How to Draw Steampunk Goggles

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Perhaps you are looking to design your own piece of steampunk art, illustrating a steampunk character or designing a costume for steampunk cosplay. Here you will find a simple step-by-step guide on how to draw steampunk goggles.

Steampunk is a hugely popular retro-futuristic genre that started out as a literary movement and moved into theater, films, music, and art. It is fascinating to look at how steampunk artists combine the 1920’s Victorian era with techno elements inspired by the 19th century in their artwork and designs.

In this drawing tutorial, I have included two quite different examples of steampunk goggles. The first one is a more technical breakdown of the elements of steampunk goggles, drawn on procreate. I have also added a free printable outline of my drawing if you would like to skip the drawing part and use the template as it.

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The second example is a simple drawing of a girl wearing steampunk goggles. I wanted to demonstrate how you could simplify the steampunk goggles for an anime, manga, or cartoon-like illustration.

So let’s begin….

How to Draw Steampunk Goggles (Technical Template)

two circles on a white background

Step 1 : Draw Circles

Draw the two smaller, inner circles of the goggles, and then draw a slightly bigger circle around each smaller one.

How to draw steampunk goggles step 2

Step 2: Draw Coverings

Draw in the semi circular shapes of the steampunk goggle coverings.

Step 3 : Draw Attachments

Draw in the side attachments and the center bridge of the steampunk goggles.

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Step 4 : Draw Attachments

Draw in the leather strap and the holes in the strap.

Step 5 : Final Elements

Draw in the final details like the circular shapes within the lenses.

Grab the free steampunk goggles printable template here…

how to draw steampunk goggles pin

How to Draw Steampunk Goggles (Simple Steampunk Girl)

Step 1: Draw the simple outline of the girls face to define the shape.

Step 2: Draw in the first circular shapes of the goggles.

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Step 3: Add the buckles to the sides of the steampunk goggle lenses. As you can see, I am drawing the goggles using simple shapes and forms and excluding a lot of the detail seen in real steampunk goggles.

Step 3: Here I added a fringe to the steampunk girl and started working on the depth within the goggles lenses.

Step 4: Draw in the general shape of the hair, work into eyebrows and eyelashes.

Step 5: I added a line to the hair to give the impression of shading and I added a neck line to the figure.

Step 6: Final line work, shading & then some color!

Watch this great Youtube Video on the most famous Steampunk movies of all time!

What materials do you need to draw your own steampunk goggles?

Luckily you only need the basics to get this drawing done!

Pencil, Pen & Paper! You can also design your steampunk drawing on procreate and then print it out.


Steampunk is a fascinating genre and it’s no wonder you want to create a steampunk item of your own! I really hope this article on how to draw steampunk goggles has helped you on your creative journey! Please let me know if there is anything else in the steampunk genre you would like me to create a tutorial for! Drop me a comment below!

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