70+ Aesthetic Things to Draw: Creative Sketchbook Inspiration

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Are you searching for some aesthetic things to draw to fill the pages of your sketchbook with beauty and creativity? Look no further! We’ve curated a collection of over 70 aesthetic drawing ideas to spark your imagination and help you embark on a visual journey through art. Whether you’re in the mood for serene landscapes, chic fashion sketches, or captivating character designs, our list has something for every artist’s taste.

And for those who love the delicate intricacies of floral art, be sure to grab our free flower templates at the bottom of the page to kickstart your drawing adventure!

70+ Aesthetic Drawing Ideas for Your Sketchbook

All drawings below were created by the Artsydee team, and all the aesthetic photos are sourced from Canva.com. Use these artworks as sketchbook inspiration for when you’re bored or in need of some creative fuel!

Palm Trees

Aesthetic things to draw palm trees

Beach Scene

If you’re looking for aesthetic stuff or aesthetic things to paint easy, a beach scene is one of the most aesthetic drawings you can do 🙂 Draw the horizon line, the beach, and the waves, pop in a pencil sketch of a couple of palm trees, and voila! Draw aesthetic art in no time!

Aesthetic things to draw 2

Beach Ball

For a quick drawing idea, start drawing sketching this beach ball in pencil and color it using brush pens or markers!

Aesthetic things to draw beach ball 3


Aesthetic things to draw umbrella 4

Tropical Paradise

Drawing aesthetic things is easy if you use simple but beautiful reference images of aesthetic things.

Aesthetic things to draw beach 5

Fairy Forest

To draw this aesthetic scene, draw a horizon line and add vertical straight lines for the trees.

Vary the thickness of the tree trunks by having wider trunks towards the front and thinner tree trunks towards the back.

Aesthetic things to draw fairy forest 6

Fern Leaf

Aesthetic things to draw 7 fern

Hidden Railway Tracks

Aesthetic things to draw railway

Macaw Parrots

These macaw parrots make a cool aesthetic drawing that can be added to your wall art collection!

Aesthetic things to draw macaws 9


Aesthetic things to draw seagulls 10


Aesthetic things to draw 11

Peacock Feathers

Aesthetic things to draw 12 peacock feathers


Aesthetic things to draw feathers 13

Subdued Olive Leaves

Aesthetic things to draw 14


Aesthetic things to draw fox 15


Try some cute aesthetic drawings like this sweet hedgehog!

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Aesthetic things to draw hedgehog 16

Butterflies in Hands

Aesthetic things to draw 17


Aesthetic things to draw 18

Sunflower Still Life

Aesthetic things to draw 19

Shadows Through Curtains (aesthetic drawing ideas)

Aesthetic things to draw 20 dimly lit room


Aesthetic things to draw clouds 21

Blurred Picture

Aesthetic things to draw blurred 22

Bokeh Effect

Aesthetic things to draw bookeh 23

Shadows on Fabric

Aesthetic things to draw 24

A Sculptural Bust

A Country Scene



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Try out some aesthetic sketches of botanical subject matter!

Daisy Flower Drawing in pencil and pen

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Summer Drinks

Fall Leaves

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Aesthetic things to draw 31

Cup of Coffee

Pot Plant




Aesthetic things to draw

Moody Girl

Indoor Plant


The Mona Lisa

Drawing portraits is another way to explore famous art and have creative fun.

A Leaning Woman

Aesthetic things to draw (6)

Female Figure Studies




Aesthetic things to draw (10)
Rabbit: Aesthetic drawing ideas (Easy & Cute)







A fun idea is to draw a mystical creature, like a mermaid or magical cartoon character.

Aesthetic things to draw (16)

Siren (or mermaid)


Sketching a simple drawing of a hat in your bullet journal is a quick and easy way to add character to your pages!

