Wondering How To Promote Your Art Online? 9 Easy Strategies for 2022

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Wondering how to promote your art online? With the meteoric emergence of the Internet, promoting art has become more significant than before. The Internet has various platforms that you can use to promote online, with various tools and techniques available easily. 

But as a newbie in art production and marketing, advertising your art online may seem difficult and complex. All the options can make it an overwhelming task. You might have questions: Should you promote only one type of art? Should you share it on multiple platforms at the same time? How about portfolios?

This comprehensive guide will look into how you can promote your art online, regardless of whether it’s a traditional or digital drawing

9 Things You Can Do To Promote Your Art Online

Traditional and digital artists have one thing in common – their creative skills. And as long as you are creative and dedicated to your job, nothing can be an obstacle for you. You require some strategies to take your artwork to the digital front.

After all, establishing an online reputation can take your creative work to newer heights and move you to the national or international scale. You can make a mark within your community and evaluate your current position in your art career. 

Given that promotion is a significant aspect of an artist’s life, here are nine things you can do to reap the best results:

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Get Started with Blogging

Blogging generates more traffic to your portfolio and keeps your audience updated on your work. As online search results depend primarily on the texts, posting blogs helps you direct more prospects to your portfolio. 

If you enjoy writing, take your writing skills to newer heights by discussing everything about artistic inspirations and favorite creators.

Create Social Media Accounts To Reach Newer Fans

To boost your online presence, all you need is to sign up for a range of social media services. Don’t hesitate to explore different platforms; each will have its benefits and uses. 

Posting on the platforms enables you to connect with newer fans, and it keeps people interested in the work over a longer period of time. You must post your art on social media such that people can share them accordingly.

Join Different Art Communities Online

The most seamless way to connect to artists online is by joining art communities in social media groups. You will find an array of communities on the web. 

However, you need to search for the ones with more audiences and views. 

Large communities are great because you can check others’ work and enhance your ideas. In larger communities, the promotion is more seamless and easy. On the other hand, smaller communities are great for meeting new people and introducing your artwork to them.

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Establish An Online Presence With A Portfolio

Create an online portfolio with a minimum of 10 to 15 of your best artwork. Try choosing pieces that deliver a good sense of technique and style. And do ensure to include the right information, such as:

  • Medium
  • Size
  • Description
  • Title

After creating a portfolio website, ensure to upload HD versions of your art. You can create a video preview of the work to attract more viewers. Remember to learn how to edit the video to make it look more professional before posting it.

Share And Comment On Other Artists’ Work To Improve Your Goodwill

Right after you come across an astounding artwork on the social media network, leave a comment and explain the aspects you liked about it the most. If you share the work with others on social media platforms, it promotes the community. 

Indirectly, you are helping that artist gain reputation, thereby fostering a professional relationship with them.

Take Part In The Community Projects And Meet New People

Meeting new artists will help you gain exposure. You can do so by participating in community projects. In real life, artists can come together under one platform as a unified whole to participate in things such as street shows or Gallery openings.

In the same way, digital artists work together to create fan magazines, artwork compilations, and more. These projects don’t pay you that much (or barely pay). However, they are an astounding way to meet artists and showcase your art before newcomers.

As these projects get poorly advertised, the best way to find them is by following all the favorite artists on social media. In this way, you can check the announcements they share on their media handles.

Improve Publicity By Submitting Your Work To Digital Competitors

Introduce your artwork to as many online competitors as possible to improve your publicity. 

It’s not possible to win every art contest. But if you do, ensure that you expose your work to a new group of individuals to help them understand your sense of art. If you lose, introduce the contest’s judges and promoters to your work.

Upload Different Art Pieces To Engage More Audiences

While promoting your art online, quality and quantity are your keys. The more quality content you upload, the higher possibilities you will have of attracting new fans. At the same time, keep your current fan base intrigued. 

Your regular artwork doesn’t need to be of similar quality as your gallery submissions. It would help if you considered providing your audiences with relatively polished and clean content.

Follow these pointers:

  • Try to put up a minimum of one artwork each day
  • It would be great to put at least 2 to 3 unfinished works alongside a final product
  • You may also share others’ work, provided you give their copyright and mention their names

Even if your art gets excellently portrayed, most individuals fail to connect with it. As a result, you cannot gain prominence. 

People like small content that they can stumble across during their regular browsing sessions. So, try choosing topics from popular TV shows, movies, musicians, and video games. You can also take into consideration the trends followed on social media channels. 

Don’t forget to tag your work. Otherwise, people cannot see it in their search results.


Audiences like to support artists who provide engaging and honest art content. Not just your art but your personality also holds paramount importance in developing a supportive digital fanbase. You can play around with different tools. Learn techniques like changing the opacity of a layer in Procreate or editing and vocalizing your thoughts into your artwork.

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