How to Draw a Pineapple in 16 Simple Steps

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Have you ever looked at a pineapple and thought to yourself, “How do I draw that?” Well, it’s easier than you think! In this post, I’ll go over how to draw a pineapple in 16 simple steps. 

Pineapple Drawing Step by Step

Pineapples are such a symbol of carefree summer days lounging in the sun by the pool, and they look gorgeous on cards, on art journal pages, and wall art. This tutorial will give you a good idea of how to draw an almost realistic-looking pineapple with some basic steps to follow.

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You can take your drawing up a notch by adding some details to your pineapple. You will find it looks real and three-dimensional.

Sketching you Pineapple in Pen vs Pencil

*Disclaimer: Originally, I did this sketch of a pineapple in pencil, and then when I realized that you could hardly see the pencil sketching in my photos, I decided it would be better to go over the pencil with a permanent pen.

While most people prefer to use pen and ink for drawing a realistic pineapple, if you would instead work solely with pencils, then you can still follow my step-by-step guide to make your drawing come out just as realistically.

If you are drawing with pencil, you should make sure to add some grading to your pencil shading. A good idea is to practice your shading techniques on a scrap piece of paper before you begin!

How to Draw a Pineapple Step-by-Step

Step 1 – Outline Pineapple Body

Pen Outline of a pineapple

Draw the outline of the pineapple body. Make sure to include the little hook-like structures that stick out on the edge of the pineapple. Including these small details in your pineapple drawing will help to create a more realistic final piece.

Step 2 – Start Outline of Pineapple Scales

an unfinished Pen Outline of a pineapple

Start drawing the outline of each of the pineapple scales. You will see that the pineapple scales are loose diamond shapes that fit into one another.

Step 3- Finish Pineapple Scales

an unfinished Pen Outline of a pineapple

Finish drawing the pineapple scales.

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Step 4- Begin to Draw Pineapple Leaves

an unfinished Pen Outline of a pineapple

Begin drawing the first pineapple leaves that curl out from the body of the pineapple.

Step 5 – Layer Pineapple Leaves

an unfinished Pen Outline of a pineapple

Continue drawing the leaves. You will notice that the leaves are layered with each one jutting out behind the next.

Step 6 – Complete Outline of Pineapple Leaves

Pen Outline of a pineapple

Complete drawing the outline of the pineapple leaves.

Step 7 – Start Shading Pineapple Scales

en Outline of a pineapple

Begin shading the pineapple scales using fine hatching lines to build up your shadow areas. You will see that I shade around the edge of each scale to create a sense of depth. The center is the lightest part of the pineapple scale.

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Step 8 – Finish Shading the Pineapple Body

en Outline of a pineapple

Complete shading the body of the pineapple.

Step 9 – Add Cross-Hatching to Pineapple

Unfinished Pen Drawing of a Pineapple

Add depth to the shading of the pineapple body by adding darker lines and more hatching and cross-hatching.

Step 10 – Start Shading Pineapple Leaves

Unfinished Pen Drawing of a Pineapple

Start shading the pineapple leaves using repetitive hatching from the base of the leave upward. You will notice that I do not add shading to the top areas of the leaves – this creates a sense of three-dimensionality and depth.

Step 11 – Finish Shading Pineapple Leaves

Pineapple Pen Drawing

Finish shading the pineapple leaves and deepen the shadows by adding layers of hatching.

Step 12 – Watercolor Pineapple

Turn your sketch of a pineapple into a watercolor pineapple!

Pineapple Pen Drawing with watercolor wash

When you first start painting with watercolors, you’ll use a method known as wet-on-dry. Basically, you’re putting paint on your paintbrush and then painting right onto the page’s dry surface. This is a fantastic place to start because you have more control over the colors you use.

After you’ve defined your forms with your initial color, you can use a method called wet-on-wet to wash them in.

Wet-on-wet painting is when you use watercolor paint to paint on a wet surface. The color then blooms and bleeds, resulting in intriguing color washes.

Although less controllable than wet-on-dry, I enjoy seeing the watercolor pigment dry and produce beautiful textures and patterns.

I started by painting this watercolor pineapple using a wash of Cadmium Yellow Hue over the scales of the pineapple.

Step 13 – Shadows on Pineapple Scales

Pineapple Pen Drawing with watercolor wash

Paint Cadmium Red Pale Hue into some of the darker areas of the scales.

Step 14 – Start Painting Pineapple Leaves

Pineapple Pen Drawing with watercolor wash

Start painting the pineapple leaves using Emerald Green. You will notice that I lighten the Emerald Green paint using more water towards the end of each leaf to create a greater sense of three-dimensionality and depth.

Step 15 – Finish Painting Pineapple Leaves

Pineapple Pen Drawing with watercolor wash

Finish painting a wash of Emerald Green over the Pineapple Leaves.

Step 16 – Deepen Shadows

Watercolor Pineapple

Use Hookers Green washes in the shadow areas at the base of each leaf to further deepen the painting and create a more realistic pineapple painting.

What Materials Do you Need to Draw a Pineapple?

To draw your own pineapple, all you’ll need is a pencil, a permanent ink pen, and paper. You can also add a watercolor wash to your finished drawing for more of an impact!

I have listed the basic supplies needed for your own pen ink and watercolor drawing below.

Supplies Needed for Drawing a Pineapple

2B Pencil

Faber Castell Pitt Pens

Kneadable Eraser

Scrap piece of paper for testing colors

300gsm Watercolor Paper: If you want to add a wash to your drawing you should definitely do your drawing on a good-quality, heavy paper that doesn’t buckle.

Soft Bristle Round or Filbert Brush

Watercolor pans or tubes. I am currently using the Windsor and Newton Watercolor Pan. The colors are rich and the tray itself is portable and easy to use.

What Can You Do With Your Pineapple Watercolor Painting?

You can use your Pineapple Watercolor as wall art, for card making, for art journal pages, photo albums, junk journaling, and more!

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How to Draw a Pineapple


Drawing a pineapple is not as difficult as it might seem. It’s actually just simple shapes and lines that you can easily recreate in pen – and then color it with watercolor washes!

Frame your finished work of art for an easy DIY gift idea or make several to hang on the wall – the possibilities are endless.

Hopefully, my advice on pen and ink, and watercolor wash techniques, and which materials to use will help you figure out how to draw a pineapple! But before you go, what are you going to use this fun project for?

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