The Ultimate List of 50 Fun Things to Draw When Bored!

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50 Fun Things to Draw When Bored!

Need something to create meaning in the mundane routine of daily life? Get yourself a sketchbook, and browse my list of drawing prompts for fun things to draw when bored.

Table of Contents

  1. 50 Fun Things to Draw When Bored!
    1. How do you start drawing?
  2. 50 Things to Draw When Bored
    1. Leafy, organic patterns in a fox face.
    2. Deer Face
    3. Mouse Drawing in Pencil
    4. Emotion’s Doodle Character
    5. Skulls
    6. Sweet Treats
    7. Cookies
    8. Cupcakes
    9. Zentangle Heart
    10. Moon  Zentangle Mandala
    11. Zentangle Cat
    12. Happy Penguin Drawing
    13. Tiger Cubs Illustration
    14. Draw a Black and White Cat
    15. Draw a Siamese Cat
    16. Draw a Ginger Cat Basking in the Sun
    17. Draw a Cat in Pencil & Watercolor
    18. Draw a Bulldog
    19. Draw a Basset Hound
    20. Draw Tadpoles in Pen
    21. Draw a Still-life
    22. Draw Wild Flowers
    23. Draw Poppies as a Line Drawing
    24. Draw a Cactus in Colored Pencil
    25. Sketch a Rose in Pencil
    26. Draw a Leaf
    27. Draw a Seashell
    28. Sketch a Periwinkle
    29. Draw a Cartoon Octopus
    30. Sketch a Tree on Blue Paper
    31. Sketch a Ship at Sea in Blue Ball Point Pen
    32. Sketch Emojis
    33. Sketch The Lady & The Tramp in Colored Pencil
    34. IceCRAD Cones!
    35. Sketch a Young Girls Face
    36. Beetles in Colored Pencil
    37. Beetle with Rain Drops
    38. Sketch Magical Buildings in Colored Pencil
    39. Colored Pencil Drawing of A Train
    40. Sketch a Mans Face in Colored Pencil
    41. Drawing Eyes in Pencil
    42. Draw a Dragons Head
    43. Sketch an Urban Landscape
    44. Draw a Beautiful Butterfly
    45. Sketch Some Cute Characters
    46. Sketch a Flower Crown
    47. Draw a Parrot in Pen
    48. Draw A Plant on Black Paper with White Gel Pen
    49. Draw a White Charcoal Hand on Black Paper
    50. Draw a Sunset Beach Scene
  3. Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials
  4. Here is a list of my recommended drawing materials:
  5. Conclusion

Drawing is something that everyone at every level should do. It is one of the best ways to express your feelings, thoughts, and memories. Each of us needs a safe space where we can create art without feeling judged – even by our own inner critic!

In fact, our own inner critic is the worst critic!

You need to allow yourself to draw for the pure enjoyment of putting pen (or other medium) to paper and exploring the process of mark-making and how it feels.

Don’t give up because the end result is not what you expected it to be. You have to push through the fear of failure and realize that making art is so much more than doing a perfect artwork.

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Drawing skills are something that develop when you practice them. It is a good idea to try out sketching subjects that are easy to draw and things you find fun as you learn to draw!

How do you start drawing?

Do you sometimes feel that drawing is difficult or seem to be getting worse at drawing as time passes? I recommend drawing things that are easy for beginners! Then, your drawing skills will definitely improve and your drawing confidence will grow.

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In fact, exploring things that are easy for beginners is a way to learn how to draw!

How do you know what drawing ideas (subjects) are good for drawing?

What can you draw easily that will improve your drawing skills and give encouragement when you get stuck in drawing hard subjects?

In order to learn to draw, I recommend finding fun drawing subjects and drawing them like these Drawing Ideas for Adults.

The drawing skills you learn in drawing lessons will make drawing a range of subject matter far easier. Drawing and sketching your favorite anime or manga characters can be really fun – exploring drawing techniques used by professional artists like character designer Shingo Adachi can also be useful! Also try these Texture Drawing Examples to add visual interest and depth to your art.

Boredom is a funny thing. We spend most of our lives looking for quiet spaces to just do what we want to do, and then suddenly when we have lots of space and time, we feel like something is missing. However, there are so many things to do when you’re stuck at home!

