Looking for an Acorn Template? 9 FREE Acorn Printables!

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Autumn is upon us, and with it come the changing leaves, crisp air, and bountiful harvests. One of my favorite autumnal symbols is the acorn—so much promise encapsulated in such a small package!

This week I’m sharing nine different free acorn template printables, so you can bring a little bit of fall into your home. Whether you’re looking for an acorn template to trace or a fun children’s coloring page, I’ve got you covered! Enjoy!

Use these acorn templates to create anything from wall art, cards, paper crafts, and even kids crafts.

Print out your acorn template printable on card stock paper at home (or take it into a print shop) then cut them out with scissors. Happy Crafting!

9-Free-Acorn-Templates 4

Why are printable templates cool?

Printable templates are useful for children and adults alike. They may be printed on any printer, cut out as desired and used for multiple purposes. I like to create printable templates so that my students can use them as outlines for their own art and watercolor paintings!

I have included 9 different printable acorn templates saved in PDF format in A4 size – so they should be easy to print.

This means that you don’t have to mess with your printer settings. Quickly set the size you need!

If you want to print out an acorn template on a larger A3 sheet then make sure to ‘set to size’ on your printer settings.

Why are acorns so awesome?

Acorns are often overlooked, but they’re actually quite amazing!

The acorn is an integral part of the ecosystem and provide food for squirrels, deer, and other forest inhabitants such as mice.

They also fall into the feeder-hoppers of ground-feeding birds such as jays and turkeys. The leaves falling from deciduous trees in autumn bring nutrients to the soil where acorns grow – this rich environment gives them a boost!

Acorns can take up to five years to mature and form into oak trees that live for decades.

Check out Sciencing’s article: The Amazing Life Cycle of Acorn

9 FREE Acorn PrintableTemplates!

Single Large Acorn Template

Single large acorn template

A single large detailed acorn – perfect for stenciling onto canvas, paper, glass, or any other surface.

Transfer this image onto your surface and color it using color pencils, watercolor, or markers.

This template is great for invitations, book covers, art journaling, and more.

Triple Acorn Template

3 acorn template

Create a card or gift tag using this template. You can use color pencils, markers, watercolor, or acrylic paint to add some visual interest!

Two Acorns Template A template with two detailed acorns ready to be colored in with your choice of images! Use marker pens or pencil crayons for drawing out these small

Three Medium Acorns Printable Template

3 acorns printable template

Three medium-sized acorns arranged to be used as a watercolor painting outline, or for any other sort of embellishment.

Single Acorn Template

acorn template

Print this on colorful cardstock, cut out with scissors, hole punch, and hang around your patio or garden with string for some magical forest decor!

Multiple Small Acorn Template

multiple acorn template

Several acorn outlines to be used as placeholders, on gift tags or names tags!

Acorns on a Branch Printable Template

two acorns on a branch template printable

Two Hanging Acorns Template

two hanging acorns templ.ate

Acorn Stencil Template

acorn stencil template

Acorn Pattern Printable Template

acorn pattern template

Download and print out your favorite acorn template below!

What can you do with your acorn template?

All of these printable acorn templates can be used in your art journal, creative journal, junk journal, bullet journal (I love them all!).

Use them for crafting, school projects, décor, posters, bulletin boards, invitations, wedding stationery), birthday cards… and really anything your mind can conceive of!

Watercolor Brush Pen Acorn!

Use watercolor brush pens to color your acorn.

This is a fun and easy brush pen project that is great for both children and adults!

Watercolor brush pens are awesome for creating a watercolor effect for art and craft projects.

To help you out, I have put together these printable templates so that all you have to do is transfer the shape onto your watercolor paper and get on with the painting.

If you would like to try this out, you should transfer the acorn template to watercolor paper. This is how…

How to Transfer the Acorn Template to Watercolor Paper (Method One)

  1. Print out your acorn template on standard printer paper.
  2. Tape your printed template to a window with light behind it so that you can see the outline of the pineapple coming through.
  3. Using a soft lead pencil (2B, 4B, 6B, or 8B), trace over the printed outline of the acorn so that you can see through the paper. Do this quite firmly so that you have left enough lead on the surface to be transferred easily onto the watercolor paper.
  4. Place your printed acorn template with the traced pencil outline face-down on your watercolor paper.
  5. Using your pencil once again, trace the printed acorn outline so that the pencil line gets transferred to your watercolor paper.
  6. Voila! You have your transferred shape, and you don’t need to hand-draw it yourself!
  7. Now you can use your watercolor or watercolor brush pens and start your painting!

