Torn Paper Brush Procreate | 60 Paper Background Procreate Textures

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Are you a digital artist looking to add extra texture and vintage charm to your designs? Look no further than this Torn Paper Brush Procreate Set with 60 Paper background Procreate Textures.

Torn Paper Brush Procreate

What can you use your Torn Paper Stamps for?

This versatile and unique Procreate tears brushes includes tears brushes (tears stamp), allowing you to create realistic torn paper effects easily.

Drop brush textures on your Procreate-created backgrounds, or give your designs a perfect vintage touch with different kinds of paper tears brushes.

Whether you’re a professional digital artist or starting, this Procreate tears brush set is a must-have in your Procreate application tool kit!

You can add depth, texture, and character to your designs with a few clicks. You can use the tears brushes or torn paper stamps immediately since they’re available for download as a Procreate Brushes file. (File size 68MB)

Perfect for Digital Artists and Scrapbookers

This Procreate brush set is perfect for digital artists and an excellent tool for scrapbookers and designers looking to add a unique touch to their work.

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