Looking for a Sketchbook for Markers? 13 Awesome Sketchbooks for Marker Art

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If you’re looking for the best sketchbook for markers, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what to look for before you buy a sketchbook and recommend 13 of our favorite sketchbooks for artists who use markers.

Each sketchbook has been chosen based on its paper quality, bleed-through resistance, and other features that are important to artists who use markers. So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect sketchbook in our list!


The 13 Best Sketchbooks for Markers

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If you love coloring with markers, you need to get your hands on one of the best sketchbooks for markers.

Whether you’re a professional artist or just starting in the art world, these sketchbooks will give your artwork the same level of quality that experienced artists have come to expect.

Copic Wirebound Marker Sketchbook – 12″ x 9″

Copic Wirebound Marker Sketchbook - 7

The Copic Wirebound Marker Sketchbook is a must-have for any aspiring artist who loves to work with markers.

Not only does it contain 30 sheets of medium-weight paper that’s card-stock thick, but its lightly off-white hue creates the perfect backdrop for your markers to show off their true colors.

Beyond just being good to look at, this sketchbook is also super versatile; its uncoated finish allows you to create special effects and smooth blending – like magic!

All in all, the Copic Wirebound Marker Sketchbook is an amazing companion for drawing manga and illustrations.

EBIVEN Art Marker Paper Pad

The EBIVEN Art Marker Paper Pad is a fantastic choice for any budding artist looking for expression through markers.

This pad features 60 sheets of hardcover sketchbook paper, with each page boasting 120GSM (73LB) of smooth, flat surface to prevent bleeding and smudging while giving you the best possible results!

The pages are pre-perforated with dotted lines, held together in a spiral-bound sketchbook, so after every page, you can tear it away without damaging the adjoining pages – perfect for taking your art on the go!

With this art marker paper pad, you’ll be able to channel your creativity and produce marvelous marker art.

Bee Creative Marker Book

Bee Creative Marker Book - 11

These Bee Creative Marker Books make marker artwork even more special.

They have black chipboard covers that you can decorate however you please, providing a personalized touch to your artist journal.

Plus the paper within is perfect for detail work – ultra-smooth and suitable for all types of markers, pens and permanent markers.

What’s more, the double wire binding ensures that your sheet won’t restrict even your most expansive art.

Not to mention, enjoy peace of mind with the extra heavyweight recycled front and back covers forming a stable base for when you’re on the go!

Canson The Wall Sketchbook

Canson The WALL Sketchbook - 8.26

This is the ultimate sketchbook for marker art, no matter what your medium!

Not only does Canson’s The WALL provide super sturdy 100% opaque, extra white pages that are guaranteed to resist bleedthrough, but those 30 sheets become an awesome 60 surfaces you can work with when you use both sides.

Plus, each page has a special barrier material in it so you don’t get marker leaking through — that’s a real sanity-saver.

Nothing beats this premium French-made paper for marker art; it has no optical brighteners in its production, so your colors stay vibrant and true to life every time.

Square 5×5″ Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad

The Square 5×5″ Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad is great for marker art! It’s super portable at just 5.2×5.2 inches and comes with 88 sheets (176 pages) of 67 pound (110 gsm) marker drawing paper.

Each sheet features a double-sided texture so you can explore your professional or beginner creativity with every project.

Plus, the smooth surface prevents bleeding, smudging and feathering for clean artwork, making it ideal for any type of marker art from sketch to stipple to manga art and more!

With its hardcover sketchbook design, it makes creating marker art a breeze!

Mixed Media Pad, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 60 Sheets

Every artist’s dream is to have a sketchbook that is perfect for wet and dry media.

This 5.5”x8.5” Mixed Media Pad offers endless possibilities!

With its 360° spiral-bound twin wire loop binding, you can easily flip back and work one piece at a time with ease.

And be sure to enjoy colors that will remain true over time as the 110lb acid-free paper prevents hue deterioration.

Frame your masterpiece easily when done, as this pad also has micro-perforated ready-to-tear true-to-size pages. 

Bianyo Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad

The Bianyo Bleedproof Marker Paper Pad is the perfect choice for marking enthusiasts who want a reliable paper base for their creation.

Whether your art style requires intricate details or bold statements, this marker pad allows you to make all that is possible.

With a specifically coated backside, there won’t be any dripping of colors through the ultra-smooth, acid-free, and pH-neutral paper.

Additionally, you can trust that each shade will come out strong due to the top layer on which the ink lies.

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You’ll be able to get creative with dual sides of one design thanks to the fold-over manufacturing and 18lb/70gsm weight of each sheet.

Mixed Media Pad, 11″ x 14″, 60 Sheets – Pack of 2

If you’re an artist constantly on the go, then this is the perfect pad for you!

These mixed media pads are spiral-bound, so you can easily work on one piece at a time without having to worry about flipping through a whole bunch of sheets.

The micro-perforated pages make it so easy to tear out true-to-size pieces and frame them when you’re done.