I truly believe boredom is rather a lack of purpose, or the desire to do something meaningful. It is so important that we embrace that creative craving and make something…and drawing is one of the best ways to do that!

When you find yourself wondering what stuff to draw, especially when you’re bored, there are countless ideas that can ignite your creativity and get your creative juices flowing. For instance, you can start by sketching cute doodle art or exploring various art stuff to draw, like a charming caterpillar drawing.

With just a few minutes to spare, you can create easy drawings that showcase your artistic talent, such as cartoon characters or other cute things. Doodling simple designs can help combat boredom while allowing your imagination to flourish, so the next time you’re unsure what to draw when you’re bored, remember that there’s a world of inspiration waiting to be tapped into.

In my list of things to draw when bored, I have included both easy to draw and more challenging subject matter for you to choose from.

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50 Things to Draw When Bored

Leafy, organic patterns in a fox face.

This is a great way to create an interesting piece of art! Sketch the outline of the animal’s head and then fill it with geometric and organic shapes. I would suggest starting your drawing in pencil and then going over the lines in pen.

zentangle fox face

Deer Face

Here is another example of an animal face with a pattern inside. It has been drawn in pen and if you like you can color in the shapes after you have finished the drawing.

Deer Face Zentangle Line Drawing

Mouse Drawing in Pencil

This is one of many gorgeous little animal sketches done by rabbit-rivulet on Instagram. The artist has used delicate pencil lines and accurate shapes which really give us a sense of this little creature’s sweet character!

Mouse Drawing by rabbit-rivulet
by Rabbit-Rivulet

Emotion’s Doodle Character

Perhaps you are not feeling brave enough to tackle a more complex drawing, and you want to do a simple drawing that expresses how you feel. This is a fun drawing to do because you can change up the facial expressions and add color to the drawing if you like!

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This also makes a great little doodle for your bujo, art journal or sketchbook!

Emotions doodle


If you want to learn how to draw skulls then it is a really good idea to visit your local museum and draw from observation. Practicing skull drawing definitely improves your drawing skills! Check out my article on skull drawing reference.

skull drawing

Sweet Treats

colored doodles of sweets and icecream


Another one of the sweet treat drawing ideas! This will certainly get your appetite going – and it’s easy to draw.

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colored cookie drawing


A cupcake is one of the easy things to draw and it helpful to try out as you learn to draw the basic. First, draw the geometric shapes (circles and squares) and then add details to make it look like a cupcake! This drawing is so cute – do you want to eat one?

pink cupcakes with roses on top

Zentangle Heart

Drawing a Zentangle is a lot of fun and is very therapeutic! It’s easy to float away to another world while you are drawing your patterns. It is also one of the easiest things to draw!

If you’re wondering how to start drawing, you can have a focus shape for your Zentangle design, and then you can fill up space around the shape with Zentangle patterns and lines. This is definitely one of the best things to draw when bored because you don’t have to plan it out too much beforehand! Zentangles are cool things to draw and you can come up with some great drawing ideas of your own for them!

zentangle heart

Moon Zentangle Mandala

This beautiful Zentangle drawing was carefully drawn by Paridhi Jawandhiya. The use of black pen with white highlights really makes this design pop! Have a look at some of her other work – she has some amazing drawing ideas!

Moon zentangle mandala

Zentangle Cat

Happy Penguin Drawing

This sweet little happy penguin is by Farbe and Fabeln – one of the cutest drawing ideas!

happy penguin drawing in black charcoal and white crayon

Tiger Cubs Illustration

By dee_for_drawing

These tiger cubs are certainly not easy to draw. The artist has some serious skill. Practising sketching in this style will definitely improve your drawing skills!

Tiger Cubs Drawing

Draw a Black and White Cat

If you know me, then you know I HAD to include cats into this list! I am a huge animal person and my two cats are my fur children ?

Yes cats are not easy things to draw (or easy animals to draw rather). They have their own unique personalities and characteristics!

Black and white cat

Draw a Siamese Cat

Siamese Cat sitting on a table

Draw a Ginger Cat Basking in the Sun

Ginger cat napping in the sun

Draw a Cat in Pencil & Watercolor

Cat painted in watercolor

Draw a Bulldog

bulldog look directly at camera

Draw a Basset Hound

Photo of a sitting basset hound

Draw Tadpoles in Pen

pen drawing of tadpoles

Draw a Still-life

A still-life is a great way to test out different shading techniques and mark making because you are sketching a collection of different objects!