How to Transfer the Acorn Template to Watercolor Paper (Method Two)

Here are some quick steps to get your acorn template ready to use.

  1. Open your Acorn Stencil PDF and select print.
  2. Choose the size you want to print to.
  3. Print the stencil onto a mylar transparency sheet. (Alternatively, you can print the acorn stencil onto a standard piece of paper and then trace it onto a piece of plastic mylar after)
  4. On a cutting mat, use a craft knife to carefully cut out the shapes of your acorn.
  5. Your stencil is now ready to use.

How to Create Watercolor Stencil Art

  1. Place your acorn stencil on watercolor paper.
  2. Tape down your sheet of watercolor paper using artist masking tape.
  3. If you want to, you can start your watercolor painting by first applying a light wash of color before you begin with your top layer. This can create a lovely layered effect!
  4. Spray the back of your acorn stencil using spray adhesive and stick it on your watercolor paper.
  5. Start applying washes of watercolor over the paper and the stencil. You will find that to paint into the crevices, and small spaces of the stencil you need to manipulate your paintbrush. It is important that the watercolor paint doesn’t bleed underneath the stencil, so always work with a light touch.
  6. Allow the paint to dry fully before removing the stencil.
  7. Use warm water and soap to gently wash the stencil (if using a plastic watercolor stencil) so that it can be reused and is ready for the next time!

Other Ways to Use your Printable Acorn Template

Winter Decor

Decorate your patio, lounge, kitchen, or any other room in your house or office with some wintery acorn decor!

Cut out the template and paint over it onto cardstock or watercolor paper, using watercolor, watercolor brush pens, or even spray paint.

Print out the acorn template on bright-colored cardstock or paper, cut out the design and create your own acorn garland to decorate walls or doorways.

Art Journaling.

Use the acorn outline templates to create a forest theme in your art journal.

You can also use them to create, backgrounds, patterns, or focus areas in your art journal.


Color your acorn template with markers or watercolor to create a colorful party invitation.

Coloring in.

If you like to color in, you can use the acorn template as a fun way to add color and creativity to your doodling.

Stick them on walls or gift wrap for added decoration!

Use the acorn template on clothing or fabric.

You can go ahead and print these acorn templates directly onto clothing or fabric – create your own magical shirt!

If you have printed them onto the fabric then cut out the images and sew them onto t-shirts, hats, or bags for some cute themed accessories!

Or use fabric paint over the acorn stencil to create your own homemade apron, table cloth, or bag!

Create Stickers.

Create your own acorn stickers by printing the templates on sticker paper and cutting out the shapes.

You can then use these stickers for anything you like!

Use them as a fun way to label party favors, package up treats in gift bags or boxes, make place cards for your dinner table at any celebration… the possibilities are endless with these printable templates!

Use them for decorating.

Print your acorn tail templates out on the back of the cardstock and use these as decorations for your winter party, or any celebration you like!

Print them on normal paper and cut them out for décor, embellishments, and other crafty projects!

If you prefer to add a bit of color, then print them onto colorful cardstock instead.

Try printing them on texture paper or even tracing paper. You can really get some great effects!

9-Free-Acorn-Templates 4


It’s no secret that these days we’re all looking for ways to add some creative joy into our lives. When I say “creativity,” what do you think of?

Painting, art journaling, and crafts are often the first things people reach for when they want to get creative. But with so many craft supplies out there, it can be hard to decide which one is right for you (and your budget). That’s where Artsydee comes in!

I have created 9 free acorn templates that just need a bit of paint or ink before being transformed into something beautiful or functional.

So whether you’re an experienced artist or a total beginner, whether you like to paint, draw, or make paper crafts there’s an acorn template for everyone 🙂

You can then use these as inspiration and jump into the creative process!

Finally – keep creating, no matter how small and simple your projects might seem at first–even the smallest of efforts has the potential to grow into something big!

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