A List of the Best Junk Journal Supplies for 2022

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Looking for ideas on junk journal supplies and where to find them?

If you have never made a junk journal you don’t know what you are missing!

This is a wonderfully creative and purposeful art project to take on where you can stretch your imagination using materials you never would have thought could be used for art purposes.

A junk journal can be a unique art book layered with meaning and interesting materials and can be used for a variety of different purposes.

As the old adage goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” And this is so true in junk journaling.

Things you may have previously thrown away, you now find immeasurable value in and can use them for your junk journal projects!

Junk Journaling has become a very popular art making process over the last while for so many reasons. What I like so much about it is that it is an ecofriendly art making option!

Sustainable living is something we really should be focusing on in every area of our lives – even in our creative pursuits and art making. And what better way to create sustainable art or ecofriendly art than by reusing our junk paper and objects to make something new with a purpose?

If you would like to find out more about what a Junk Journal is or how to make one you can read my article on Junk Journals 101.

So, you are ready to get started making your junk journal…

Table of Contents

  1. Looking for ideas on junk journal supplies and where to find them?
  2. Junk Journal Materials and What to Put in Your Junk Journal…
    1. Paper
      1. Old Books:
      2. Tickets & Slips:
      3. Doilies, cupcake paper holders, wax paper, or baking paper:
      4. Tracing paper and vellum:
      5. Newspaper or newsprint:
      6. Magazines:
      7. Museum or gallery flyers or pamphlets:
      8. Old photos:
      9. Printables:
    2. Embellishments
    3. Washi Tape
    4. Masking tape or other tape
    5. Distressed Oxide (and applicator)
    6. Use your imagination
  3. Junk Journal Tools
    1. Glue
    2. Paper Cutters
    3. Sewing Needles
    4. Waxed Thread
    5. Book Awl
    6. Book binding kit
    7. Junk Journal Kits
    8. Ephemera
  4. Where can I buy junk journal supplies?
    1. Check out my Digital Paper Collection HERE!
    2. These are my recommended online junk journal Etsy stores:
    3. Other Online Junk Journal Supplies
  5. Conclusion

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Here is my recommended list of junk journal supplies that you need to get started:

Junk Journal Materials and What to Put in Your Junk Journal…


You will need a variety of different paper to compose the signatures for your junk journal. You can buy patterned paper and you can also use paper scraps.

You can alter plain paper to make is interesting or give it a vintage feeling. Staining with tea or coffee, burning the pages, smoke staining and tearing are some of the ways to alter plain white paper for your junk journal.

Old Books:

Look through your bookshelves for old textbooks or books that have yellowed pages. Although it isn’t considered good practice to tear up books, if you have a textbook or a really old irreparable book then I wouldn’t feel too bad about tearing out pages for your junk journal.

You can also ask your local schools, libraries, and post offices if they have any old books and paper they will be recycling.

Tickets & Slips:

Look through your handbag and purse for till slips, plane, tickets, bus tickets, movie tickets, invoices, receipts, and other papers you may find in your bag (I know I tend to collect a lot of random paper stuff in my handbag and purse!)

Doilies, cupcake paper holders, wax paper, or baking paper:

Have a look through your kitchen cupboards to find other interesting papers to add to your collection.

Tracing paper and vellum:

It is lovely to have a mix of different papers within your junk journal. Vellum or transparent tracing paper adds a different consistency to the mix and often works really well with other patterned paper because it’s one color and is quite a subtle material.

Newspaper or newsprint:

Use coffee or tea to stain your newspaper and create a more vintage effect. You can also use plain newsprint and stamp patterns onto it.


It is always helpful to have a collection of magazines you can cut up and tear out of. You can cut out a whole page with interesting text or you can cut out single letters or pictures to add interesting images to your journal.

I have collected a lot of these through the years on my visits to art galleries. At every museum and gallery, there will be a leaflet of sorts that could make a lovely addition to your junk journal pages.

Old photos:

Its always fun to go through old photo albums and relive memories. Find random photos that you can cut up or photocopy to add to your collection.


These are essentially pages that you can download online and then print out on your own printer at home. This is especially helpful if you can’t get to the craft store.

If you enjoy designing and being creative on a PC or an iPad you can also use apps like Procreate to make your own ephemera or junk journal printables. The possibilities are endless and this makes it really exciting!


This can add another level of aesthetic interest to your junk journal. Go on a hunt to find charms, beads, tokens, hat pins, feathers, broaches, diamond dots, semi-precious stones, and other items to sew, stick or tie to your junk journal.

