How to Get Your Creativity Flowing in 2023: 101 Inspiring Art Journal Prompts for Artists Block

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Need some inspiration for your Art Journal?

Art journal prompts are short phrases or single words that are used to inspire your creative art making in your art journal!

At some point, we all get to a place where we feel stuck in our creative journeys. It is just part of the ebb and flow of art-making and instead of being fearful or frustrated by it, let’s do something about it!

An art journal prompt can be about anything! From nature to your emotions – you name it, anything goes!

Check out these beautiful abundance affirmations that you can use in your art journal.

Often all this freedom to choose a meaningful topic for your art journal page is daunting and you can end up feeling a bit like a rabbit stuck in headlights. It really helps to have a set list of topics to choose from and this is why I have created this art journal prompts list.

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101 Art Journal Prompts for 2023

  1. Gratitude
  2. Music – Listen to these songs with good bass to get you in the mood to create.
  3. My Still Place
  4. Fire
  5. Direction
  6. Roadmap
  7. Air
  8. Cooking
  9. Vintage
  10. Animal soul
  11. Redo
  12. Illuminate
  13. Celebrate
  14. Unwind
  15. Zest
  16. Crave
  17. Blind spot
  18. Wish
  19. Hands
  20. Ache
  21. Wound
  22. Reflections
  23. Pareidolia
  24. Home
  25. The gift
  26. Soul sister/brother
  27. The child
  28. Integrate
  29. Strength
  30. Feline
  31. Canine
  32. Trajectory
  33. Build
  34. Scaffolding
  35. Cerulean Blue
  36. Cadmium Yellow
  37. Organic Matter
  38. Botanical
  39. Vegetable Garden
  40. Unfurling
  41. Ecosystem
  42. Sustainable
  43. Recycle
  44. Waste
  45. Fresh
  46. Hope
  47. Flora
  48. Fauna
  49. Sentient
  50. Tea
  51. Coffee
  52. Candy
  53. Cookies
  54. Pancakes
  55. Chocolate
  56. Pudding
  57. Bitter
  58. Salty
  59. Sweetness
  60. Anticipation
  61. Boots
  62. Gloves
  63. Hat
  64. Vision
  65. That joyful moment
  66. Healing
  67. Tears
  68. Under the magnifying glass
  69. Macro
  70. Wide-open spaces
  71. Holiday
  72. Beach (check out these palm tree captions)
  73. Under the sea
  74. Mountains
  75. Forest
  76. Savanna
  77. My Achilles Heel
  78. Making amends
  79. Today
  80. Sky fall
  81. Knitted together
  82. A happy memory
  83. Tragedy
  84. My favorite place
  85. The stranger
  86. Toxic
  87. Song lyrics
  88. A line from a poem
  89. A line from a novel
  90. Nectar
  91. Age
  92. Balance
  93. Habits
  94. Goals
  95. I wish…
  96. Dreams
  97. Light and Dark
  98. Opposites
  99. Fragments
  100. Sun
  101. Water
  102. Angel numbers… (check out 0909 angel number)

How do you use art journal prompts?

You can use them in whatever way suits you. The essential part of creating art and working in an art journal or creative journal is to have fun and play. Play is a lost art for adults, and we need to spend more time engaged in activities that allow us to have fun and create.

Many of these prompts are concrete objects you could draw or paint. However, it can be quite fun to use these concrete objects more as symbols of something else. For instance, you may use the prompt Recycle to create an art journal page about what emotions you are ‘recycling’ in your personal life. If you’re wondering how to manifest your dream house you can create a page about it using the prompt, House. You could even use a concrete object to represent something abstract – like drawing a tree to symbolize growth and progress in your life.

You can even find inspiration from your favorite music like songs about unrequited love!

Here are some ideas of how you can use them for your art journal pages…

  • As a starter for a mind map.
  • Use colors related to the prompt.
  • Repetitive use of the prompt (Create your own pattern).
  • Find 5 images related to the prompt.
  • Look for some well known quotes – like marriage quotes.
  • Find a picture of the prompt or take a photo and then annotate it.
  • Create a mixed-media collage with 7 images linked to the prompt idea.
  • Create an art journal page opposite to the meaning of the prompt.

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art journal prompts


I have created this art journal prompt list to hopefully inspire you and give you better direction in your art journaling process. In fact, this list can also be used for any art-making practice you are involved in, whether it’s visual art like your school Art Portfolio or your visual diary, dance, music, photography, or writing.  

My visual art students use these art prompts for a range of art mediums – watercolor painting, gouache painting, mixed-media, collage, charcoal drawing, printmaking, photography, and a range of other art-making techniques.

I hope these art journal prompts have given you some things to think about and explore. Wishing you lots of joy and play in your art-making process!

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