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The bat is a symbol of Halloween and the harvest season. If you’re looking for some spooky fun this year, then I have seven bat templates that are perfect for crafting with or as decoration in your home. These printables are available in pdf format to be printed on any printer and cut out at will!

Why are printable templates cool?

Printable templates are great for kids and adults alike because they can be printed on any printer, cut out at will or, transferred onto watercolor paper to be used as an outline for a painting!

I have included seven different printable bat templates saved in PDF format in A4 size – so they should be easy to print.

This means that you don’t have to mess with your printer settings. Quickly set the size you need to get your bat cutouts printable to the desired format.

Why are bats so awesome?

Bats are awesome because they’re nocturnal animals that eat bugs and pollinate flowers, but you can still find them in your backyard if you know where to look. They come out at night when it’s warmer, so they don’t need as much energy for flight!

The word “bat” comes from the Old English word ‘bate’, meaning flutter or beat with wings.

A bat can be found in most regions of North America, Europe, Asia, and even Australia!

Bats are nocturnal animals which means they only come out at night time. This is because they are a mammal and get most active at night when it’s cooler.

Bats eat bugs, plants, fruit, or nectar, depending on the species. They are also some of the only mammals capable of true flight (birds can’t do this).

To fly effectively, bats have very long fingers for catching prey and membranes on their wings to stretch like an umbrella.

The bat symbolizes Halloween and the harvest season, so these printables are perfect for crafting, school projects, home decorations, and more. Choose a bat cutout template below!

7 Free Printable Bat Templates

Large Vampire Bat Template

Large Vampire bat template

A large scary bat to add extra spookiness to your Halloween party or Halloween decor! This template is perfect to use on your entrance door.

Another cool idea is to print this out on cardstock and cut it out with scissors, hole punch, and attach it to string so that it hangs from a ceiling light fixture or across a doorway.

Medium Bat Template

medium Vampire bat template

These smaller bats are perfect for Halloween cards, decorations, or school projects! 

Cut out the template and use it as a stencil to trace onto construction paper to be used in art projects. This will provide hours of fun during the Fall season!

3 Vampire Bats Template

a printable template with three bats

A set of three small bats perfect for crafts or as a school assignment. 

Cut out the template and trace it onto construction paper to create your own bat project! This is an easy way to get in some extra art time!

6 Flying Bats Template

a template with the outline of 6 flying bats

A set of six bats that will create a fun and spooky scene in your home. This bat wing template printable is perfect for Halloween parties or decorating.

Print them on cardstock, cut out with scissors and hole punch to make them look like they’re flying around the room as part of your party decorations.

Large Cute Bat Template

a large cute bat template

This large cute bat can be used as a decoration for your party or in Fall decor around the home, school, and classroom.

You can also get the kids to decorate this as a fun Halloween Party activity, so they have something else to do than just bobbing for apples!

3 Cute Bats Template

3 cute bats template

These three bats are perfect for kids’ crafts or school projects. Cut out the template and trace it onto construction paper to create your own bat project!

These will be especially fun during the Fall season with all its pumpkin carving, leaf raking, etc., so they can help make their favorite part of Fall extra spooky too!

3 Upside Down Bats Printable Template

3 upside down bats

This set of three bats hanging upside down will really add a spooky touch to your Halloween decor.

What can you do with your printable bat templates?

All of these bat template printables can be used in your art journal, creative journal, junk journal, bullet journal (I love them all!).

Use them for crafting, school projects, décor, posters, bulletin boards, invitations, wedding stationery (hmmm… I won’t judge you if that’s your thing), birthday cards… and really anything your mind can conceive of!

Watercolor Brush Pen Bats

watercolor brush pen bat

I have used watercolor brush pens to create a tied-died bat effect using one of the bat templates above.

This is a fun and easy brush pen project that is great for both children and adults!

Watercolor brush pens are awesome for creating a watercolor effect for art and craft projects.

To help you out, I have put together these printable templates so that all you have to do is transfer the shape onto your watercolor paper and get on with the painting!

If you would like to try this out, you should transfer the bat template to watercolor paper. This is how…

How to Transfer the Bat Outline to Watercolor Paper

transfer bat to watercolor paper
  1. Print out your bat template on standard printer paper.
  2. Tape your printed template to a window with light behind it so that you can see the outline of the bat coming through.
  3. Using a soft lead pencil (2B, 4B, 6B, or 8B), trace over the printed outline of the bat that you can see through the paper. Do this quite firmly so that you have left enough lead on the surface to be transferred easily onto the watercolor paper.
  4. Place your printed bat template with the traced pencil outline face-down on your watercolor paper.
  5. Using your pencil once again, trace the printed bat outline so that the pencil line gets transferred to your watercolor paper.
  6. Voila! You have your transferred shape, and you don’t need to hand- draw it yourself!
  7. Now you can use your watercolor or watercolor brush pens and start your painting!
bat template printable pin

Other Ways to Use your Bat Template Printables

Halloween Décor or just plain spooky décor.

Print out the bat templates and stick them onto your front door, postbox, windows, or walls using Blu tack or masking tape.

Use the bat template for pumpkin carving.

Print out the bat template and trace it onto a pumpkin. Cut your shape from the pumpkin with a sharp knife, then use an ice cream scoop to remove all of the seeds inside before you carve! You can also use this as a bat drawing template.

Art Journaling.

Use your bat templates to document a spooky story as part of the background for an art journal page or even just to doodle on.


Create a spooky bat invitation using the templates above to announce your Halloween party! 

In this way, you can tell people what they should wear and how they will be able to find your home.

Coloring in.

You can use these bat templates to do a coloring-in activity, either for yourself or with kids!

If you want them to be something other than black and white, print the template on colored paper.

Create Stickers.

Create your own batty stickers by printing the bat template on sticker paper and cutting out the bat shapes.

You can then use these stickers for anything you like!

Use them as a fun way to label party favors, package up treats in gift bags or boxes, make place cards for your dinner table at Halloween and Christmas parties… the possibilities are endless with these printable templates!

Use them for decorating.

Print your bat templates out on the back of cardstock and use these as decorations for your Halloween party, or anywhere you like!

Print them on normal paper and cut them out for décor, embellishments, and other crafty projects!

Try printing them on texture paper or even tracing paper. You can really get some great effects!

bat template pin


If you’re looking for some fun, free templates to use at home or school as part of your crafting project, art project, Halloween decorating, or even in your art journal pages, then this is the blog post for you! 

Download a printable bat template and have a blast. These are all ready-to-print PDF files that can be downloaded right onto your computer, so they’ll always be there when you need them. 

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Happy art-making everyone!

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