The Ultimate List of Creative Outlets: 56 Ideas to Get You Excited!

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hands working clay on a pottery wheel
To demonstrate one item from the list of creative outlets, a woman holds a wood-burning tool and is burning a pattern into the wood.
hands weaving a flower wreath

We are certainly living in a very stressful time in the history of our planet – each of us is dealing with a different personal struggle. Read on for the ultimate list of creative outlets, where I have listed 56 creative ideas you can explore.

Having a creative outlet is an excellent way to maintain balance and find meaning in the chaos, and it can become an important tool in managing anxiety and stress.

 It is a very good idea for each of us to have a creative outlet in our daily lives.

A creative outlet is essentially something you do that helps you to focus and express your creative energy, emotions, and thoughts.

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The Ultimate List of Creative Outlets

Drawing and sketching

Pencil drawing, drawing with pen, sketching with charcoal, you name it – there is an enormous range of drawing mediums and styles for you to try out!


Doodling is a very freeing experience because you can just draw whatever sparks your fancy from your imagination at that very moment.

Urban Sketching

Urban sketching is basically sketching the urban environment. You set time aside regularly to find a beautiful or interesting spot in the city where you can sit and sketch the urban environment.

Writing a story


Is Blogging a creative outlet? Absolutely! You are constantly having to make creative decisions based on what your audience needs!

Blackout poetry

Here you used found or self-written text and you black out most of the words, leaving only a few chosen words visible. These words then become a poem with a message for the viewer.

Storybook illustration

Design characters

Use markers or colored pencils to design characters for a story or a game.

Painting with Watercolor and Pen

Read my article on exploring watercolor and pen.

Oil Painting

Painting rocks

Decorate smooth rocks with beautiful patterns using acrylic markers. These stones can become paper weights or doors stops!


This can become highly addictive once you start exploring the huge range of tiles out there! This creative outlet is good for both beginners and more advanced crafters.

Stained Glass

You can work on both small and large scale and can create exquisite pieces.

Wood Burning

Read this awesome article on how to start wood burning for beginners!

Also, check out this comprehensive article on the best wood burning kits available so you can start making your own at home πŸ™‚


This is a lot of fun and can easily be done at home. Check out this great article on making scented soy candles at home!

Paper marbling

You can make some beautifully marbled paper using alcohol inks and other materials. This paper can then be used to make cards, books, or other creative projects.




Art journaling

[Art Journals for Beginners]

Junk Journaling

[Make your own Junk Journal]

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Make a Vision Board

[How to make your own Vision Board Art Journal]

Smash Books


Check out my collection of Digital Papers and designs in the ArtsydeeCreations shop.









Digital Painting

Digital Design

Pattern Design


Zentangling is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. We call these patterns tangles.

Coloring in

Wood Carving

Lino printing

Gel Plate Printing

This is a great video on how to do gel printing for beginners!






Fabric Painting


Cricut design




DIY Crafting

Have a look at these awesome Creative Seashell Craft Ideas!

Jewelry making



Online Art Classes or Art Courses

How can I find my creative outlet?

Go with what feels right. If you are drawn to something like clay or wax, move in that direction and start exploring hobbies with that particular medium.

Often, our unconscious mind drives us towards exploring a medium we need to express ourselves in for a time.

If you are not drawn to one particular thing, then explore and experiment. Try out several things.

Perhaps you will try out some pastel drawing today, and then you may explore wood burning next week.

Most importantly, you must allow yourself the freedom to play. Creativity can expand when we don’t have internal rules about what we must conform to.

It is a good idea to write down your thoughts and feelings about every project you do. Record your explorations in a journal so that you can go back and reflect on what felt right for you and what ideas came from the experience.

This is where I recommend creating your own art journal to reflect on your creative life! There are no rules about art journaling, and it is a very liberating thing to do. You can read my article on Art Journaling 101 for tips on how to start the process.

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Do I need a creative outlet?

No, you don’t need a creative outlet. But having one means you give yourself a still, calm space to reflect on things and process daily life.

Having a creative outlet is not only a fun pastime but will also benefit you on many other levels, including physical and mental health. You can also explore something like horse riding or dog training – which challenges your creativity in other ways. Check out this article on dog recall training.

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How is art a creative outlet?

Art is a creative outlet because there are just so many different forms of art for you to explore and experiment with.

From watercolors to clay, you can express yourself using any medium you choose. 

Visual art is aesthetic, which means you are using the visual part of your brain to make decisions.

I often get so absorbed in the creative art-making process that time seems to stand still, and emotions or thoughts float to the surface of my conscious mind. Many people find they have their deepest insights about things while focusing on making something.

What is the easiest hobby?

There are so many easy hobbies for you to try out when you first start looking for a creative outlet. Once again, it comes down to what you are drawn to, but I would recommend starting with an art journal or making a junk journal and then exploring hobbies from there.

A fun and simple hobby or creative outlet is rock painting. You start by collecting smooth stones and then draw and design patterns on them using acrylic markers. This can be a very calming and therapeutic activity.

Creative outlets for non-creatives?

Every single person out there has a creative side to them. However, many people have been brought up believing they do not.

Be gentle with yourself, and remember that having a creative outlet is not about achieving perfection; it’s about self-expression.

Start off with something you are drawn to and build slowly from there.

Check out this article to improve your stress levels πŸ™‚

list of creative outlets


I really believe it’s so important to have a creative outlet and I hope by reading through my list of creative outlets you have some good ideas about where to start!

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