Perfume Bottles

Blueberries in a Basket


Aesthetic things to draw (21)

Vintage Cars



Essential Supplies for Aesthetic Drawings

Creating aesthetic drawings isn’t just about skill—it’s also about having the right tools. Here’s a list of art supplies that can help you achieve beautiful results in your artwork:

*This page may contain affiliate links to products I have used or recommend. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.**

  • Sketchbook: A good sketchbook with quality paper is crucial for the foundation of your drawing journey. It’s great for experimenting with different mediums and techniques.
  • Ohuhu Markers: These markers are known for their vibrant colors and blendability. They are perfect for adding pops of color and smooth gradients to your drawings.
  • Pitt Pens: Pitt Pens, with their fine tips and India ink, are excellent for precise line work and adding depth with various shades.
  • PrismaColor Pencils: These colored pencils are artist favorites for their rich pigments and smooth blending capabilities, ideal for detailed work and layering colors.
  • Paint Pens: Paint pens offer the vividness of paint with the convenience of a pen, great for adding highlights and bold lines to your drawings.
  • Gel Pens: Gel pens come in various colors and effects, including metallic and glitter, perfect for adding finishing touches and embellishments.
  • Drawing Pencils: A set of quality drawing pencils in various grades is essential for sketching, shading, and creating value in your drawings. They allow for precision and the ability to build tone from light to dark.
aesthetic things to draw

Understanding Aesthetic Drawing

Aesthetics is often considered the study of beauty, but it can also be used to describe a specific approach to art. Aesthetic drawing is an art form that emphasizes beauty and visual appeal, focusing on creating works pleasing to the senses. It’s not just about replicating what you see; it’s about capturing the essence of your subject in a way that resonates emotionally with the viewer. Aesthetic art can take many forms, from realistic portrayals to abstract interpretations, but at its core, it seeks to evoke a sense of wonder and appreciation.

When we talk about aesthetic drawing ideas, we’re referring to concepts with a certain charm or elegance that makes them stand out. These can include various subjects, such as serene natural scenes, stylish portraits, dreamy celestial bodies, or anything that harmoniously and beautifully balances form and color.

Incorporating aesthetic elements into your drawings can transform simple sketches into captivating art pieces. It’s about the thoughtful use of composition, the delicate play of light and shadow, and the careful selection of details that create a cohesive and attractive piece together. Check out our 31 Ways to Find Unique Drawing Ideas.

aesthetic things to draw

How to Make Your Drawings Look Aesthetic: A Simple Guide

Creating aesthetic drawings is about more than just technical skill; it’s about infusing your artwork with a sense of beauty and harmony.

Here’s a straightforward guide to help you enhance the aesthetic appeal of your drawings:

  1. Choose Your Subject Wisely
    Select a subject that speaks to you and that you find beautiful or intriguing. This could be anything from a still-life arrangement to a scene from nature or an interesting face.
  2. Focus on Composition
    Arrange the elements in your drawing to create a balanced and pleasing composition. Use techniques like the Rule of Thirds to guide the viewer’s eye through the artwork.
  3. Play with Light and Shadow
    Use contrast to your advantage by incorporating a range of tones from light to dark. This adds depth and dimension to your drawing, making it more dynamic and visually interesting.
  4. Incorporate Line Quality
    Vary the thickness and texture of your lines to convey different weights and movements. This can add a level of sophistication and character to your drawings.
  5. Experiment with Color
    If you’re working in color, choose a palette that complements your subject. Consider using analogous colors for harmony or complementary colors for a vibrant contrast.
  6. Add Details Thoughtfully
    Details can make a drawing more aesthetic, but too many can clutter the composition. Add details selectively to enhance the artwork without overwhelming it.
  7. Practice Proportion and Perspective
    Ensure that your proportions and perspective are accurate to maintain a sense of realism, which is often a key component of aesthetic drawings.
  8. Refine Your Technique
    Continue to practice and refine your drawing techniques. Smooth shading, consistent linework, and controlled mark-making all contribute to the overall beauty of your piece.
  9. Seek Inspiration
    Look at artwork you find aesthetically pleasing and analyze what makes it work. Try to incorporate those elements into your own drawings.
  10. Embrace Your Style
    Your unique style is what will ultimately make your drawings aesthetic in a way that’s personal to you. Embrace and develop your style with each piece you create.

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