35 Procreate Shapes for Beautiful Design

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procreate shapes

Add an artistic flair to any project with these 35 Beautiful Procreate Shapes. From circles, triangles, and stars to intricate designs and abstract images, this digital download provides a range of shapes that you can easily import into Procreate.

Enjoy a variety of font styles, line weights, and detailed imagery that you can use to create dynamic designs and exciting projects. Get creative in your artwork with these Artsydee hand-drawn stamps 😉

Check out these 35 Procreate Shapes


Take your artwork to the next level with these 35 Beautifully hand-drawn Shape Stamps for Procreate! These digital downloads provide you with a range of shapes, fonts, line weights, and detailed imagery that can be used to create dynamic designs and exciting projects.

Combining these stamps with your original ideas will make for stunning art pieces that captivate any viewer. Whether you’re making posters, cards, or even logos, these stamps will provide the perfect finishing touch – explore them today and start creating.

Check out more Procreate Stamps and Brushes HERE.

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