How to Draw a Wreath in 7 Easy Steps!

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Hey there, budding artists and doodle enthusiasts! Do you smell that? That’s the scent of pine, cranberries, and a dash of holiday spirit swirling in the air. Yes, it’s that time of year again! But this year, we’re not just hanging wreaths; we’re drawing them, too!

If you’ve always wondered how to sketch a fabulous Christmas wreath but didn’t know where to start, we’ve got your back. In this blog post, we’re going to show you how to draw a gorgeous wreath in just 7 super easy steps. You heard it right – seven steps! From absolute beginners to those looking to polish their skills, this guide is the perfect fit for all. So grab your sketchpad and your favorite drawing tool – let’s unleash our inner Picassos and make some holiday magic!

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Drawing a wreath in 7 steps can be done in an hour or less with just some basic supplies.

What does a wreath symbolize?

A wreath is a circle or circular object usually made of branches woven together.

The reason for this is that it represents eternity, never-ending life, and the cycles of nature.

A Christmas wreath has become the tradition of hanging wreaths on people’s front doors during the holiday season.

The shape is usually round or circular but it can also be heart-shaped, star-shaped, and all other kinds of shapes depending on what you think looks best!

A Christmas wreath can be made out of any type of natural material like flowers, woods, pine cones, and greenery.

So how to draw a wreath? Here is my quick drawing guide…

How to Draw a Wreath Infographic

How to Draw a Wreath

Step 1

How to draw a wreath step 1

Start off by lightly drawing a circle in the middle of your page.

Step 2

how to draw a wreath step 2

Draw another 4 circles on the upper left side, and the lower right side of your circle.

These light circle sketches will be used to map out where you will draw your roses on your wreath.

Start adding simple leaves between the rose circles. Draw your leaves so that they are almond in shape with a pointed end and a tapering stem that meets the vine.

It’s a good idea to sketch your leaves so that they point in the same direction. This will help your wreath to appear more natural and give it a harmonious appearance.

Step 3

how to draw a wreath step 3

Draw leaves and vines along the outline of the circle.

Step 4

how to draw a wreath step 4

Complete the leafy area of the circle.

Step 5

how to draw a wreath step 5

Sketch in two rosebuds, one on the upper right-hand side, and one on the mid-left side of the wreath.

To draw a rosebud on your wreath you can sketch a shape very similar to the leaves you have been drawing. Make the body of the rosebud plump and “close” the end of the rosebud tip with a curved line.

Add lines on the rosebud to give the effect of petals and leaves curling around the rosebud.

Step 6

how to draw a wreath step 6

Sketch in the shapes of your first set of roses on your wreath.

To draw roses from a front-facing angle you need to think about how a rose looks from the top.

The first step is to give your roses a wide circular base so that it sits more securely on the wreath. Draw the petals by sketching a smooth curve that goes from just below the rosebud to just above the base of your rose.

Finish off by drawing a smaller line curving in slightly from each side towards the middle, and then sketch an o-shape in the center.

Step 7

how to draw a wreath step 7

Draw the two final roses on the top left-hand side.

Start off by mapping out the general shapes of the petals and then add detail and shading to the flowers.

Lastly, erase the pencil guidelines, and voila! Wreath Drawing complete!

How to Draw a Christmas Wreath

How to Draw a Christmas Wreath Infographic

Step 1

how to draw a Christmas wreath step 1

Start off by lightly drawing a circle in the middle of your page.

Step 2

How to draw a Christmas wreath step 2

Draw a selection of ivy leaves spread out around your wreaths circle.

The shape of an ivy leaf is very similar to the leaves you drew on your original wreath.

It curves inward at both ends and has a tapering stem that meets the vine, however, there are four sharp points on the midsection of an ivy leaf.

Step 3

How to draw a Christmas wreath step 3

Draw in the star shape of a poinsettia flower.

Step 4

How to draw a Christmas wreath step 4

Add in holly berries on the left and right-hand sides.

Step 5

Draw Pine needles into the spaces between your ivy leaves, the poinsettia flower, and the holly berries. This gives the Christmas wreath a full and dense appearance.

Step 6

How to draw a Christmas wreath step 6

Add a Christmas bow to the top of your Christmas Wreath.

Step 7

How to draw a Christmas wreath step 7

Sketch in your final poinsettia flower and then go over your drawing in a darker pencil or in pen.

How to Color your Wreath

There are several great ways to color your wreath so that it is a really effective drawing!

One of the easiest ways to color your wreath is by using colored pencils.

You can take a soft-color pencil, like green or red, and press down firmly on the paper so that you produce thick lines of color.

If you want to use marker pens then it’s best if they are alcohol-based markers as these are permanent and dry quickly.

This means that you won’t have any smudging problems that can be common with other types of markers.

Finish off by using a black pen to outline your wreath and add detail such as lines around the berries or around the edges of the flowers.

You can also use watercolors, acrylic paint, and airbrush paint with stencils to color in your Christmas wreath!

Drawing Supplies You Will Need:

If you are looking for another kind of Christmas Wreath Sketch or a Drawing of A Wreath here are some great examples…

Christmas Wreath Sketch Examples

christmas wreath sketch in color
drawing of a wreath in color
christmas wreath sketch


And there you have it, folks! You’ve just made your way through our fun and simple 7-step guide on how to draw a fantastic Christmas wreath. Pretty easy, right? Who knew you had such artistic prowess hiding up your sleeve? With a bit of practice, you’ll be whipping up these wreaths faster than Santa can say “Ho, ho, ho!”

Remember, the beauty of art lies in its uniqueness, so don’t shy away from adding your personal touch to your wreath. Want to throw in some poinsettias, or perhaps a sprinkle of snowflakes? Go for it! Your wreath, your rules.

We hope you enjoyed this fun little artistic adventure as much as we did. Keep practicing, keep creating, and most importantly, keep having fun. After all, the holiday season is all about joy, and what brings more joy than creating something beautiful? Until next time, keep those pencils moving and that creativity flowing. Happy drawing, friends!

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