Looking for an Eye Template Printable? 7 Eye Templates to Use in Your Arts & Crafts

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Are you looking to find an eye template printable to use as inspiration in your art? Look no further—in this blog post, we have seven different free printables that are sure to provide clarity and help take your artwork up a notch! So break out your pencil case (or whatever tools you’re using), and let’s get started!

Whether it’s for a painting, drawing, sculpting, or any other type of artwork you have in mind, having a pre-made template of the human eye can be extremely beneficial. After all, one must capture the intricacy and realism of this organ that we depend on so heavily if we want to create something special truly.

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7 Eye Printable Templates

When it comes to creating art, using a template can be incredibly helpful in achieving the realism and detail you desire. If you’re looking for an eye template printable to use in your artwork, you’re in luck. In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of six eye templates that are sure to take your art to the next level.

These eyes can be used for realistic art, or if you want to create cartoon characters like anime or manga. You can also use these to create logos or illustrations.

Whatever your goal is, these eye templates are sure to provide clarity and inspiration!

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3 Pairs of Eyes Printable

eye template printable

The first template is a “3 Pairs of Eyes Printable,” which features three pairs of eye outlines on one sheet. These eyes are realistically shaped and have different shapes, so you can choose the ones that fit best with your artwork.

Print this template out and use it as a reference when drawing your eyes. You can draw over the outlines or trace them with light pencil lines before inking.

Set of eyes template 1

eye template printable

The second template is a set of eyes with lashes. These eyes are ideal if you want to create a more feminine or glamorous look in your artwork.

Set of eyes template 2

eye template printable

The third template is a single set of gender-neutral eyes. These eyes are perfect if you’re creating artwork that doesn’t have a specific gender in mind or if you want to keep the gender of your subject ambiguous.

Set of eyes template 3

eye template printable

The fourth free template is a single set of simple, neutral eyes. These eyes are ideal if you’re going for a more minimalistic or abstract look in your artwork.

Medium Sized Eyes

eye template printable

The fifth template is a set of three medium-sized printable eyes. These eyes are ideal if you want to create artwork that has a moderate level of detail. Use them for craft projects or coloring

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Medium-Sized Eyes 2

eye template printable

The final template is another set of three single medium-sized eyes on the opposite side.

No matter which eye template printable you choose, using a template can be a great way to achieve the level of detail and realism you desire in your artwork. So grab your tools and get ready to create something truly special!

Free Printable Googly Eyes

eye template printable

These free googly eyes are great idea for fun kids crafts! paper googly eyes are also much better for the environment than plastic googly eyes, so print them out on some plain sticker paper, or glue googly eyes onto your finished art pieces for an extra special touch!

Whether you’re creating a masterpiece or just having fun with kid’s crafts, these paper eyes are sure to help take your artwork up a notch. So get creative and start crafting something truly unique today!

Other ways to use these free eye templates…

Why not try art journaling? Cut out an eye template and paste it into your journal. Now you can draw, write, or even paint little stories around the eye.

Coloring is also a great way to use these templates — pick up some markers and pens and color inside each tiny part of the shape until it comes alive on your page.

You could even create interesting collages with several eyes scattered throughout the piece or incorporate them into abstract doodles created with a few pen strokes.

If you’re feeling extra creative, you might want to experiment with sketching an eye or two using just a pencil, maybe adding a bit of shading for contrast. 



All in all, whatever type of artwork you’re creating, eye templates are a handy resource to keep on hand. They provide an accurate representation of the intricate parts and realism necessary to make your finished product look as lifelike as possible.

Whether you’re painting, drawing, sculpting, or anything else, these eye templates can help you take your project up a notch and ensure accuracy in creation. So if you ever find yourself in need of an eye template printable for inspiration, look no further—we have six options available for you to use!

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