Looking for a frog printable template? 3 Frog Designs for Your Arts & Crafts

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Are you looking for a frog printable template to spark your latest art project? Whether you’re seeking a template to help bring a colorful collage of papers together or simply looking for something fun and froggy to decorate with, we have just the thing! In this blog post, we’ll go over three original designs featuring our favorite amphibian – perfect for any arts & crafts undertaking. Unleash your creative side and get ready for some jump-worthy inspiration!


3 Printable Frog Templates

Have you ever wanted to get crafty with frogs? Now, you can have extra fun and make your own frog-themed art piece with three new frog printable templates.

Start with the realistic large template, paint it any colors you want, and display it on your wall. You can also use it for your own frog paper craft.

Or, feel free to use the template that features 6 frogs– create placeholders or name tags.

Last but not least, the cute tree frog template from the front is great for creating many cool projects that will be hopping along with joy 😉 This little lucky frog is sure to bring a smile to your face.

frog printable template
frog printable template
frog printable template

These printables can be used for both personal and commercial use.

What can you do with your frog printable template?

*This page may contain affiliate links to products I have used or recommend. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.**

*This page may contain affiliate links to products I have used or recommend. If you purchase something from this page, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you.**

If you’re looking for a creative and unique way to express yourself, why not try creating art with your frog printable template?

The possibilities are endless for frog craft– cut out various colored paper shapes to assemble your own paper frogs, make frog bookmarks to share with friends and family, screenprint a design on fabric using the template outline as a guide, or even use paint to bring the frog craft template to life.

With the right supplies and some imagination, your frog craft template can provide the canvas for an extraordinary homemade art project!


Ideas for Frog Crafts

Frog Coloring Pages

The frog template can be a great way to craft some awesome frog coloring pages! Unleash your creativity and let your coloring go wild with vibrant hues or gentle earth tones.

You can have a ton of fun with the template, allowing you to draw on it, cut it up, and mix and match pieces—the possibilities are endless!

It’s a project that will leave you feeling fulfilled, regardless of who participates in its creation. So get ready to jump into this wonderfully quirky craft 😉

Bullet Journaling

Not only are frogs cute and adorable, but they will also add a unique flair to your bullet journal.

You can use these frog templates to draw, trace, or stencil the outlines of the frog body on pages that reflect any theme you’d like.

By coloring in the varied patterns of these templates in pastel colors, you can create a page that’s enjoyable for adults and children alike – perfect for showcasing your own personalized style.

DIY Embroidery

These cutouts are perfect for giving your project an extra bit of oomph and will add a unique DIY touch. By using these pre-made outlines, you’ll be able to get creative with your embroidery and really let your inner artist shine through. 

Create Frog Stickers

Making customized stickers is so much fun and adds a touch of personality!

Simply print them out on adhesive sticker paper. After they’ve been cut out, the stickers make the perfect embellishment for journals, window clings, notebooks, and more.

While cutting stickers out is great for young kids’ scissor skills, if your stickers are particularly small or delicate, you can use a Cricut to get the cleanest cut!

Wall Art

With a printable frog template, it’s simple and fun to turn your walls into a work of art!

Whether you want to spruce up a nursery or add fun, inviting decor to your studio apartment, creating wall art from a free template is a great way to make your space look totally unique.

Get creative with colors, placement, and different sizes for an interesting and diverse gallery wall.

Frog printables for Watercolor Painting

This free frog printable is a must-try for all watercolor lovers out there.

Why not create your own watercolor frog life cycle using a free frog template?


Watercolor Brush Pen Frogs!

Watercolor brush pens may be used to color your frog template. I use Tombow Brush Pens, and they are ideal for coloring artwork in a professional manner. They are also so much fun!

This is a fun and easy brush pen project that is great for both children and adults!

Watercolor brush pens are fantastic for adding a watercolor vibe to artwork.

To use the watercolor brush pens, simply outline your frog template with the brush pen and gently paint water over the ink to create a watercolor effect.

How to turn your Frog Outline into a Frog Stencil…

Here are some quick steps to get your template ready to use as a stencil for some frog art…

  1. Open your free printable frog and select print.
  2. Choose the size you want to print from the drop-down menu.
  3. Print the stencil onto a mylar transparency sheet. (Alternatively, you may simply print the frog template on a standard piece of paper and then trace it onto a piece of plastic mylar)
  4. Carefully cut out the shape of your frog on a cutting mat.
  5. You can also simplify the cutting process by using a Cricut digital cutting machine. (I love mine, and it has made art-making so much easier.)
  6. Your stencil is now ready to use.


If you’ve been looking for a frog printable template, just print out one of these three original frog designs featuring our favorite amphibian. Whatever your vision may be, we hope these templates give you a little jump-start in achieving it. Be sure to tag us on social media with any finished projects featuring our froggy friends – we can’t wait to see what you create!

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