example, wide-open eyes and a big smile represent happiness, while down-turned eyebrows and eyes show sadness. Experiment with different facial features to create a wide range of expressions and bring your characters to life.

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