Spark Creativity with 20 Nature Drawing Ideas: Unleash the Magic of Art in the Natural World

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Hey there! As someone who loves nature, I always find inspiration in the breathtaking beauty of the world around me. Drawing scenes from nature not only helps me connect with the outdoors but also lets me express my creativity and improve my artistic skills.


A List of 20 Different Nature Drawing Ideas for Kids & Adults

Here’s a list of 20 different drawing ideas that can challenge and foster creativity using the natural world as inspiration.


Nature Drawing Ideas_ Seascapes
Seascape in Pencil

I love starting with beautiful beach scenes, complete with waves, seagulls, and sand dunes.

Sunset over the mountains

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Sunset over Mountains
Sunset Over Mountains in Color Pencil

A colorful sunset with mountains in the background is always breathtaking.

Lakes and ponds

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Lakes
Pencil Sketch of a Lake

Combining reflections, lily pads, and aquatic plants can make a relaxing scene.

Forest Path

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Forest Paths
Forest Path in Color Pencil and Pen

Creating a drawing of a forest path surrounded by tall trees and shrubs sparks the imagination.

Wildflower fields

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Wildflowers
Wildflowers in Color Pencil

Depicting a field full of colorful wildflowers and buzzing bees can be a cheerful and vivid scene.

Rocky cliffs

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Rocky Cliffs
Rocky Cliffs in Pencil

Bold, textured cliffs overlooking the water create dramatic landscapes.

Desert landscapes

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Desert Landscapes
Desert Landscape in Color Pencil

Cacti, tumbleweeds, and expansive sand dunes bring the arid desert to life.

Tropical Island

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Tropical Scenery
Tropical Island in Pen & Watercolor

My mind drifts to warm, tranquil beaches with palm trees, clear water, and a vibrant coral reef.


Nature Drawing Ideas_ Rainforest Scene

Capture the lush foliage, diverse wildlife, and even the occasional waterfall in a dense rainforest.

Rolling hills

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Rolling Hills
Rolling Hills in Graphite

Idyllic scenes of rolling hills with scattered trees and grazing animals are classic and peaceful.

Rivers and Streams

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Rivers
River Drawing in Color Pencil

Flowing water, whether a gentle stream or a rushing river, offers endless possibilities for dynamic landscape drawings.

Snowy landscapes

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Snowy Scene
Snowy Scenes in Color Pencil

A snow-covered scene with pine trees, frozen ground, and ice formations has a quiet beauty.

City parks

Nature Drawing Ideas_ City Park
City Park Drawing in Pen & Ink

Integrating man-made structures with the natural environment can add an interesting architectural element to a drawing.


Nature Drawing Ideas_ Garden Scene
Pretty Garden Drawing in Pencil

Blooming flowers, pathways, and decorative ornaments have a calming and inspiring appeal.

Swamps and marshes

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Swamp Scene
Swamp Drawing in Watercolor and Color Pencil

Create eerie scenes of swampy marshlands with Spanish moss and croaking frogs.

Sunrise on a farm

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Sunrise Over a Farm
Sunrise Drawing in Color Pencil & Watercolor

A peaceful sunrise over a farm with animals, fields, and barns is a timeless and sentimental drawing idea.

Autumn leaf piles

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves in Color Pencil

The vibrant colors of fallen leaves and the feeling of crisp autumn air are perfect for a cozy drawing session.

Underwater scenes

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Underwater Scene
Underwater Scene in Watercolor

Draw a fantastical underwater world teeming with fish, plants, and coral reefs.

Volcanic landscapes

Nature Drawing Ideas_ Volcanic Landcsape
Volcanic Landscapes

A unique and powerful drawing idea would be a volcano as it erupts, creating magma, smoke, and ash clouds.


Nature Drawing Ideas_ Night Scapes
Night Scapes in Pen & Wash

An atmospheric nightscape with moon glow, stars, and silhouettes of trees or mountain ranges can be mysterious and enchanting.

Exploring Different Elements of Nature

One of the best ways to find inspiration for nature drawing ideas is by exploring various elements of nature. Nature encompasses a vast array of subjects that can spark your creativity, like trees, leaves, flowers, rocks, and even landscapes.

Trees are an excellent starting point, as they offer diverse shapes and sizes, from towering giants to small saplings.

Leaves can be particularly inspiring in terms of texture, colors, and patterns, providing endless possibilities for drawings or paintings.

Flowers are another beautiful source of inspiration, with their vivid hues, unique shapes, and intricate details.

Rocks can be interesting subjects too, showcasing a wide array of textures and formations.

Observing Nature Through the Seasons

One of the easiest ways to find creative inspiration is by observing how nature transforms throughout the year.

Just think about how the seasons can drastically change a tree, its leaves, or its environment, offering unique perspectives and captivating visuals.

  • Spring: During this time, you’ll notice budding flowers, fresh green leaves, and vibrant colors that signify the renewal of life.
  • Summer: In this season, you’ll experience lush trees, a bright sun, and warm, saturated colors that can inspire lively, high-energy drawings or paintings.
  • Autumn: As the season changes, the leaves provide a stunning palette of oranges, reds, and yellows amid the crisp, cool air, making autumn landscapes a popular subject for artists.
  • Winter: Even the cold, snowy days can serve as an inspiration for capturing the beauty of frosted trees, snowy parked landscapes, or ice-covered rivers.

Nature Drawing Ideas: Essential Supplies

As an artist and art teacher, here are my tips on choosing the right medium.

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Choosing the Right Medium

There are several mediums to choose from when it comes to nature drawing. Each medium has unique properties, and selecting the right one for your drawing depends on your preferences and the outcome you’re looking to achieve. Here are some popular choices:

  • Pencil: Graphite pencils are a classic choice for nature drawings. With varying grades of hardness, you have the flexibility to create different shades and textures.
  • Charcoal: Charcoal is a versatile medium, allowing you to create deep, rich blacks and smooth tonal transitions. Great for dramatically capturing the essence of nature.
  • Pen and Ink: For those who appreciate precision and sharp, clean lines, pen and ink is an excellent choice. You can create intricate nature illustrations with various nibs and ink colors.
  • Colors: If adding colors to your nature drawings is your passion, consider using watercolors, colored pencils, or pastels. Each medium provides different levels of vibrancy and blending capabilities.


Looking for easy drawing ideas? Grab your pencil and let’s sketch some nature scenery together! One fantastic idea is to draw beautiful flowers blooming in a nature-themed setting. You can use colored pencils to make your artwork vibrant and full of life. And hey, don’t forget to sketch your friends too! Drawing their smiling faces amidst the nature-inspired backdrop will create wonderful memories. Get ready to unleash your creativity with these awesome nature drawing ideas and have a blast sketching with your pals!

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