Explore your environment and collect inanimate objects to arrange into a composition. In this still-life, the artist has mostly drawn fruit but you could use anything from shoes, to bottles to stuffed toys!

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still-life drawing in pencil with dragon fruit

Draw Wild Flowers

Go outside in your garden, or to the park and pick some wildflowers. Wildflowers can make wonderful subject matter for line drawings like the ones in the image below.

pen line drawings of wild flowers

Draw Poppies as a Line Drawing

pen line drawing of 3 poppies

Draw a Cactus in Colored Pencil

cactus drawing in colored pencil

Sketch a Rose in Pencil

pencil drawing of a rose in a vase

Draw a Leaf

an autumn maple leaf

Draw a Seashell

a conch shell sea shell

Sketch a Periwinkle

a pencil drawing of a periwinkle flower

Draw a Cartoon Octopus

cartoon octopus drawing

Sketch a Tree on Blue Paper

blue tree drawing on blue paper

Sketch a Ship at Sea in Blue Ball Point Pen

drawing of a ship in blue ball point pen

Sketch Emojis

Sketch The Lady & The Tramp in Colored Pencil

This is definitely one of my all-time favorite Disney movies! It can be so much fun redrawing some of your favorite Disney characters (even if you’re only a kid on the inside ?).

IceCRAD Cones!

These awesome cones are drawings done by tattoo artist CadeCran. Check out more of his awesome designs here.

Icecrad cones
by CadeCran

Sketch a Young Girls Face

This beautiful sketch was done in pencil by Juliet.

Beetles in Colored Pencil

These jewel-like beetles were drawn by Sallyann at Biophilicart – definitely go and check out her other incredible drawings!

two shiny beetles drawn in colored pencil
by Sallyann at biophilicart

Beetle with Rain Drops

Here is another gorgeous beetle of hers with rain drops on his back – drawn with colored pencil. This is one of the most satisfying pictures to draw when bored.

drawing of a wet beetle in purples and pinks
by Sallyann at biophilicart

Sketch Magical Buildings in Colored Pencil

Colored Pencil Drawing of A Train

colored pencil drawing of a train on train tracks
by Kavalenkavart

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Sketch a Mans Face in Colored Pencil

This superb colored pencil portrait was done by Sophie Galliers.

Drawing Eyes in Pencil

Draw a Dragons Head

charcoal sketch of a dragons head

Sketch an Urban Landscape

Perspective drawing of an urban scene in pencil

Draw a Beautiful Butterfly

Take a photo of a beautiful butterfly if you’re looking for realistic things to draw!

butterfly on grass

Sketch Some Cute Characters

cute colored character drawings

Sketch a Flower Crown

ladies face with flower crown drawing

Draw a Parrot in Pen

pen drawing of a parrots head
by Dee

Draw A Plant on Black Paper with White Gel Pen

Drawing a plant on black with white gel pen
by Dee

Draw a White Charcoal Hand on Black Paper

white charcoal hand drawing on black paper
by Dee

Draw a Sunset Beach Scene

A great idea is to draw your image and then fill in the color using watercolor washes. You can use a permanent pen to draw before or after painting your watercolor washes.

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sunset beach scene with palm trees on the right hand side

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Step-by-Step Drawing Tutorials

[How to Draw a Daisy]

[How to Draw a Hibiscus]

[How to on Black Paper]

[How to Draw a Lily]

[How to Draw a Lotus Flower]

So once you have decided on what to draw, you need to make sure you have the right equipment!

  • 2B, 4B, 6B Lead Pencils
  • Micron Pens
  • Faber Castell Pitt Pens
  • Sketchbook
  • Good quality Paper
  • Kneadable Eraser
  • Easy to use Eraser
  • Gel Pens (White for Black Paper)
  • Gel Pens Multicolor
  • Colored Pencils
  • Copic Markers
drawing of tadpoles in a circle with the words 50 fun things to draw when you're bored


I hope that you decide to bookmark this page for those moments when you feel like you need some creative inspiration and some ideas for things to draw when bored! If your looking for more fun things to do when you’re bored, check out this free Memorial Day word search.

Drawing is such a fun and relaxing activity and once you start the habit you may just uncover something you have been missing all along!

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