Looking for a Starfish Template? 7 Free Starfish Printables for Whimsical Ocean Art

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Looking for a starfish template to help you create beautiful ocean art? You’re in luck! I’ve created seven free hand-drawn starfish printables for you to use.

Whether you’re looking for an outline of a starfish to trace or a printable to create starfish stickers, I’ve got you covered.

So grab your printer and get started on some fun and whimsical ocean art today 🙂

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7 Magical Printable Starfish Templates

starfish template 1
starfish template 2
starfish template 3
starfish template 4
starfish template 5
starfish template 6
starfish template 7

Why are starfish so magical?

There’s something about starfish that just seems magical. Maybe it’s their unique shape or how they move across the ocean floor.

Or maybe it’s simply the fact that they can regenerate lost limbs.

Whatever the reason, these sea creatures have captured the imagination of people for centuries and continue to be a source of wonder today.

One of the most fascinating things about starfish is their ability to regenerate lost limbs. If a starfish loses an arm, it can simply regrow a new one.

This isn’t a particularly fast process – it can take months or even years – but it’s nonetheless impressive.

Researchers are still trying to understand exactly how starfish can regenerate lost body parts, but it’s clear that these creatures have an incredible capacity for regeneration.

Another reason starfish are so fascinating is their role in the ecosystem.

As predators, starfish help to keep populations of other animals in check.

They also play an important role in breaking down dead organisms and recycling nutrients into the ecosystem.

In this way, starfish help to keep the ocean healthy and balanced.

So what is it that makes starfish so magical? Perhaps it’s their unique abilities or their important role in the ecosystem.

Or maybe it’s just that they’re strange and beautiful creatures that have captivated our imaginations for centuries.

Whatever the reason, starfish continue to be one of nature’s most fascinating creatures.


Using the Starfish Symbol in Your Art

The starfish is a popular symbol for many different things.

For some, these sea stars represent hope and new beginnings.

For others, it is a symbol of guidance and protection. No matter what the starfish means to you, it can be a powerful symbol in your art.

One reason to use these starfish outlines in your art is that it can be very versatile.

You can use it to create abstract designs or more literal representations.

You can also incorporate it into other symbols and themes in your art. For example, you could use the starfish as part of a larger ocean scene or as a standalone symbol of hope and rebirth.

Another reason to use the starfish symbol is that it can be very personal.

If you have a connection to the starfish, whether through your own life experiences or cultural or spiritual traditions, incorporating the starfish into your art can help to make your art more meaningful.

When viewers see the starfish in your art, they will know that it has personal significance to you, and that will add another layer of depth to your work.

Whether you use the starfish as a standalone symbol or as part of a larger design, incorporating this meaningful symbol into your art can help to express what you are feeling and add an extra layer of meaning to your work.

How do I download my free Starfish template?

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How do I make my starfish shapes the right size?

I have designed seven free printable starfish templates saved in JPG format in A4 size – so printing is easy!

If you want a large or small starfish template for your starfish craft, just adjust your printer settings accordingly.

They may be printed on any printer, cut apart as desired, or used as a sketch for a watercolor painting by transferring them to watercolor paper.

If you want to print out a starfish template on a larger A3 sheet, then make sure to ‘set to size’ on your printer settings.

What can you do with your free printable starfish template?

Simple Starfish Template Art Ideas | Various Starfish Craft Ideas

Create your own beautiful starfish craft using various art materials and art techniques.

Here are some creative ideas for you to try out…

Ocean-themed coloring pages

Create your own ocean coloring pages by printing out the starfish template of your choice.

Coloring is a wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing activity for both kids and adults. So grab some crayons or coloring pencils and let your creativity flow!

Art Journaling

To add a nautical touch to your art journal pages, print out a starfish template or two on colored paper and use them as a base for your journaling.

You could also use the starfish outline to trace around before adding color, patterns, or other embellishments.

Whimsical invitations

These starfish printables can also be used for invitations for a summer party, beach-themed baby shower, or any other special event.

Print them out on cardstock, cut them out, and write your event details on the back. So easy and so cute!

Thank you cards

Print out starfish templates on cardstock or heavyweight paper, and use them to create thank you cards for a summer birthday party, baby shower, or any other occasion.

You could even write a poem or quote inside the starfish outline for an extra special touch.


Gift Tags

Print out starfish templates on cardstock or heavyweight paper, and use them to create gift tags for a summer birthday party, seaside Christmas gifts, or any other occasion.

Cupcake Toppers.

To create a cupcake topper simply print out a starfish template on cardstock or heavyweight paper, color it in using watercolor brush pens or colored pencils and cut it out.

Attach the starfish to a toothpick or skewer with glue or double-sided tape, and then insert it into your cupcakes.

So simple, yet so effective 😉

Home decor (wall art)

Decorate your home by making your own attractive wall art.

You can do this by printing out a large starfish outline on cardstock or heavyweight paper and framing it in an interesting way.

You could even get creative and use colorful washi tape or ribbon to frame your starfish outlines.


Another fun arts and crafts idea if to turn your starfish template into coasters by printing it out on cardstock or heavyweight paper and then coating it with Mod Podge before adding a layer of cork to the back.

These would make a great homemade gift for friends or family who love the beach!


Add a starfish template to your beach-themed scrapbook pages for a fun and whimsical touch.

Create Starfish Stickers

To create starfish stickers, simply print your starfish template on sticker paper and cut them out.

These would be perfect for decorating notebooks, planners, or even your laptop or phone case!

Watercolor Brush Clouds!

Use watercolor brush pens to add subtle color to your starfish templates. I use these watercolor brush pens, and they are ideal for coloring artwork in a professional manner. They are also so much fun!

How to Transfer the Starfish Template to Watercolor Paper

It’s really easy to create your own starfish stencils!

Here are some quick steps to get your template ready to use as a stencil for some seaside art…

  1. Open your free printable tree PDF and select print.
  2. Choose the size you want to print from the drop-down menu.
  3. Print the stencil onto a mylar transparency sheet. (Alternatively, you may simply print the starfish template on a standard piece of paper and then trace it onto a piece of plastic mylar)
  4. Carefully cut out the shape of your cloud on a cutting mat.
  5. You can also simplify the cutting process by using a Cricut digital cutting machine. I love mine, and it has made art-making so much easier.
  6. Your starfish stencil is now ready to use.

Art Supplies needed for Ocean Artwork:


Cardstock or Plain Paper

Watercolor paints or watercolor brush pens

Scissors (optional)

Cricut machine (optional)

Colored pencils

Colored Markers

…and anything else you can think of to make your starfish project unique!



These printable starfish can be used by children and adults alike to create all sorts of fun and whimsical starfish artwork. I hope you found the perfect starfish template for you!

Please share this post with others who might also enjoy these starfish templates:)

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