Among us Drawing | How to draw among us imposter [2023]

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Last Updated on July 20, 2023 by Dee

Have you ever played the game Among Us? If you have, then you’re probably familiar with the “Imposter” character. If you are new to digital drawing then this digital Among Us Drawing tutorial is an easy drawing project to sharpen your digital skills on Procreate.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to draw Imposter from the game in Procreate on my iPad. This is a fun and creative exercise for anyone who enjoys drawing. Let’s get started on this how to drawing: among us!

Infographic Among Us Drawing in Procreate

Among Us Drawing Step-by-Step

Step 1: Rectangle.

Step 1_ Among Us Drawing

Create a new layer. Select the technical drawing tool. Draw a rectangle in the middle of your canvas.

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Step 2: Small Rectangle.

Step 2_ Among Us Drawing

Create a new layer. Draw a second smaller rectangle within the large rectangle. This second rectangle will be used for mapping out the Imposter visor.

Step 3: Third rectangle.

Create a new layer. Draw a third rectangle on the left side of the large rectangle. This rectangle will be to map out the imposter backpack.

Step 4: Draw body.

Step 4_ Among Us Drawing

Create a new layer. Select the round paintbrush in black. Use the rectangle grid you created as a guideline to draw the imposter body within the shape. Draw the outline of the imposter visor or mask too.

Step 5_ Among Us Drawing

Step 5: Draw backpack.

Step 6_ Among Us Drawing

Using the round brush again, draw in the shape of the backpack.

Step 6: Draw shadow.

Step 7_ Among Us Drawing

The shadow is an elongated “c” shape. So you can draw a quick shape ellipse on Procreate.

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Step 7: Fill Shadow.

Step 8_ Among Us Drawing

Fill the shadow with a dark grey color.

Step 8: Fill the body with red.

Step 9_ Among Us Drawing

Choose a bright red and fill the outline of the body with the color. Make sure you have selected the correct layer before you drop color into it.

Step 9: Fill the base of the body and backpack in dark red.

Step 10_ Among Us Drawing

Paint in a dark red shadow on the bottom area of the imposter body to create a 3D effect.

Step 10: Fill the imposter mask with grey.

Step 11_ Among Us Drawing

To create the imposter mask, start off by filling it with a grey color.

Step 11: Add a layer of light grey to the imposter mask.

Step 12_ Among Us Drawing

Once you have filled it with grey, add another ellipse-like shape in a lighter grey color.

Step 12: Add a white highlight to the mask.

Step 13_ Among Us Drawing

Finally, add a white highlight to the lighter grey area to make it appear more real.

Step 13: Among Us Imposter POP ART

Step 14_ Among Us Drawing POP ART

Copy and paste your Imposters and play with color variations to get a Pop art effect!

What can you use your digital Among Us drawing for?

  • Post your digital Among Us art on social media or share it with friends.
  • If you enjoy Art Journaling, you can print it out and stick it in your art journal.
  • Party Decor: Print off your Imposter Designs and make an Among Us paper chain, posters, or party invitations.
  • Gift Tags: Print off among us drawings and circle the head area to create a unique among us gift tag.
  • Make it 3D: Turn among us drawing into a 3D among us sculpture by printing the among us images onto paper or card stock, cutting out the shapes, and gluing them onto an object.
Among-us-Drawing-|-How-to-draw-imposter-on-Procreate 2


If you have been wondering how to draw an Among Us Imposter then follow the steps above using your iPad and Procreate to create your own digital Among Us drawing.

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To create a simple among us drawing you can also use pencils, colored pencils, markers, or even paint. Simply follow the easy steps above to get the shapes and colors you need.

Happy Drawing 🙂

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