Plus, the acid-free paper ensures that your art won’t fade over time and encourages vivid colors that will last.

Watercolor Book, Beige Hardcover, 5.5″ x 5.5″, 88 Pages

The beige hardcover Watercolor Book is the ideal art journal for all your marker art dreams.

With a simple, neutral design, this 3-pack allows you to enjoy 44 dual-sided sheets of 110lb cold-pressed art paper.

The natural linen book cover has stylish rounded corners and a durable hardbound finish making it perfect for travelers.

Tumuarta Marker Paper SketchBook

The Tumuarta Marker Paper Sketchbook is a portable art journal that is an ideal choice for artists to create beautiful marker art.

It’s equipped with non-bleeding marker paper, which makes it second to none in its performance when used with alcohol markers, graphic markers, ink, or pigment markers.

Moreover, the extra white paper gives the artwork a vivid and colorful finish, perfect for those tracing and outline work.

And best of all, the acid-free coated paper keeps artwork vibrant over time without turning yellow or lightening, ensuring that your masterpiece stands the test of time!

Additionally, its hardbound journal on-the-go design is both sturdy and durable yet also lightweight; it provides an excellent support system as you work so you can paint and draw comfortably wherever you go.

Art-n-Fly Marker Paper Sketchpad

The Art-n-Fly Marker Paper Sketchpad is the perfect choice for any artist looking to get creative with markers and pens.

This pad features 60 sheets of 9”x12” 90 GSM translucent anti-bleed paper, allowing for smooth, no-bleed drawing with any marker drawing supplies you have.

The perforated edge makes it easy to remove the pages cleanly so you can frame your artwork or give it to friends as gifts.

Castle Art Supplies Premium Sketch Book 9in x 12in

The Castle Art Supplies Premium Sketchbook is made to make it easy.

With 100 strong and smooth sheets perfectly bound in stout covers, you can quickly flip through your ideas and remove finished drawings for display.

The quality of the paper won’t fade or smudge, so your artwork stands the test of time.

On top of that, the texture of the paper will grip dry media like pencils, charcoal, pastels, and more, so you can create whatever art piece you have in mind!

What’s more, is that each sketchbook comes with a 5-step tutorial to help build your drawing skills as you go. In short – this sketchbook has just about everything an artist needs.

WA Portman A4 Bleedproof Marker Paper Journal

WA Portman’s A4 bleed proof marker paper is perfect for modern artist looking to create their next masterpiece.

With its specially coated bleed-proof art paper, you can be sure that your artwork won’t be ruined by seeping inks or smudging when dry.

And if you’re up for an adventure, this marker pad is great for art on the go.

Its sleek black cover, water-resistant finish, and an elastic band closure and pen/marker loop mean your creation will travel with you safely.


What to look for When Buying Sketchbooks for Markers?

When looking for a sketchbook suitable for markers, there are a few key features to look for.

Firstly, you’ll want to ensure that your sketchbook paper is preferably marker friendly – you don’t want your colors or lines to bleed or smear on the page.

Secondly, double-check whether the book comes with acid and lignin-free paper; this will help protect your artwork and make sure it preserves its vibrancy even over time.

Thirdly, consider whether you want a lay-flat sketchbook. This means the sketchbook lays flat and usually has spiral binding. This is helpful because you can easily work on your art without holding the sketchbook flat!

Finally, don’t forget to check if the sketchbook is a good size for your marker art (most sketchbooks come in sizes A5 and larger.)

Now that you know what to look for in a sketchbook suitable for markers let’s take a look at

Finally, do some comparisons between different sizes and amounts of pages so you can be absolutely sure that you have everything needed to get drawing!

What is non-bleed paper?

For artists who love to use markers, non-bleed paper is a must-have if you want to keep your artwork looking professional and crisp!

Non-bleed paper prevents colors from seeping through the page, ensuring bright and vibrant hues look cleaner and more defined.

It’s especially great for preventing smudging when using water-based markers, as well as keeping tracing lines invisible.

Plus, you don’t need to worry about the marker colors bleeding onto other pages or surfaces in the process.

Possible Problems with Using Markers on Paper

While markers are a great way to add a range of vibrant, beautiful colors to any piece of art, the paper does not always do justice to the art created with markers.

Issues such as bleed-through and staining can occur over time, causing the artwork to deteriorate and change color.

Water can also be damaging, as using watercolor techniques on paper can cause it to wrinkle and create an uneven surface for future layers.

For illustrators that wish to keep their work looking presentable for years, I recommend investing in thick paper such as cardstock or bristol board that won’t suffer from these issues – especially important if you plan on using more than one layer on your pieces!


Are mixed-media sketchbooks good for markers?

Mixed-media sketchbooks are a great option for markers, as they offer greater vibrancy and superior blending capabilities compared to ordinary papers.

Their thick and durable construction also ensures they won’t wrinkle, ensuring that your masterpieces will last the test of time.

Furthermore, you can use a range of other media in your art projects, like acrylic paint, pastel, and brush pens.