Washi Tape

You can do so much with washi tape! You definitely want to stock up on some different patterns, colors, and themes to create interesting edges, tape down images, and make tags.

Masking tape or other tape

It is always useful to have other tape lying around for taping down edges and other things. I find I use standard masking tape quite often because has a vintage quality to it being in a cream color.

Distressed Oxide (and applicator)

This is another item that will help you make your pages looked aged and more vintage. The Distressed ink comes in a range of color variations so you can choose one that fits in with your junk journal color scheme.

The blending tool helps you to easily and effectively apply the ink to your cover or the pages in your junk journal.

Use your imagination

Most importantly – anything goes. There are no rules about junk journaling. You do you! This is a great opportunity for you as an adult to play and use your creativity.

Enjoy exploring your environment to find unique and unusual materials to add to your junk journal supplies.

Junk Journal Supplies Online

Junk Journal Tools


There really are so many glue options out there so you want to choose a glue that is easy to work with and dries quite quickly – but not too quickly. This is so you can move paper around if need be. I would recommend using Elmers glue because it does all of the above and it also enables you to stick all sorts of materials together – fabric, wood, plastic and paper.

Paper Cutters

You can happily use a xacto knife and a steel ruler to cute your pages and other paper to the right size. I did this when I started off.

However, it is much easier using The Westcott CarboTitanium Rotary Trimmer.

This trimmer makes life a lot easier because you can cut up to 10 pages of 20gsm paper at once. I find it cuts beautifully and has a 38cm cut length which is more than enough space for books up to A4 size.

Sewing Needles

My best piece of advice here is to use a larger sewing needle that has a large eye. This will make it easier for you to thread with the waxed cotton.

If you use a larger needle you can also use it to puncture holes through your signatures and junk journal cover when binding your book (that is, if you are binding your book using a sewing technique).

Waxed Thread

This is the standard thread used in bookbinding because it is thicker and stronger than standard cotton. It also gives a nice finished effect to the spine of a book.

Book Awl

If you need to make holes through a particularly hardcover, I would recommend getting yourself a book awl. If your intention is to bind several books, then this is a good tool to invest in.

Book binding kit

If you don’t have needles, waxed thread, or an awl, it may be a good option to purchase a bookbinding kit to start you off. I bought this kit and it has a range of needle sizes, different color waxed thread, and a sturdy book awl.

Junk Journal Kits

If you are just starting out on your junk journaling journey, you can purchase a ready-made collection of junk journal supplies and materials. This is called a junk journal kit and it really helpful when you need some guidance in the beginning. You probably won’t use all the materials in your junk journal kit the first time round, and that is great because they will be added to your soon to be a huge collection of materials ?


Ephemera is essentially scraps of materials and paper that have a vintage feel to them. Ephemeral means that which is short lived and whimsical.

You can find your own ephemera at home and in your environment, but you can also purchase beautiful, thoughtful, ready-made ephemera that is made for the exact purpose of junk journaling.

Personally it has been so useful to be able to order packs of ephemera for my own junk journals. Some of the best ephemera I have purchased has come off Etsy. This particular range is beautiful:

Vintage Paper Craft Pack from Knittin Magic

So that leads me to the next question …

Where can I buy junk journal supplies?

Explore craft stores, thrift stores, flea markets and dollar/ pound stores in your area. These are great places to finding random bits of material and treasures for junk journaling.

You can also purchase a lot of junk journal supplies and materials online and I often use beautiful digital papers that I find. I have started creating my own digital papers to give Junk Journalists and Crafters more options…

Check out my Digital Paper Collection HERE!

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Thelittlejournalshop – Etsy

VintageJournalCo – Etsy

JensScrappyCreations – Etsy

Other Online Junk Journal Supplies

Expedition Ephemera Pack by Tim Holtz

Vintage Handmade Kraft Scrapbook Paper 30 Sheets by CATaireen

Vintage Washi Tape Set

Ranger Tim Holtz Distressed ink pads

Idull Scrapbooking Supplies Vintage Ephemera Card Stock


It is really fun hunting for junk journal supplies and materials for your first junk journal, but it can be frustrating when you can’t find enough of the right things. I hope my list above has given you some guidance on what to use and where to find it! Let me know if you have come across any other unique and creative junk journaling supplies or sources and Ill add them to my list!

Junk Journal Materials Strewn out on a table with the words overlaid Junk Journal Supplies

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