31 Aesthetic Simple Doodles to Draw

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Doodling is a great way to let your creativity flow and can be therapeutic, too. If you’re looking for inspiration, check out these 31 aesthetic simple doodles to draw. They range from easy to complex, so there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re experienced at doodling or just getting started, these ideas will help get your creative juices flowing.

So grab a pencil and paper and get started!

aesthetic simple doodles

31 Aesthetic Doodle Ideas

1) Draw a simple flower doodle in the corner of your bullet journal page.

aesthetic simple doodles (7)

I enjoy doodling in the margins whenever I write in my notebook. Check out my video on Continuous Line Drawing Flowers.

One of my favorite things is to draw simple flower doodles in the corner of the page.

Just a few petals lightly jotted down can add a great touch of whimsy and color to an otherwise plain page.

Drawing a flower also has the added bonus of improving my creativity and drawing skills!

It’s something small that doesn’t take too much effort but can help inspire me as I continue writing.

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2) Create a doodle of your favorite animal.

aesthetic simple doodles

Creating a doodle of your favorite animal can be a fun and creative way to express yourself.

Whether you’re new to art or already have experience, making a doodle of an animal you like can be very rewarding.

Consider incorporating colors, patterns, and shapes that represent what makes your animal special, including its fur, scales, feathers, or other features.

You could even practice sketching the same animal in different poses or environments. Whatever you choose to draw, the exciting part is turning your idea into a colorful reality and bringing your favorite animal to life!

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3) Draw a landscape with mountains, trees, and a river.

aesthetic simple doodles

I love drawing landscapes with mountains, trees, and a river.

From getting lost in the beauty of nature to spending hours perfecting even the smallest details, there is much satisfaction to be found in drawing nature.

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4) Doodle a cityscape with tall buildings and busy streets.

5) Make a design using geometric shapes.

Making a design using geometric shapes is an enjoyable and easy way to create eye-catching artwork.

6) A Floral Wreath with Leaves.

aesthetic simple doodles

7) Draw a cute Poppy.

Check out more of these cute drawings

aesthetic simple doodles

8) Foliage.

aesthetic simple doodles

9) A tulip doodle.

aesthetic simple doodles

10) A rose doodle.

aesthetic simple doodles

11) Line art Face.

aesthetic simple doodles

12) Line art Figure.

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aesthetic simple doodles

13) Line art interior.

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aesthetic simple doodles

14) Doodle of hands.

aesthetic simple doodles

15) Feet.

16) Shoes.

17) Hair.

18) A bird.

aesthetic simple doodles

Creating a doodle of a bird can be an incredibly rewarding activity as you strive to capture the delicate beauty and grace of these stunning creatures.

20) Abstract shapes.

aesthetic simple doodles

21) An interesting pattern.

22) An umbrella on the beach.

23) An bunch of grapes.

24) A bottle of wine and a wine glass.

25) A hat.

26) A swan.

27) A moth.

aesthetic simple doodles

28) A Palm Tree.

29) The statue of David by Michelangelo.

30) Pine cones.

31) A mandala.

aesthetic simple doodles


I hope this collection of aesthetic simple doodles will inspire your creativity and help your brain take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Doodling is a fun way to relax and take a few moments for yourself to be creative. Not only is doodling an outlet for your emotions, but it’s also a way to express yourself. You don’t have to be an artist or have the perfect drawing style––pick up a pen and paper and go wild with anything that comes to you. Check out my 150+ cute drawings for more inspiration!

There are no limits, and your imagination is free! So go ahead, put some color in your life today by crafting some stunning doodles. Who knows what kind of creative ideas will come from them.

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