With the broad range of sizes and styles available, there is something for every creative mind out there. If you’re looking for an ideal companion for your marker set, mixed-media sketchbooks should be top on your list!

Art Supplies needed for working with Markers

When it comes to getting creative with markers, there are some art supplies you need to put your ideas onto paper and see them come to life.

The basics include a variety of markers themselves, ranging from thick brush markers to fine-tip sketching markers.

You’ll also need plain white high-quality paper or one good for mixed media use, whatever suits your artwork.

It’s a good idea to get some tracing paper so that you can sketch out the correct proportions, explore ideas, and plan for drawings. Tracing paper is also a great addition to mixed-media marker drawings.

To make sure your masterpiece stands the test of time, invest in multi-surface sealant and add a gloss finish after you’ve finished drawing.

For larger works requiring more space than a small piece of paper provides, take an art board that can withstand marker stains without suffering damage – either wood or acrylic will do the trick!

There’s always something new to learn when it comes to working with markers; just get familiar with these essentials, and you’re ready for artistic bliss!


Why it is awesome to work with markers for illustration.

Working with markers to create illustrations is awesome because they provide instant gratification, allowing you to make bold and vibrant strokes while playing off of the natural textures within the paper.

In addition, markers are an easy and fun way to play with color – mixing, building up tones, and layering hues.

They also have versatility when it comes to line weight and texture, thus allowing room for experimentation.

All in all, creating illustrations using markers is a great way to explore creativity uniquely!

Alcohol Based Markers vs Colored Pencils

Alcohol-based markers and colored pencils are both popular mediums for creating art.

It can be tough for those who prefer to express their creativity through drawing to pick between the two classic tools.

Compared to colored pencils, alcohol based markers offer a more permanent finish and a wide variety of colors.

Color pencils, on the other hand, can provide subtle layering techniques and create colors that blend better with one another.

You can work with both mediums on smooth paper and watercolor paper. The paper texture you work on impacts the sketching results – a smooth paper surface is great for creating sleek artwork.

Heavyweight paper marker sketchbooks work well for colored pencil too. However, sometimes the smooth papers cause a more waxy effect when using color pencil.

The choice boils down to an individual’s signature art style; whether they prefer intricate details or bold color saturation will determine which type of medium is right for them.


Frequently Asked Questions about Sketchbooks for Markers…

Can you use markers on sketch paper?

Yes, you can. However, sketch paper is often not as thick or durable as a mixed-media sketchbook, so you may experience bleed-through and other issues. It’s best to invest in a quality sketchbook specifically designed for markers if you plan on using them on a regular basis.

Can you sketch on marker paper?

Yes, absolutely! Marker paper is specifically designed to be used with markers, so sketching on it won’t cause problems like bleed-through and smearing. However, it’s important to remember that marker paper is usually thinner than other types of sketchbook paper, so you might want to consider investing in a thicker sketchbook for your artwork if you plan on using multiple layers.

What kind of paper should I use with alcohol markers?

Alcohol markers work best on bleed-proof, smooth, non-porous paper – so sketchbooks with heavier-weight papers (80gsm and up) are ideal for these types of markers. Mixed-media sketchbooks feature heavier-weight papers that won’t wrinkle or warp when used with alcohol markers, and they also offer superior blending capabilities compared to ordinary sketchbook papers.

What sketchbook is best for alcohol markers?

For sketching with alcohol markers, I recommend a sketchbook with heavy-weight paper. A sketchbook made from high-quality, acid-free materials, which won’t cause bleed-through or smudging when used.

What is the brown paper sketchbook called?

A sketchbook with brown paper is often called a mid-tone sketchbook or a brown kraft sketchbook.

What paper weight is best for alcohol markers?

Is best to use a heavier paper weight when using alcohol markers. The heavier paper makes for a smoother, non-porous surface which does not cause the marker ink to bleed through. Paper starting from 80gsm is ideal for sketching with alcohol markers.

What is the best paper to use with Ohuhu markers?

The Ohuhu markers are perfect for sketching on sketchbooks with heavier-weight paper. High-quality, acid-free sketchbook papers will give you the best results with these markers and ensure that your illustrations stay vibrant and smudge-free.

For optimal results, look for sketchbooks designed specifically for use with alcohol markers or mixed-media sketchbooks. These sketchbooks will provide a thicker and more durable surface for sketching, as well as superior blending capabilities compared to ordinary sketchbook papers.

What sketchbook is best for Copic markers?

For sketching with Copic markers, I recommend a sketchbook with heavy-weight paper. Mixed-media sketchbooks feature heavier-weight papers that won’t wrinkle or warp when used with alcohol markers, and they also offer superior blending capabilities compared to ordinary sketchbook papers.



So there you have it, our list of the 13 best sketchbooks for markers!

We hope you found this guide helpful and that you now have a better idea of what to look for when choosing a sketchbook.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re an experienced artist, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect sketchbook on our list 🙂

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