27 Procreate Face Templates: The Ultimate Resource for Digital Portrait Artists

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Last Updated on May 11, 2023 by Dee

Are you looking to take your art to the next level? Drawing faces can be intimidating even for experienced artists, but don’t let that discourage you! I’ve got just the thing for you – Procreate Face Templates! These templates feature realistic male and female faces, so whether it’s a painting or drawing of a human face – from profile pictures to adding facial features on cartoon characters – our comprehensive guides will have you producing beautiful artwork in no time.

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Procreate Face Template Stamps

All these premium brush sets can be used for personal and commercial use. The sample images below showcase the details that you can achieve with these templates.

27 Face Template Guides Bundle

27 Face Template Guides – Do you struggle with creating accurate and diverse facial features in your portrait drawings? Say goodbye to frustration and hello to the perfect face template!

This bundle of stamps features 27 different face head templates (drawn according to the golden ratio for accurate proportion) that will streamline your workflow and improve your character design skills.

Perfect for illustrators, comic book artists, quick sketches, character designs, or for anyone looking to take their digital art to the next level.

Import these portrait brushes into your Procreate app and start creating!

Each of these Procreate brushes features a different face head template, so you can quickly sketch and refine your designs without worrying about proportions or asymmetrical features.

Spend less time on the technical details and more time on the fun part – the actual drawing.

This comprehensive library of face head templates gives you everything you need to create diverse and unique characters.

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Whether you’re working on a comic book series, an illustration project, or experimenting with different designs, these stamps will be a valuable resource for your digital art toolkit.

Male Head Face Brushes for Procreate

Male Face Template Stamps for Procreate – Want to create beautiful illustrations of men but struggle with getting the proportions of the male head just right? Look no further than the Male Face Template Stamps for Procreate!

This set contains delicately hand-drawn faces of men that are easy to use and perfect for all levels of digital artists.

Female Face Templates for Procreate

Female Face Templates for Procreate – Do you want to improve your portrait drawing skills and create beautiful illustrations of women? The Female Face Stamps for Procreate is the perfect tool for you!

This set contains delicately hand-drawn faces of women that will guide your digital drawing and help you create accurate and realistic facial features.

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With the Female Face Templates for Procreate, you can take your portrait drawing skills to the next level.

Procreate Face Templates Big Bundle

procreate face templates, procreate face stamps big bundle
Grab the BIG BUNDLE of Procreate Face Stamps & Guides HERE.


For demo videos and customer reviews, visit my store. I hope you have found these face template brushes helpful and are ready to start your own face anatomy studies!

Happy Procreating…er… making digital art 😉

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